OP2 Sequence

OP2: 「Crystal Energy」 by 栗林みな実 (Kuribayashi Minami)
*picks jaw off ground* This fast paced song is really growing on me, and both the song and the scene of Arika, Nina, and Mashiro sitting in the ruins reminds me of SEED. Of course the highlights of the new OP are all of the spoilerish preview shots we get. That includes Mai, Natsuki, and Nao in uniform, along with Mashiro probably joining Midori’s group and Arika having to fight Nina.

Arika is able to defeat all of her foes, and so she and Nina advance to the fight against two Pearls. Meanwhile, across the city black letters arrive to several people. While Arika and Nina are training for the battle, Chie and Tomoe watch on. Chie knows about what that Tomoe has done and tells her to stop. Erstin overhears the two of them talking and runs off in surprise. She tries to tell Nina and Arika about it later, but Nina and Arika are enjoying themselves too much, so she decides not to bring it up. During this time, Nagi asks for Rad and Midori’s cooperation, but they turn him down.
With Miya gone,, Youko is using amniotic fluid to re-crystallize her GEM. In a ceremony sometime after, Nao is chosen to be the next of the Five Pillars. On top of that, Shiho is selected to become the Otome of Florence and Chie will be the subordinate of General Armitage (Haruka). As to be expected, Nao expresses her dissatisfaction to Nina and Arika about being chosen to be a Pillar, but Miss Maria catches her badmouthing Shinso-sama. In class, Erstin watches as Tomoe offers to return a book for Irina to Youko. Tomoe takes the vial of corrosive amniotic fluid from the lab and is about to pour it on an unaware Arika. However, Erstin, who was warned by Youko, pushes Arika out of the way, but Erstin herself ends up suffering burns to the leg.
Although she saw Tomoe do it, Erstin doesn’t implicate her classmate. She recovers fairly quickly thanks to her nanomachines and is out that night with Arika when they hear something. Nina is singing the lullaby and remembering when Sergay first found her – she had pointed a gun at him. She hears two more voices, Arika’s and Erstin’s, join in after she finishes. Erstin comments that it’s strange that the same song would have different lyrics. After she and Arika fool around for a bit, Nina notices that Arika has embroidered a handkerchief for her benefactor, though she made a mistake and stitched in “With Sanks.” The girls bond, and they all promise to become Meister Otome. Sergay later gets a letter with the handkerchief enclosed, which has been fixed to say “With Thanks.”
The day of the graduation battle finally comes. Arika sees Sergay with Nina before the fight, and comments rudely to him that she’s going to become a Meistar Otome for the sake of her benefactor, but then runs off with tears in her eyes. Before the battle actually starts, Mashiro wants to unveil her new castle. However, she soon sees that the design is now what was planned. In fact, John Smith is with one of the recipients of the black letter on a platform at the top of the castle. They activate the center piece, a cannon, and blow a hole through a mountain on the other side of town. At the same time, an armada of Slaves comes flying in over the very shocked spectators.

Alright, I really have to gush now about how good the story is. There are just so many factors at work now – some stuff is finally beginning to come together and others are just starting.

  • Nao is now a Pillar. In this episode, she’s been (reluctantly) chosen to be a Pillar, though she hasn’t gone through the ceremony (I assume there’s a ceremony) or been initiated somehow. From the new OP shot, it’s clear that she, Natsuki, and Shizuru make up three of the five pillars, with the other two being unknown. As several people have pointed out, her new robe is very reminiscent of Spider-man, even if it does fit her character.
  • Nina becoming a Meister under Nagi? If Nina becomes a Meister Otome, it’ll be under Nagi, which would pit her against Arika since Nagi is clearly the face of evil (again). It’s interesting how they’re setting the girls up as good friends (especially during the middle of this episode when they’re sprawled out on the grass). The handkerchief seems likely to become the item that will make Nina crack if and when she finds it in Sergay’s possession, since she knows Arika made it for her benefactor. And I bet that Erstin is going to be the force that brings the two back together again. That is, if Erstin survives to the end of the series (which I think she will).
  • Young Nina with a Gun. Maybe Sergay’s head scar came from Nina? She was pointing a gun at him in that flashback, and his head was already bleeding, so perhaps she had grazed his forehead.
  • The girls all know either different parts to the same song or different lyrics to the same song. Either way, that lullaby is most likely going to be the song required for the Harmonium.
  • The evil Tomoe… Well she tried to kill Arika despite Chie warning her to stop. The OP shows her with what appear to be Slaves behind her, so she’s probably joining Nagi/Schwarz. Erstin should have reported her to the Trias or Miss Maria.
  • The attack on Windbloom will probably put Mashiro into hiding. From the OP, we see her among the Aswald and Mikoto getting buddy-buddy with Rad, so I assume that they will take her in. The preview shows the Aswald group arriving on the steps of Garderobe, so maybe this is when they start playing a bigger role (as good guys).
  • Like I said, great episode with huge developments and tons of juicy story.

