OP Sequence

OP: 「キラメク」 by yozuca*

Takahashi Eriko is going to be a student at an all-girl’s high school. Along with her friends Suzuki Yuma and Satou Ayano, Eriko sneaks into her future school. They’re wearing the school’s uniforms so as to not arouse suspicion. Unfortunately, it’s not the clean and orderly place that she had imagined; it’s especially apparent when she sees the mess that is the swimming club’s locker room. Eriko starts running in disbelief at her future surroundings and accidentally falls down some stairs. She lands on Kouda Akari, another current middle-schooler who’s going to be going there. Akari and her friends think that Eriko, Yuma, and Ayano are all high schoolers by the fact that they’re already wearing the school uniforms. They ask Eriko about high school life, so she makes up a bunch of stuff. As it turns out, Ayano ends up in the same class as Eriko. Because Eriko had blabbed to others all of the nonsense that Eriko had told her, they’re on unfriendly terms. One of the teachers walks into the middle of their fight and punishes them by making them clean a dusty room. But while they’re inside, a security guard walks past and locks the door, not knowing that there are people inside. Thus, Akari and Ayano are forced to work together to get out, though they fail at their attempt to escape through the ceiling. Instead, it’s their friends who unlock the door after learning that they were missing. The six girls are quickly becoming friends.

ED Sequence

ED: 「incl.」 by meg rock
OP is by yozuca* and like her other songs, it’s catchy. Don’t really like the ED, but I’ve never been a big fan of meg rock.


Normally I wouldn’t include preview shots from the first episode, but I did it this time so that you can see how much fanservice this show will potentially have.

Well, this really isn’t what I had expected – there was less humor and a lot more fanservice. It was a bit underwhelming. They basically introduce the girls and show how Eriko and Akari become friends while throwing in tons of panty shots. The animation and music are average, so the only thing the series has going for it is a fairly strong cast including Mamiko Noto and Yukino Satsuki.
I’m probably going to watch one or two more episodes and see if the show gets any funnier, but odds are I won’t be sticking with this.


  1. I think I saw a lot of scenario from episode 00 -_-?
    I`ve expected this show so much since it was declared to be on TV.The manga is a crazy comdey.So I sincerely wish the anime won`t be a just fanservice show.

  2. The spring line up sure has a lot of useless shows, I don’t see the point to another show with fanservice. That just add to the list of the ecchi genre. And I’m assuming that this is not one of the funny ones so…..

  3. Whats not to expect?? I knew this was gonna be fanservice all the way till it ends from episode 00. Wonder if this stuff acually hapens in Japanese highschools ??

    But yea the first half of episode 1 aka 00 was hella funny when they found “hair” on the desk next to some tweezers lolol

  4. looks like a pantsu-matsuri already…
    don’t think thats a good thing though, especially when theres no comedy accompanying it.
    give it 2-3 episodes, if its not good, oust.


    LOVE LIVE FANSERVICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    BTW that girl in the middle, 2nd from the bottom look alot like The girl from KITE. I think i could get to like this anime even if it does have a crappy story line.

  6. “Wonder if this stuff acually hapens in Japanese highschools ??”

    Anyone who expects such things is in for a huge disappointment.

    It looks more like Amaenaideyo with better characters.

  7. Well it was expected for me, because I have read the manga. I think the Fanservice is natural, because that is what has gone on in the manga. I will continue to watch this one, and I urge the blogger to stick with it for a few more episodes if it is still not worth then drop it. Im sure the excessive fanservice will not last too long. I hope.

  8. If you’re right about the subdued humor omni then I might be in for a letdown, given I’ve read volume 1 of the manga, which is chock full of really sick humor, hence I kinda had high hopes for this anime rendition of it.

  9. The first episode was very disappointing. I guess the only thing that’s actually making me watch this series is the cast. I hope it picks up soon…unfortunately, it doesn’t look like it will after seeing the preview for the second ep.

    As for the op/ed, there are either average or below it. It’s a shame meg rock had to go solo since her partner-in-crime died due to multiple organ failure. I loved it when they were known as Melocure. Their insert song for Stratos 4 was awesome (not to mention their UFO Princess Valkyrie OP 1 and 2) . I guess Hinata Megumi knew she had to move on…but I wish she could’ve made the ED song better.

    Lastly, I like to comment on Yukino Satsuki’s voice acting for this series. For some reason, I don’t see the spark from her character. She usually brings her character to life (Rei in Pani Poni Dash, Kagome in Inuyasha, and Saki in Genshiken). I will still follow this series but I hope she can bring her usual stuff.


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