• The long-running (12 years) manga Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou recently ended. If you’ve never heard of it, YKK is a beautifully drawn, “healing” series. It’s sad to see such a good manga come to a close. Though it may not be for everyone, I would recommend at least checking it out. See the Wikipedia entry and Cafe Alpha for more information.
  • It’s been a pretty busy week because of an exam and a term paper, so I’m still a bit behind. As usual, I should get caught up in the next two days.
  • I’ve decided to drop Nerima Daikon Brothers. The show started off great, and I still love the music, but lately I’ve been having a lot of trouble getting into the show. It doesn’t help that it airs on Mondays, which is typically a day where I’m brain-dead after going through my Physics Lab class.
  • For the people who keep asking about Ergo Proxy, I’ve more or less given up on watching/blogging that show. It’s really because of a combination of technical difficulties, lack of time on Wednesdays, and apathy towards the series in general. Sorry to disappoint anyone. Check out Sea Slugs! and Cinnamon Ass if you want to reviews.
  • On the flipside, I am strongly considering doing a PV-of-the-week feature to introduce everyone to music and artists that I like and that are currently popular in Japan (usually the two overlap).
  • Spring Season 2006 is rapidly approaching! That may still seem far away because most ongoing series are still getting to their final story arcs, but with 50+ animes coming in roughly a month, now is the time to start planning. Probably sometime in the next couple of weeks I’ll write up a schedule and ask everyone for feedback. Compared to the current season, there are a ton of shows that I’m looking forward to (Disgaea, School Rumble S2, NANA, XxxHolic just to name a few). And unlike this season, I won’t be able to even try to cover everything, but hopefully it’ll all work out. See MOON PHASE for a comprehensive list.

    1. Farewell to YKK, it’s good, but yeah lots of plot just left out in the open. and for Coolguy -> “For the people who keep asking about Ergo Proxy, I’ve more or less given up on watching/blogging that show.”

    2. I think the PV of the week feature would be a great idea. So far all the PVs you reviewed where very good and I discovered some wonderful songs already thanks to you ^^ Therefore I’m looking forward to more~


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