    And here’s a special treat, video of the new OP: Mirror 1 and Mirror 2.


    1. oh and forgot.. that means there is no new ending 🙁 SH*T i hate the ending…i have soooooo many questions.. one is .. is nina going to be a pillar? her costume is super sick!! and as for rina.. is she alive? why is she flying in the new opening

    2. I didn’t notice before, but the design they gave Mai’s robe really is interesting. While looking like a robe, it gives off the same feel as when Mai was just wearing her school uniform and a scarf in the opening of Mai-Hime.

    3. oh ok i just watched the openning..the song is brilliant!! amazing stuff.. im thinking that mashiro is gonna find out about arika being the queen thats why she decides to join the midori clan.. as for nina.. who do u think her master is? and i agree with u mangamaxx ..whoever designed mais costume connected it to her school uniform…and as for the 5 pillar talk… are there more than 5 pillars? cuz inthe cap where natuski,nao, and shizuru are standing.. those 5 girls look like the 5 pillars.. then where does that put arika? confusing..

    4. There’s no reason whatsoever to assume that the five girls are gonna be the pillars (who we know to be Natsuki, Shizuru and Mai for sure and Yukariko and Maria by simple deduction).

      Great OP, great ep. We’re getting somewhere ^_^ … now, please let’s get rid of the ED, and I’m a happy unhappy camper.

    5. Nina vs. Arika, now that will be awesome to see! The new OP is great, and I agree the ED needs to go. I like the song, but watching Arika run in slow-mo got boring after episode 2.

      As to the pillars, what the reasoning behind thinking Maria and Yukariko were pillar? I hear that a lot, but never could figure out why people argue for it. Is because they’re not contracted with anyone?

    6. Nao may have chosen to be a pillar but I just don’t see the 5 Pilliars being without Mai, unless they all think shes dead and someone has to take over the position (of course without the Flame Ruby or whatever it is Mai’s gem is)

    7. that story had no head or feet that would fit in any place!!
      Think that if someone kills your dog, than your wife, girlfriend, koibitto whatever, is dead!^^ Man the caracters are very nice but the story and the main plot had no sense!!I mean look at the facts even after making zhime the creators had more spectations for manga sales and the anime, because the envoiriment was changed to make the anime better than the first story!^^ this anime now is one of my “10 most liked, watching now!!” cheers^^^^

    8. If Arika and Nina will eventually be fighting each other I assume this means all war will break out piting countries against each other. I have a bad feeling that Nina will become Nagi’s Otome since he is the king of her country. Talk about the pawn to the ultimate evil /cry

    9. Yeah new OP! From the snapshots, we are in for a lot of new surprises. The 5 “pillars??”, Nina new robe, Mai and Rena appearance.. Man this anime rocks!

      Oh yeah the ED should been changed.

      fisherman horizon
    10. I can see why Omni put up the summary so fast and so well, it’s an awesome episode especially the OP.

      Have same thought as Omni. Guess Nina would definitely “crack” when she see Arika handkerchief to Sergay in future.

      Pity that Erstin may not be a meister… would love to see her in a meister robe. 😛

      fisherman horizon
    11. OMG!? Did I see Mai in the OP? Let’s hope she’s with the good guys. Ahhhh! And is that Natsuki in her robe!? And man…..looks like Arika will really ended up fighting with Nina.

