Nagi is trying to figure out everything he can about Nina Wang. The black Mikoto had seen Nina and mentioned both the conductor and the protector. Nagi starts putting the pieces together, and from the pictures of when Sergay rescued Nina, deducts that she may be the true princess. At the time, Nina had actually fought and seemingly won against the black Mikoto. In Cardair, Fia Gros tells her master that Mashiro is with the Aswad, and he decides to let Nagi know. Meanwhile, Midori asks Arika and Mashiro for their help in retaliating against Cardair. Arika is against more fighting, and her ideals remind Midori of Yohko from when they were young. Their conversation is interrupted by the arrival of the Windbloom refugees.
Because of their policy, Midori and the Aswad refuse the refugees despite Arika’s pleas. Mashiro’s not too willing to help either because of the still-fresh memories of Aoi’s death caused by the Windbloom angry mob. A Jabal starts attacking the people, but Rado won’t let Arika interfere. After seeing Mimi in the crowd below, Mashiro is reminded of what Mimi had said about how the queen didn’t care about them. She also remembers Aoi telling her that she’ll undoubtedly become a wonderful queen. With no one to save her, Mimi gets knocked into the air by the creature. That causes Mashiro to head-butt Rado and sends out Arika. With her “Bolt from the Blue” attack, Arika destroys the Jabal and saves the refugees. However, Mimi lays unconscious on the ground.
Nagi looks over the list of the five Valkyrie applicants while John Smith gives reassurances that the girls won’t betray him. From Cardair, Nagi has learned about Mashiro’s location and decides to send out Sergay and the Valkyrie. Because of what he had realized earlier, he now thinks that Arika isn’t needed any longer, but Mashiro and her song are still necessary. During this time, Chie is visiting to a hospitalized person, and Miss Maria and Yukariko talk about fighting and praying. Tomoe leaves Shizuru for her mission and promises to ask Nagi about Natsuki afterwards. As a sign of what happened between the two, Tomoe says that she won’t forget about today. Shizuru also thinks to herself that today was kind of amusing. In the woods, Shiho is still doing her maki-maki, but then Chie comes with a favor to ask. Word has also reached Airies that Mashiro is with the Aswad. Natsuki decides to go to Cardair with Nao and requests a vehicle from Yukino. But the king of Annan arrives to say that he’ll make the arrangements for them.
Back at the Aswad village, Midori declares that there’s no room for outsiders. Seeing Mashiro so concerned, Midori reminds her that these are the people who hate her and killed Aoi. It’s not until after Mimi dies that the tearful Mashiro stands in front of her people, admits her mistakes, and becomes ready to lead them. As the queen, she begs Midori to provide the refugees with shelter. Mashiro promises that if they take back the country, she’ll hand over the Garderobe technology that the Aswad need. Mashiro and Midori shake hands in agreement, and the refugees slowly start to re-acknowledge their queen. After burying Mimi, Mashiro vows to not cry again. Arika has come to the realization that she does indeed want to be an Otome, and the two girls renew their vows. As they are doing so, Midori and the cyborgs fly off towards Cardair. However, the Valkyrie are nearby, waiting in the shadows. With Midori gone, Sergay orders the start of their operation.


Click the last image for a full shot of Mai.

