Shana and Wilhelmina arrive at the Seireiden, ready to do battle. There are, however, no enemies around. Rushing forward, the two fall right into the Professor’s trap. An army of mass produced Dominos equipped with swords and crossbows attack. The robots are no match for the Flame Haze, but the Professor has something else up his sleeve. He uses the Jizai Shiki to suck up Shana and Wilhelmina’s power of existence. Without their abilities, the two become handicapped and are quickly surrounded. Shana discovers that the Nietono no Shana has become too heavy to use without her Flame Haze powers, so she puts it away and resorts to using her fists and legs. An arrow even manages to pierce through Wilhelmina’s shoulder. Meanwhile, Hecate is enjoying more and more of Yuuji’s feelings and memories.
Shana and Wilhelmina destroy the first wave of robots, but more arrive. When, Shana’s leg gets hit by an arrow, she starts using the Nietono no Shana again. In the city below, the overflow of power of existence has saturated, forming volatile pillars of light. Satou and Eita are suddenly called by Margery, who has returned because of her Flame Haze mission. She instructs them to go to Haridan, but they’re already there. Margery wants them to look for where the Jizai Shiki is coming from. Noticing the top of the Seireiden on the map, Satou figures it out and directs Margery there. Back on the island, Shana and Wilhelmina have once again become surrounded. They hear Margery’s voice from outside, which is followed by a giant blast that destroys the structure and device that was sucking up their powers of existence. The two Flame Haze quickly lay waste to all of the powered-down robots.
Shudonai and Bel Peol have no choice but to fight this battle themselves; Shudonai faces against Margery while Bel Peol heads for Shana and Wilhelmina. Sensing the approaching enemy, Wilhelmina still wants to know Shana’s answer to the destroying the Misutesu question. Shana asserts that she won’t destroy Yuuji. As Bel Peol’s weapon comes crashing through the door, Shana has decided that she will be fighting as the Enpatsu Shakugan no Shana. Hearing this, Wilhelmina allows Shana to go off alone because she believes in Shana. Bel Peol enters the room and has to fight Wilhelmina one-on-one. As she’s heading for Yuuji, Shana tells Alastor that although she still doesn’t know what she wants to do with him or what she wants him to do for her, Shana does know that she likes him. She remembers Yuuji giving her the name Shana at the same time that Hecate is extracting that memory from him. Shana enters the room containing Hecate and swears that she’ll definitely save him.

I’m slightly disappointed by this episode, but only slightly. The endless-stream-of-robots was alright for the first wave, but then it got a bit repetitive. Yes, it was cool seeing Shana kick ass without using her sword, but I would have preferred if the two Flame Haze had to fight Bel Peol or Shudonai. Instead, they’re putting all three of the big battles (Margery vs. Shudonai, Wilhelmina vs. Bel Peol, and Shana vs. Hecate) off until next week – the final episode. I’m worried that it may be too much for one episode, especially since they also need to conclude the series.
I’m also not entirely happy at how Kazumi is just sitting this one out, but at least it seems like Shana has another rival in love, if you want to count Hecate. I mean come on, she’s having an orgasm on Yuuji’s memories! 🙂
And I’m still waiting for Shana to pull out the Blutsauger. I half expected her to use it in the middle of this episode when she put away the Nietono no Shana, but that wouldn’t have made much sense since the Blutsauger’s probably even heavier. It would be stupid of them to have shown Satou and Eita giving it to her if she’s not going to use it (or give it to Yuuji or something). I’ll be looking for it next week. That aside, I’m really hoping for a good ending, in all senses of that phrase – an exciting battle between Shana and Hecate, some YuujiXShana, and a satisfactory conclusion that leaves us wanting a sequel. That’s asking for a lot, but we’ll see if they can pull it off.


  1. Much ado about (almost) nothing.

    o Shana and Wilhelmina arrive and are attacked by hordes of robots
    o The fight is going poorly, they’re about to lose
    o Margery returns in time to blow up the mana factory
    o Shana realizes that she loves Yuji and decides to rescue him instead of killing him
    o Shana faces off Hecate, Wilhelmina faces off Bel-Peol, Margery dances with Sydonay

  2. “Love that Mahoromatic outfit on Shana, when she grows she’s gonn be like Wilhelmina!!”