    12. I don’t think Mashiro joins Midori’s team. That part in the opening either means Midori is guiding Mashiro and some inhabitants of Windbloom into safety or is holding them captive, I think. This is also the only explanation I can think of why that brat that stole Nina’s necklace keeps reappearing. (It is a random recognizable sample of Windbloom’s population now.) Otherwise there might be too much meaning. But then, this is an opening, and Sunrise is fooling with us anyway 🙂

    13. Well we noticed that Black Valley groups are on the first eps when the castle under fire. Maybe, Mashiro is a child that had been placed there to replace the original queen. That’s why the cyborgs of Black Valley were after Rena in the first eps, to kill the original princess.

    14. Wow….A great episode, this is. I have a feeling that all this is just getting started.
      I love the new opening screenshots. They give me the feeling of the 3rd Gundam Seed Opening, Believe, though, and it seems that from it, Tomoe has some a more sinister agenda than jealousy…
      Anyway, looking forward to the subbed version. ^_^

    15. Ers. being a pillar would be interesting… Super surpising, but interesting. Thie episode is basically ‘This ends the kiddy stuff, bring on the fecking war.’

      I get the feeling that after Midori sees Youko she will end up siding with Windbloom/Guarderobe, which is why you see Mashiro and the otomes paired up with the cyborgs. I also get the feeling that in the next ep. Arika will activeate her Miester robe in order to fight, and I get the feeling that Sergey (or possiblely someone else) will take Nina out of the way so she doesn’t end up siding against Nagi and then she’ll end up getting her gem with her master most likely being Nagi.

      Anyone else get a major feeling that Mai’s going to show up in the next two episodes to kick some major ass?

    16. Since everyone is talking about the op i just have to say the part that deal with Nina and Arika does bring me back to episode 3,7, and 8. In episode three, when Nina was in danger of getting kicked out of the school, Nagi did say that Nina might be his otome in the future so there is a good chance that she has already become Nagi’s otome at that piont, In episode seven, Arika did already make the contract with Marshiro and the begining of the op does show her activating Arika sapphire robe, so it is most likely Arika becomes Marshiro’s otome. Lastly in episode eight, Miss Maria did talk about how the otome where used in the war battle and how the top two otome of the school who were best freinds had to fight each other and how one of them had to fall at the hand of her best freind was most likely a foreshawdow of Nina and Arika having to battle each other.

    17. Geesh what do the writers have against Erstin’s left leg? A snake bites it earlier on and now there’s hole burned into it. The poor girl is probably going to die in the next few eps if not lose that leg completely.

      The new OP is pretty nice but has no Miyu… that’s not cool.

    18. u know what pat_416 i think ur right.. it might be her.. but why is she that old?..as for the otome next to her she was in the picture with natsuki and Mai.. i remeber cuz the didnt put her in the shadows in that pic.

    19. Man, Tomoe get creepier and creepier each episode. It was awesome seeing Arika school Tomoe in battle though 😀 The new opening did give off that Gundam SEED vibe, but was very awesome (I was squealing in delight at the appearance of Mai~! It wasn’t like Dream Wing with all the happy faces and whatnot…Arika was frowning throughout the entire opening which means drama! YAY! Next ep:
      Show Spoiler ▼

      btw, Arika in the Meister uniform looks really good…I think her Meister robe should be blue too….

    20. ep 16 was so cool (prob because of the op) that I just had to post…

      Speaking of openings, whatever happened to that devil-winged otome in the 1st Op? There are no references made in the new Op. Could it be Tomoe’s robe (looks evil enough)?

      I’m getting more and more worried about Ers-chan with every episode. 1st, she’s getting injured alot and will probably put her body on the line for just about anyone. I can see her death being a turning point for any number of characters (could she be the one to save Tomoe?). 2nd, Arika is not helping at all with her constant “We’ll all be Meister Otomes” and not appreciating that Erstin is having genuine doubts about being able to become one. The pressures might just be the things to do Erstin in, although I pray that they don’t (Erstin does not deserve a tragic death).

      Gotta love Chie. She is so on to Tomoe that I am sure she is going to act the next time Tomoe pulls something. She also earned a lot of points with her recommendation to have Arika talk to Mashiro last ep (though smacking Shiho’s head earned more). Right now its a tie between her and Nao for the coolest character.