Most of the episode is pretty interesting, but it’s overall not as exciting as I would have liked.
Nina the Princess, Part II – So now even Nagi thinks that Nina could be the real princess. But…the more they hint that someone is the real princess, the more I want to think that they’re going to pull a fast one on us. Nagi also thinks that Arika isn’t needed anymore for the Harmonium, but my gut instinct tells me that he’s wrong. From what we’ve seen so far, I’d think that all three girls would be needed to activate the Harmonium.
The Jabal – This is quickly becoming the most overused plot device in recent memory. First it was used to allow the Aswad to find Mashiro, then it was used to get Arika to use her powers, and now it’s being used to get Mashiro to realize that she wants to lead her people. No more Jabals please.
It couldn’t be… – They seem to be hinting pretty heavily that the bedridden person that Chie visits is none other than Aoi (there’s really no one else it could be). I guess that just goes to show that if you don’t see the body, the person is not dead.
Chie – John Smith seems confident that the Valkyrie won’t be able to betray Nagi, but Chie is definitely up to something. I’m curious what favor she asked of Shiho. Oh and the way she gets in front of Tomoe in the final scene is just great.
The Body Count – So it only took two deaths (or shock of deaths as the case may be) to get Mashiro onto the right track of leading her people. Body count is remarkably low so far, especially if Aoi isn’t really dead. I don’t think there’s much danger of a reset anymore.
The Next Battleground – Natsuki, Nao, Midori, and her cyborgs are all headed to Cardair. Maybe Yohko will also find a way to show up so that we can finally learn something about their past. I do find it a bit odd that the king of Annan just shows up and offers to help Natsuki. There’s gotta be some reason for that.
Valkyrie Power – The preview has a lot of shots of what I assume are the Valkyrie attacking Arika. But since there are only four black figures, does that mean that Chie isn’t fighting? And since Miyu and Mikoto are in the same scene in the preview, maybe she’ll arrive to save Arika and gets to show off some of her moves. It also looks like Sergay and Arika are going to get a reunion.
Mai!! – Finally! I don’t even think that the preview shot really counts as an appearance, but at least we know they didn’t completely forget about her (not that I had any doubts). I hope she gets more screen time than “human” Mikoto did this episode.


  1. She’s got glowing eyes like a demon…and holding cooking utensils…why am I getting feelingsof doom, Akane Tendo style… ^^b

    You sure that’s Mai, though? Maybe there’s something you saw or heard in the episode that says it’s Mai, since I haven’t seen the episode. ^^b

    And if so, they really brought her in pretty late. Nice to see a sequel/Alternate Universe anime with a new cast that doesn’t screw the new cast with old cast members stealing the spotlight. (GSD, DCSS >.> )

  2. Dark Cook Mai? o_O

    I’m almost as surprised to see that as I am to see Mashiro running around in clothing that’s… well, not ‘perfect’. I’m having a bit of trouble parsing the ide that she’d be showing that much skin, to begin with… although she may have torn up her shirt to bandage Aswald c hildren, I guess.

    And were Chie’s eyes glowing there?

  3. It looks like Aoi survives the fall and is being looked after by Chie…well, at least we know Mimi is for sure dead (being buried and all). Now it feels like even Erstin can come back from her sparkling green death.

  4. Ohh Nina.

    You dare try to fight Mikoto the god of swords with a sword.!! Shine!

    That’s really Mai.

    Proof is that sign oon the front of where a belt would be. The tree sign thingy.

    Why is Mikoto a Buddha or something?

    Demon Eyes
  5. is that kagatsuchi behind mai in the pic?….. and are u guys sure thats aoi back from the dead or sumthin… and jounin im sure they are gonna get erstin back somehow.. its a must.. …sunrise… -.-

  6. Any clue what that letter in the first picture says?

    Just from that screenshot I think I read something along the lines of:

    “A request on the investigation of Nina Wong
    September 7 A W 520

    She was protected by First Lieutenant Sergay Wong
    at the base of mainstream phaset terrorists”

  7. Sorry to double post but I’m a lil curious about Nina being being the real princess. Let us not forget that the Harmonium also opens up when Arika and Mashiro were there.



    ~She’s back! Fire-String Ruby, MH Kagutsuchi-summoning, big-chested, MH Yuuichi-lovin, Tokiha Mai!(complete with the red scarf, orange uniform, and… ?!?… a wok!?!)
    ~Nina’s the real queen? That’s the most annoying bit Sunrise did….
    ~Showtime for ArikaxMashiro! Renewed contract!
    ~Valkyries finds Mashiro, fans expects full-bloody battle will follow…

    Black Valley necromancer
  9. Don’t forget that in anime, hair color is hereditary. My bets for the ‘twist’ here that they’re going to pull is that Nina is Rena’s daughter. Some form of twins are also so not out of the question with all the other plot holes Sunrise has had with the series thus far.