    Remember that Shana can[t grow up since she’s a Flame Haze, as teh same for Yuiji for being a Mistes

  3. Hmm…..I still have a feeling Hecate is not really the bad guy here. She kept on saying she wanted to achieve something but its Bel Peol and Shudonai that’s making the decision. Let’s hope Yuuji won’t die or something in the next ep 🙁

  4. I sure hope they won’t leave this anime open ended…It would truly be a torture.

    I really REALLY think they should make this a 50+ episodes series. They never even introduced who owns the Trinity X(

  5. “I really REALLY think they should make this a 50+ episodes series. They never even introduced who owns the Trinity X(”

    We can hope for something like School Rumble XD:
    False hope….
    and suddenly…. an OAV announcing Shakugan no Shana 2nd season =)

  6. hectate is funny =3

    I don’t know why, but I don’t think the finale will have much Shana x Yuuji. I think it’ll end kinda like FMP:TSR, Chidori as Shana, Yuuji as Sousuke, and Kazumi as Tessa: Although the favoured couple is there, the third one will still be in their way…kinda like that.

  7. I think there will be a 2nd season but i still don’t know where i read it but i researched about it maybe ill get to see it again wahehe i think was the site ill try to dig in for more info about it

  8. Again… everything that has a beginning, has an end…

    If thy can gave us a “happy ending”, at least Shana and Yuuji get out of there alive, that would be fine with me…

    Syaoran Li
  9. “I don’t know why, but I don’t think the finale will have much Shana x Yuuji. I think it’ll end kinda like FMP:TSR, Chidori as Shana, Yuuji as Sousuke, and Kazumi as Tessa: Although the favoured couple is there, the third one will still be in their way…kinda like that.”

    Wow, hopefully not. They should at least give one good kiss scene.

    Speaking of wonderful eyecatches, I think we received all fanservices an otaku can imagine:
    – Swimsuit Shana
    – Underwear Shana
    – Apron Shana
    – Maid Shana
    – Kimono Shana
    – School uniform Shana + over knee socks
    – China dress Shana
    – Shana-tan

    Shana, Shana, Shana. Good job, Geneon Entertainment!

  10. I really smell a sequel if that’s all they can muster. Too bad it ain’t the 26 episodes like many thought it was supposed to be. I do have a feeling that something tragic will happen in the final, though….T_T

  11. not just heavier, Blutsauger’s special attack actually sucks up even more power than Nietono Shana. But, with loli miko keep draining all but the last drop out of Yuuji, fuel wouldn’t be much of a problem isn’t it ^^

    un, hope Hecate wouldn’t die, for someone with name as fun as “dining chair”. Yuuji probably won’t live long with three loli in the harem though ^^;

  12. Going for a wam-bang-3way-battle-royale-finale. Any way is fine for me.

    And yeah, I agree with everyone’s opinion on the Wilhelmina-tan eyecatch. With 120% more Moe. ^__^

  13. meh lol…probably going to be an ova or movie or something that’ll help finish this off…i mean they can’t possibly end this off just in one episode…too many things left unsaid too.

  14. If the ending is to conclude Shana and Yuuji’s feeling, it’s possible isn’t it ? with what’s already there now, at most it’ll take around 2 more episodes.

    doesn’t seems like Shakugan no Shana will be about “defeating age old evil once and for all” story soon. They’ve been in war for hundreds of years, why should it finish now, could be at several human generations later. same with the motive behind Tomogara invasion. The anime does put a lot of time saying it’s about Shana and Yuuji, not humanity 😛

  15. but that would mean she’ll either
    1) have a flame haze as body to stay
    2) stay inside a special made treasure like Alastor in Tendoukyuu days
    3) “attack” Yuuji every midnight for meal

    or else die in starvation as any Tomogara should be ^^;

    third alternative is interesting though, and mad scientist might enjoys it as: “can a mistess die by depletion of sleep hours” experiment 😀

  16. Freaking Professor and Domino really Freak me out in this episode XD
    Hecate and Yuuji,this is gonna be fun

    “Secretly in Yuuji’s room,too”
    It makes Shana VERY Jealous and Mad if she stay in Yuuji’s room,’cause Shana knows Hecate will rape Yuuji over and over again

    Yami Hime

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