Fumihiko wakes up to the sound of Aka practicing for a new part. This time, she’s the main character of an H-game. During recording however, she performs her lines poorly and causes a bit of a ruckus. Because she feels that she’s incapable of doing this type of a job, Aka asks her manager Yoshioka if there aren’t better ones. Yoshioka reminds her that of the 10,000 seiyuu graduate who from school each year, only a handful get jobs, so Aka should consider herself lucky. Aka decides to continue on, and Yoshioka suggests that she use her boyfriend to help get accustomed to the h-scenes. Of course, Aka flatly denies that she has a boyfriend. Instead, she rents a porn video and watches it until Fumihiko comes home. When bedtime comes around, Fumihiko jokes that they should sleep together. To his surprise, Aka lets him onto the bed. However, her idea of getting his help involves her practicing her lines in front of him. Because she screwed up once already, she wants to get it right. With Fumihiko’s support, she’s able to pull her lines off the next day. She’s commended for sounding embarrassed, but as it turns out, she really was embarrassed. Aka promises her manager that she’ll study harder next time. And when the game finally comes out, Fumihiko buys a copy. Aka quickly confiscates it and refuses to let him play.

Another episode that’s very similar to the manga (fifth chapter this time), except with the addition of the Audrey Hepburn lines. The movie this time is Love in the Afternoon. The H-game part is amusing, especially how there’s a censored out part on the screen during the recording scenes. I also found the porn video part very funny, but the overall point of the episode is to once again show how dedicated to her work Aka is. She and Fumihiko do finally share a bed again, if only briefly. That should count for something in terms of advancing their relationship.


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