  10. I wouldn’t put any faith in hair color linking child with parent especially since we have no idea who Rena married and his hair color. For instance, Rena and Arika have similar if not the same eye color but different hair color. Also, there are recessive hair colors (traits) that would give the child a different color than either parent.

    About the pod, it could have just been discarded after the real princess was removed. Also doesn’t explain how Arika has the Blue Sky Saphire. We won’t know until Sunrise reveals all.

  11. “I wouldn’t put any faith in hair color linking child with parent especially since we have no idea who Rena married and his hair color. For instance, Rena and Arika have similar if not the same eye color but different hair color. Also, there are recessive hair colors (traits) that would give the child a different color than either parent.

    About the pod, it could have just been discarded after the real princess was removed. Also doesn’t explain how Arika has the Blue Sky Saphire. We won’t know until Sunrise reveals all. “

    If Nina is truly the princess, the one of two things is possible in regards to the Sapphire.

    The Sapphire was sold by the people that found her (the orphanage) to keep it running (where’d they get the guns, huh?)

    Nina was sent to the orphanage with the basket after being found by Miyu (or whoever was taking care of Arika at the time). Arika got the sapphire before running away from home.

  12. Anyone care to guess why Yohko, Midori, and Reito are in the first picture that Nagi was looking? They were also there in the previous episode during the flashback. The fourth kid could be anyone. Maybe the female cyborg?

    Some Random Poster
  13. Hmm… I thought the one with Azure Sapphire is the princess… Do you remember? That old woman said the one with Azure Sapphire is real princess of Windbloom… If Nina is the princess then something must had happended…. Before this is confirmed, I still think Arika is real princess of Windbloom…

  14. im thinking nina and arika eneded up being in the same place as in with the refugees… and nina was the baby in the pod who owned the blue saphire sky.. but the perosn who arika refers to as grandma gave the crystal to arika so that the real princesses identity wouldnt be figures out…! i think that makes sense.. does it not? im guessing all this obviously

  15. Here’s something to ponder…

    Nagi premises his assumption on Arika’s uselessness on Nina being able to activate the Harmonium (3 spheres activating). In ep 7, Arika only activates 2 of the 3 spheres. Aside Nina and Arika have parts of the song (they don’t have Mashiro’s part yet), they might also have similar genetic traits–after all, royalty is about bloodlines and it might take a certain factor to activate the Harmonium and that factor may have started with one person who had kids and several generations later one of them decides to be a royal. So maybe Nina and Arika aren’t the queen like Nagi and Sergei think.

    So the only thing Arika was missing was the ability to use a Meister robe (something she gets minutes after the Harmonium shuts itself off). Even though she had the gems, the contract is what’s necessary to be a protector. So at ep 21, Nagi might have to rethink his plans if he thinks Arika is unecessary.

    As far as Mashiro fits into the whole thing… eh, who knows but Sunrise…

  16. Hmm, this princess thing is really complicated (but nice part of the story). After all, there are several possiblities who might be the princess (and we heared lots of assumptions). But something is interesting: I remember the first episodes when Sergay told Arika that Nina worked very hard to become a good Otome. And Arika? Well, she entered the school pretty fast and also improve her skills in short time. That makes me coming to the conclusion that Arika might be Renas doughter because Arika has such a big talent as otome. But after all, that’s also just an idea.
    So Arika is Renas doughter, Nina the princess, or Mashiro is it?
    Well, we just have to wait for the next episode. I hope we will get another piece of the puzzle then.
    What do you think about that? Maybe i forgot some facts, but well, i just finished watching all current episodes (in two days)^^

  17. might be true.. like i said earlier i think the blue gem was with nina but it was given to arika to hide the true princess which is nina.. as for mashiro she was just a fake princess obviously ..