    21. Yes this really a good opening ever since the beginning of anime, the song really matches the video and when you seeing it, really give you the feeling of the story itself. The opening seems really perfect as it doesn’t have any weakness in anyway to be seeing. The timing between the song and the image was perfect, and the song really suitable the image but there is a slight weak spot when there was image of the shooting star before there was scene when Rad hold Mikoto (Mashiro Cat). If possible if they remove the weak spot it surely becomes the most perfect opening in the history. To tell the truth this really reminds me of Gundam Seed when these three (Arika, Mashiro, and Nina) facing other side while they at some city ruins. The stories itself resemble Gundam Seed where they have to fight each other even they are friends. If any Gundam Seed Fan seeing this they would agree with me, you can also seeing the scene when Arika and Nina cross their weapon it is same as Gundam Seed before? By the way this opening really great, you can call it was a masterpiece since in the World of Anime. When I first hear the melody of the song I thought it was some old song but it really match the scene and after hear the whole song it really was perfect song for second opening. Each part the scene was splendid; really match the song and when you seeing it really give you the strong feeling about the whole story as the Otome textile really fit each character personality. I have seeing the opening for almost 2000 times hope I make a really correct expression about the opening. ^^

      The Greatest animefan
    22. another weak spot is when the song is over and nina and arika are charging at each other.. thee is a big circle and then u see their faces facing the other way.. that is kinda weak if there was a explosion when that circle was over then it wud have been betterr..

    23. Well I have to agree that the new OP was simply brilliant…way too many spoilers for my taste though.

      I am actually disappointed at the way Nina’s robe turned out, it looks like a bunch of sewn rags…But why is Arika’s gem costume different from Rena’s??

    24. One important note — one of the people who receives a black letter is clearly a coral Otome. Although her face isn’t shown, her shadow has spikey hair. Since Tomoe doesn’t have spikey hair, that leaves… Yayoi? Irina!?

      deftoned – people think Yukariko is a pillar because she has been shown to be able to transform into a Battle-robe at whim without any obvious authorization kiss first.

      I have to say, I really dislike the new opening! The music feels too generically Jpop-ish for my tastes, and it is far, far too spoilerful. For instance, it strongly suggests that Rena is dead, and that Arika is really Rena’s daughter rather than the princess.

      Finally, I don’t think that the OP shows Mashiro joining Midori’s group. Instead I think it shows her, and the rest of Windbloom, as refugees along with the Aswald..

    25. Yes it definatley show Rena dead in a pool of blood behind Sergey in the OP…. and she does change into Arika in the end…leading me to believe she is her daughter…. or are they just trying to throw us off… Either way I still like end sequence…so stop hating…heh.

    26. Well now that Shwarts has made a move and a diabolocal one at that it looks like that war is that only thing thats coming…


    27. Things I’ve noticed and thought I should point out:

      – At the beginning of episode ONE we see both Aswald Knights AND Shbaratsu attacking windbloom.
      – (In episoide 1) Aswald knights are easily spotted in the first ep, and it appears that it is them that attack/kill Rena.
      – (In episoide 1) Shibaratsu can be seen holding the glowing crystals used to summon slaves.
      – In the latest episode it is revealed that Aswald and Shibaratsu were indeed once partners but are now enemies.

      Since Aswald now despises Shibaratsu, it may be possible that Aswalds involvment in the windbloom attack (14 years ago) was due to them being manipulated by Shibaratsu. This may also mean that the chances of an Aswald/Gaulderobe team up hapenning is quite likely. Mashiro appearing with them in the new OP also supports this possibility.

      Things are getting exciting now – and I’m really looking forward to the next episode. This is one very well written story.

    28. Why is this heading into the direction of SEED Destiny where no questions are answered? Don’t get me wrong…this is a great series. However, I can’t help but feel a bit anxious since nothing has been resolved. All we know is that Arika should be the princess. That’s it. Come on, that was something we all figured out like 7 eps before. And why is Mai-otome following the Scryed/ X TV/SEED drama where they have to fight their rival/best friend? You can’t possibly say the last scene of the op didn’t remind you of Scryed.

      and a response to dbm’s theory about the spikey hair girl receiving the black letter. No, it’s not a girl with spikey hair. That girl is definitely Tomoe because it’s common sense. That spikey part is part of the girl’s uniform. Also, if you look closely, the spikey part is connected to her arm. Unless the girl is disfigured freak, that’s not possible. Last time I check, I don’t recall a disfigure girl in this series.

      Lastly, the producers or creators of the series have to stop making Ers-chan suffer like this. I mean first the fever in the survival training, the make up incident and now the acid trama . She deserves better than that.


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