OP: 「いろは」(Iroha) by CooRie
Well, this is sung by CooRie, so that automatically gives the song a certain feel that I like. And after listening to the song a few times, I am indeed enjoying the song.

Binchou-tan is a small girl who lives alone in an old house on a mountain. We follow Binchou-tan around as she wakes up, gets dressed, prepares some rice, and then goes out. As she moves through the forest, the animals all come out and follow her. Binchou-tan eventually boards a mallard to ride across a river. Her ultimate destination is a wide open field where she picks some herbs and gets a little startled by a snake. Back home, she cooks the rice and herbs, takes a nap, and has dinner. Although Binchou-tan is by herself, she’s not lonely. Life is not easy, but Binchou-tan is surrounded by nature and does her best.

This is the other 15-minute series that TBS is airing opposite of REC. For those of you who don’t know, Binchou-tan is a cute character who carries a piece of charcoal on her head and is the mascot of the game company Alchemist. Her name and the names of all the other characters on the show are all related to charcoal (for example, Kunugi is a type of oak used for making charcoal). The first episode is really peaceful, and there’s barely any dialogue. What little talking that’s there is mostly done by the announcer, with Binchou-tan herself saying only a couple things the entire episode. The animation is about what I expected from the series, though I am growing very fond of the music. The entire package reminds me of a Disney movie, like Bambi, or a Miyazaki Hayao movie. It’s hard to say bad things about this series filled with cute characters and animals, but I will say that this is not the type of series that I’d blog. Just a good peaceful diversion from the normal Thursday craziness (i.e. Otome).


  1. Well it looks kinda direct if you just look at the pictures. So you may not blog it, but do would reccommend it for watching? Not for story or anything just as a anime to take your mind off of other animes, like a relaxing anime that takes your mind off of whatever you were thinking about.

  2. Like Matthew said in his entry, Binchou-tan is a lot like ARIA (and Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou) in the way it “focus[es] more on enjoying the small things rather than having some big story.”
    I wouldn’t recommend this to everyone, but if you think you could sit through twelve minutes of enjoying cuteness and nature, then you should watch this. Honestly though, watching the episode yourself is the best way of figuring out if the series is for you or not.

  3. Very nice backgrd, reminds me of those old harmless anime of the 70s and 80s abeit with much much better color pallette and artwork.

    Anyway this anime is more suitable for toddlers than adults like me who are already 30+


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