There was a time when Nanaha tried to help Hyousuke with his studies, but he got so flustered at the sight of her tube-top that he couldn’t concentrate. Flash forward to the present and Hyousuke has returned; it seems that he’s been assigned back onto the ship. Unfortunately, there is a problem with storing the crew’s leisure equipment and it ends up getting put in Hyousuke’s room. That leaves him with nowhere to sleep, which leads to the girls offering their own rooms. Nanaha eventually has heard enough and steps in to say that Hyousuke will be staying with her. That bodes poorly for Hyousuke, and he has trouble sleeping that night with Nanaha just on the other side of a curtain. Rumors about the two of them start spreading on the ship, getting both of them quite frustrated. Hyousuke does happen to encounter Tsubasa, but she barely says anything to him. In her hurry away, she trips over a toolbox. Hyousuke catches her by the arm, which gets Tsubasa embarrassed and rushes her off clutching her hand. That night, Nanaha is undressing when Hyousuke accidentally drops his gyro under the curtain and it rolls onto her side. He tries to get it and instead catches a glimpse of Nanaha’s pink underwear. The blushing Nanaha attempts to give him back the gyro without turning around, but she trips and falls on him. By chance, their lips meet. The two pull back and Nanaha tries to convince herself that it was an accident.
When the Pascal Mage and another ship arrive at their destination, they are greeted by the girl they are escorting: Estrela Jarim-Mar, a 14-year old prodigy and vice-president. To everyone’s surprise, instead of shaking Nanaha’s hand, Estrela gives her a kiss on the lips.

That’s right – not one, but TWO kisses for Nanaha: one with her brother and one with a girl. So that means not only did they decide to throw in some incest, they thought yuri was a good way to follow it up. I should applaud them for making such fanservicey decisions, but I think that this pretty much seals up my blogging of this series. Next week is an action episode where the ships get attacked and maybe even boarded, but don’t count on me writing about it unless the episode turns out to be really good (which I highly doubt will happen, but you never know).


  1. Neither are Nemu and Junichi, but there was still a bit fuss about it in D.C.
    The point is, if you’re raised to be like brother and sister, then blood doesn’t matter because it’s still considered wrong by social standards.

  2. “2006 year of YURI anime”

    Yup, though I noticed a lot of shoujo-ai fans have not recognized this as one yet. Probably because it hasn’t been picked up by a fansub group and made available in english.

  3. Yo omniscient, you might wanna look into this series again. More episdoes out with a lot of juicies… Especially ep 7 and 8

    Show Spoiler ▼

  4. I think him and the pilot girl that hates men will end up with a “thing” for each other. but that is kinda obvious as to how they are building it up.

    Also I too have noticed no fansubs for this episode…I am highly annoyed. I want it and those anime united guys seem to have slipped off the face of the planet.


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