  18. Imagine Nagi activates the Harmonium in the last episode, and goes on to laugh his head off.

    Arika:” No!! You can’t do that!! Thousands will die!!! I’ll stop you!! Blt from the Blue!!”
    Nina: ” ZOMFGWTF?!?1 You told me that you would use the harmonium for world PEACE!! You told me it stood for “HARMONY” !!”
    Nagi: ” I lied :P”
    Arika, Nina & Mashiro : “No!!!!!”

    Harmpinum actuvates and releases a blinding white light……

    Suddenly the world become green!! Midori and clan find themselves cured!! Erstin reappears!! Aoi wakes up from coma!! And Shiho stops “maki-maki”ing!!

    Nagi (eyes turn into the freakish yellow they were like in HiME) :” NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Sergey!! You F****** B******!!! You told me I could gain ultimate power from this thing!!!”
    Sergey: “I lied :P”

    So in the end al turns out well!! The day is saved!! The otomes happy!! Sunrise thrilled that they pulled off another chezzy ending!! And the viewers all satisfied!! Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!


  19. You are connecting to the end of Mai Hime, but i think they don’t make such a mistake again^^
    @ Jt: Ok, but there is still the question who Mashiro is exactly.
    And that Miyu, wahh, where is the next episode, I’m getting crazy..
    Btw: The Soundtrack of Mai Hime is fantastic, I’m looking forward for the Mai Otome Ost.
    The soundtrack here is also great!

  20. An interesting point here, not that its of any significance, but, oh well.

    The episode titles in Otome and VERY similar to those in HiME. Here are a few:

    This is a Girl’s Important Event (HiME 1) – This is an otome’s important matter (Otome 10)
    Dance of Flames/Oath of the Star (HiMe 3) – The Azure’s Dance/An Otome’s Pledge (Otome 7)
    Rain– Tears…. (HiME 5) – Arika, Crying… (Otome 15)
    Burning 17 year old (^^;) (HiME 6) – 17 year old of fate (Otome 19)
    The sea, the maidens and Natsuki’s secret! (HiME 9) – The Campus, the uniform and me (Otome 5)
    Dance of Flames/Destiny of Tears (HiME 20) – The Azure’s Dance/When thoughts scatter (Otome 17)
    The Black Prince awakens (HiME 21) – The White Princess awakens (Otome 21)
    Collapse (HiME 22) – Whiteout (Otome 18)
    Shining DAys (HiME 26) – Dream Wing (Otome 26)

  21. Jep, i noticed it too. I was recently able to watch Mai Hime 😉
    What i noticed, the only scene where i saw Arika in, was at the end and she didn’t even talk.
    Funny thing..
    Hmm, i have read plenty critics about Mai Hime, each criticised the last episode (because of the bit abstract happy ending) and even advise only to watch until episode 25.
    Well, in my opinion Mai Hime is also a great Anime and the ending, well, if they decide to do so, you have to accept it as it comes. I remember the last two episodes of Neon Genesis Evangelion. The Anime is still famous even if the ending wasn’t the best.
    The point is, i think it’s a bit daft to see everything in the ending. For me it’s the whole thing, all episodes.
    Back to the topic about the titles. When i find some time (tests at school currently) i watch the episodes with similar title in Mai Hime and Mai Otome and analyse the story. Will be quiet interesting.
    Just wanted to say that^^
    And now, hehe, tommorow is next Mai Otome episode *hungry*
    Can’t wait *-*

  22. I wonder if Nina and Arika always have been „conductors“, which is one part necessary to activate the harmonium.
    During their meister contract both of them gained the additional „protector“ status. The only thing none of them can gain is the „singer“-status, which leads us to Mashiro. That would explain, why both Arika and Nina where able to activate two of three lights on the harmonium. (Mikoto seems to agree.)

    Just my 2 cents.


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