In front of the temple, Saber meets her opponent: Assassin. To her surprise, he introduces himself with his True Name – Sasaki Kojirou. Saber is ready to return the favor and tell him her name also, but he stops her because it’s sufficient that they know their enemies through their swords. The start of their fight is marked by the sound of metal against metal. At home, Shirou wakes up with another pain in his chest. With Saber not in her room, it’s becomes apparent where she went. While Saber and Assassin are locked in battle, Rider bypasses them and enters the temple grounds. However, she’s confronted by a horde of skeletal warriors.
Assassin is pleased with Sabers abilities, and manages to figure out the dimensions of her invisible sword by her attacks. He also thinks that Saber is holding back. He decides to use his Tsubame Gaeshi attack, which knocks Saber back with three consecutive hits. Inside the temple grounds, Rider tries to attack Caster, but her opponent makes effective use of her magic to block. During this time, Assassin is explaining the Swallow Reversal technique, and Saber figures out that it was because of a multiple dimension refraction phenomenon. The reason that she’s relatively unhurt is because the stairs gave him bad footing for the attack. When Assassin raises his sword to do it again, Saber decides to unleash her powers. Rider uses the resulting winds as a distraction to escape from Caster.
Shirou, who has arrived at the base of the stairs, notices that his tattoo is reacting to what must be Saber’s magical powers. He then sees a fleeting shadow from the forest. That same figure catches the Servant’s attention, interrupting Saber’s attack and dissipating the winds. After Assassin ends the match for now and vanishes, Saber falls over from exhaustion, right into Shirou’s arms. He carries her body home and puts her down inside the house to catch his breath. Rin finds him trying to pick her up again and teases him for trying to do something to her. But Rin also figures out what really happened. By the time Shirou has made the tea that Rin requests, Saber is back up on her feet. Shirou wants to know why she fought, so Saber responds by saying that it’s natural for Servants to fight. Of course, Shirou feels that girls shouldn’t be fighting and getting hurt. The two start arguing because Saber thinks that Shirou is looking down on her. Rin tries to calm Saber by telling her that Shirou is only trying to prevent her purity from being damaged. After some thinking, Saber decides to let Shirou fight, but she’s going to give him sword training first.


If there’s on thing I can commend this episode on, it’s production quality. The fight scenes were done absolutely wonderfully in both animation and background music. This is the action episode that I’ve been waiting for all this time. Well…kind of. As Mentar noted, they really killed the momentum of the fights with the chatter between Saber and Assassin. As interesting as it is, I could do without the explanation of the Tsubame Gaeshi attack. In contrast, the Rider scenes were a lot better about keeping the action going, so I enjoyed those a lot more.
It’s good news to me that Shirou is actually going to get some training from Saber. It’ll be a lot more fun to watch Shirou fight his battles rather than be a punching bag. Maybe he’ll finally be able to back up some of those ideals of his. The preview doesn’t show any sword training, but it does make it look like we’re getting a semi-comedic episode next week (as evidenced by Shirou running away from a nude Saber). Ilya probably also hasn’t turned into a good girl overnight, so she’s probably planning to do something to Shirou


  1. You mean 1-3 😉

    This episode, the production values went through the roof. Not only the animations were awesome, the musical score was the most memorable thing to me. Great pieces, especially for Assassin.

    It never ceases to amaze me how much momentum the show intentionally forfeits to talk and talk and talk and talk in the middle of duels – and still, enough remains to make me happy. With a little bit more skillful scripting of scenes like this, the show could have been done even better. Much better.

  2. Uh… I take it Saber’s looking for attention, judging by next week’s preview?

    Let’s see – Rider, Assassin, and Saber all engaged in battle… Rin looking smug.. and now naked Saber in next week’s preview, plus Ilya running up to Shirou.

    This may actually be a better ep than the last, as far as action goes. 😀 Rin’s appearing to steal the show… again.

  3. Why is she naked? and a better question, why is Shiro running away from naked Saber??!!? His logic makes no sense to me, especially when you consider what kind of game the anime was based on.

