As Tomari is packing for her training camp, she remembers how during the festival, after seeing Hazumu crying because of her inability to decide, Yasuna had wanted to keep the relationships as they currently are. The next day, Hazumu shows everyone the tickets she has for Sea Side Park. However, both Ayuki and Tomari can’t make it, leaving just Yasuna and Hazumu. Because of what Yasuna had said before, Tomari trusts Yasuna to be with Hazumu. With her club at the inn that night, Tomari hears her teammates talking about kissing. She remembers Yasuna’s kiss with Hazumu in the classroom, but her imagination replaces Yasuna with herself.
The next day, Hazumu and Yasuna arrive at the amusement park and get their free mascot figurine. The two have lots of fun watching the performances and admiring all of the aquatic life. They walk into a romantically lit area, and Yasuna notices that they’re surrounded by couples. She leans on Hazumu, but then Hazumu says that she’d like to show this to Tomari and the others. That reminds Yasuna of how Tomari had trusted her, so she lets go of Hazumu’s arm. Afterward, Hazumu decides to get Tomari a giant whale shark cookie at the souvenir shop. Yasuna suggests that they bring it to her at the training camp. Just like they had hoped, Tomari is surprised when Hazumu phones to tell her that they’ve arrived at the train station. Then, while Tomari is heading over and while Hazumu is calling her mother, Yasuna gets approached by a station employee trying to warn her about an approaching train. As he gets closer, she becomes more scared of him, but as she gets more scared of him, he becomes alarmed and gets closer. Hazumu hears Yasuna’s scream and comes running to help. When Tomari arrives to pick them up, she sees Yasuna in Hazumu’s arms; from her angle, it looks like they’re kissing. Tomari feels betrayed that Yasuna, who was the one who wanted to keep status quo, would do this. She pretends not to have seen it and takes the two back to the inn.
Because there are no more outbound trains, Hazumu and Yasuna are stranded there for the night. Tomari encounters Hazumu alone in the bath and gets rather jealous after hearing about how much fun Hazumu had with Yasuna that day. Later, because she’s having a restless night, Tomari goes outside for some air. Hazumu follows her, and the two walk to a field of fireflies. Unable to control her feelings anymore, Tomari takes off her hair ties. Yasuna isn’t holding back her feelings, and Tomari doesn’t want to lose. She then leans in and the two share a long kiss. Yasuna, who had noticed that Hazumu was gone, witnesses the two’s lips locked together. She remembers her promise with Tomari and how she had backed off from Hazumu earlier because of it. Now that she’s the one who feels betrayed, Yasuna crushes the figurine around her neck and calls Tomari a liar.

Well then, that was quite a bit of drama, bordering even on being overly dramatic because of the billowing hair and fireflies flying off at the climax of the scene. But don’t get me wrong, I thoroughly enjoyed this episode. There’s a distinct parallel between how Yasuna and Tomari react to being “betrayed,” even though it’s all part of a misunderstanding. Tomari reacted to what she thought was a kiss by taking a kiss of her own. Yasuna, in turn, gets angry in a bad way (crushing-a-figure-with-her-bare-hand sort of way). I don’t think that their cease-fire would have worked because both girls’ feelings for Hazumu go too deep. It’s pretty much back to the war of love.
The anime is separating itself from the manga more and more now. I hesitate to say radically different since they cover some of the major points (I cheered when they actually showed Tomari and Hazumu’s kiss, unlike the manga where it’s only implied), but almost everything has been changed around so that Yasuna and Tomari started off on good terms and ended up as rivals in love again. I’m less certain about the three-girls-together prediction, but I’m going to stick with it in hopes of a “good” ending. It really depends on what happens next week; only two more episodes left!


  1. Holy crap this was a good episode. And I like how they’re choosing to differ from the manga (well, that I’ve read so far at least).

    Go Tomari! n_n

    And WTF is Yasuna so pissed off about anyway? She got her kiss in a few episodes ago! (okay, so I do know why she’s all pissed off, but still … Yasuna got to plant one on Hazumu, so Tomari should have the same right, dammit!)

  2. Holy… Tomari finally went on the offense… and Hazumu doesn’t seem to mind at all. 😀 Interesting to see how Yasuna’s dealing with the three-way contest there… or rather, how she’s not dealing with it. It’s about bloody time that this happened, though.

    It looks like it’ll be an original ending, however.. and I’m not sure if they’re going the ‘three-way-friendship/romance’ route at the moment, either.

  3. Good, now the 2 rivals have made their move, so let’s hope Hazumu will not act like a freaking Harem hero and will not be undecided until the very end of the anime…
    Drama is great, but the fact the other girl is always stumbling upon a shocking scene between the other 2 is a bit…convenient.

  4. You can said that jejeje

    Its time to make a choice for Hazumu… her childhood friend or her first love…
    WOW! Only two episodes more to go and everything is odd…
    I’m hoping for a happy ending for the three of them, but if that doesn’t happen, good luck for Tomari or yasuna…

    Syaoran Li
  5. many japanese people left their comments in a website that they are scared by the phrase yasuna said last “liar…” what will happen next!?
                              _ _ __
                          , – ‘ ´      ` ー、
                       , ’´              ヽ
                 __   /                 ヽ
            ,  ’ ´ ̄    ` ,’                   l    ヽ
           /          ,’ , l /./ ,  l    、 、 、ヽ   l    ヾヽヽ
         , ‘        l ヽ ヽ | l ll l/,’ l  l     l l l l   l  ヽ ヽヽ 丶 、
        /        l l ヽ, ゝ  l | ll ll l l  l ヽ   l l l l   ヽ  ヽ ヽヽヽ ` ー—-
       ,’       l  l │ ヽヽヽ ヽヽヽlヽヾヽ ヽ l l l l lヽ   ヽヽ ヽ  ヽ ヽ、 ニニヽ
       ,’   〃  l  l ヽ ヽ ゞ≠ ノ   ゞ= ハ // / /,’ ノヽ   ヽヽ ヽ  丶、ヽ、 ヾ
       l l l  l l   ヽ ヽ ヽ ヽ   `、     〃/ハ /リ ‘   ヽ    ヽヽ ヽ   ヽ、 `‐
       ll l l l l l  ヽ ヽ ヽヽヾ`    ヽ    〃 “  \ _  ヽ   ヽヽ ヾヽ  ヽ
       ll l l l l l l ヽ  ヽ ヽ      ノ `ー–‐ヽ       `>-、ヽ   ヽ   ヽヽ   `
       リ l l l l l ヽ ヽ レヾ  __ ,  ‘  r’´ | | l      // ̄\ ヽ  ヾヽ  ヽヽ
        レレN l ヽ l \lヽl  /      / │| |-、   __/ ./ / ̄ ヽ ヽ  ヽヽ  ヽヽ
          レヽ\|/    r ‘ ̄二ニヽ ./   |__l l   ’// /    } ヽ ヽ  ヽヽ  ヽ
            ノ====”  /    } /  /– `ー‐‐´ニ 二/     l  ヽ ヽ ヽヾ
         ,、/         , -‐丶、l   / /     / ヾ、 ヽ  ヽヽ ヽ
        /|ノ        r ,二ニゝ ヽ  { ヾ l 」 // /      ,イ  ヽヽ ヽ lヽヽ
       /|ノ          l {ニニニ   ヽ ゝ       /      / |  / l ヽ  l  ヽ

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