  4. I don’t understand Shirou anymore. I don’t think he ccan slank any lower than that. Who in their right mminds runs away from NAKED SBER?!!!!/

    And why is she naked? I thought she was on of those MOOODESSST people!!

    I love Rin. I really do. Can’t wait for her antics.

    IS it me, or is Fate’s ep more anticipated than the previous one? Always?

    Demon Eyes
  5. Man, Shiro that lucky bastard. Wants to be “Justice”‘s ally eh? Well you know what Justice’s ally doesn’t do? They don’t run away from naked Saber!!!! Be a man and take head on!

  6. I suspect that the reason Shirou is running is because he saw Sakura standing behind Naked Saber with a knife… which explains why he’s outside and (apparently) gets glomped by Ilya. I swear, Sakura’s just going to snap and kill everyone, the way things are going… especially if Rin was the one who suggested Saber get Shirou’s attention through creative wardrobing.

  7. LoL! Shirou running away seeing Saber nude.. But I guess in the game it doesn’t matter since there’s the 3some thingy between them and Rin. =X

    And what is Illya doing?! Now Shirou’s going pedophile? Anyway, she’s damn lucky to have girls everywhere. Saber, Rin, Sakura, Taiga, Rider, Illya. Who else? Wonder if they’ll reveal Caster’s face too. She looks pretty though she has elfish ears.

  8. calm down shirou…. you just lead Saber into your room isn’t it…! but there are many chance … if you lose one there still another.. shirou gambatte na.. for my part too! thehehe ^^

  9. It makes me laugh how many people are blaming Shirou for “not being a man”. I know for a fact that the most “men” out there get hotblooded when they see a girl naked, thereby resulting in self-pleasuring action or sexual engagement with that girl (forced or unforced). That’s called being a beast, a dirty one who can’t control his desires. I praise Shirou for running away and controlling his manly urges to do anything that clueless Servants like Saber don’t expect. He’s a gentleman.

    I’m really hoping they’ll animate some of Ataraxia stuff as well, so others can see just how awesome Rider and Caster really are. But I guess the chance is really slim, given the anime is not that long.

  10. I’m rooting for Saber x Shirou all the way now. Rin x Shirou is also acceptable but it looks like theres none in this episode, so whatever. =3 I like Ilya and Shirou as a sibling relationship not as boyfriend girlfriend. So cute

  11. Type-Moon doesn’t like loli!? You haven’t seen the semi-sequel to Tsukihime have you. Man, Shiki and Ren got it on in that one. Oh, don’t let Ilya’s look fool you. There’s a reason why she and Shirou don’t get it on, which was revealed in Ataraxia.
    Show Spoiler ▼

    And guys, there was no 3some in the first game. Rin did not join in with Saber and Shirou. She just helped them get in the mood, cause they couldn’t do it themselves. In Ataraxia there is a 3some between Sakura, Rider, and “Shirou.”

  12. Yeah fight… boo nothing happened 🙁 I’m losing patient now, although goodlooking fighting scenes, that’s just not enough. Luckily they didn’t strech that fight with that outcome.

    Shirou had chance to take advance of Saber when she fainted. Maybe his insticts are like his magic skills.

  13. Oh man….every week I get to see you guys mentioning who x who blablabla…..I’m pretty sure the anime is not going to focus a lot on romance or anything related to it. Hmm…..I gotta comment on Shirou’s action too. He’s really a gentleman for running away in front of a nude Saber. Second thought, the idea of ShirouxSaber isn’t that bad at all. But comparing Rin to Sakura…I still prefer Sakura.

  14. Actually, depending on the scenario the anime’s using, Shirou’s mileage may vary…

    Show Spoiler ▼

  15. well why the hell is saber naked and plus this game and seeing shiro run away makes sense since in the game he would probably stare it’s oposites people !!!!!!

    curious curiousity
  16. i’m guessing you are using eclipse’s sub for the review, right? “multiple dimension refraction phenomenon” means that even though assasin did the 3 slashes one after the other saber saw all of the slashes like if they were done at the same time (she saw 3 swords at that instance instead of one)

  17. Actually incase you didn’t know Illya is really just that weird… She is ALWAYS a good girl during the daytime but when it’s night time she takes on her master persona ^^


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