So this week (and to an extent next week) are going to be pretty busy for this blog. Inevitabely, there’s going to be shows (like Haruhi) that were under my radar when I did my initial round of research a couple of weeks ago. Any shows that I’m unsure if I’m going keep blogging will be filed under Miscellaneous and likely won’t get a summary unless I have the time or really really liked the episode. Of course I can be swayed by you the reader. So if you like a show, leave a comment (Edit: Sorry, I wasn’t clear. If you like a show, leave a comment under that show’s entry). At the end of this week or next I’ll look over all the shows and figure out roughly what I want to stick with.
On today’s schedule is Joshi Kousei Girl’s-High, Strawberry Panic, and Simoun.


  1. @cleanwater
    July 2006.

    I just want to say that NEVER prioritize anime over your real life, although I’m sure you are very well aware. It almost got me a failing mark.

  2. I say Utawarerumono.

    I know absolutely about that show and I’m interested in that it’s about, and being a bishoujo game conversion (afaik anyway – can Rasmiel correct me if I’m wrong?) it might just fit your tastes and the tastes of many other readers.

  3. I can’t wait for .hack//roots.

    Me to man, me too.

    I really hope you’ll blog Kiba. The anime does show promise Omni.

    Only animes that grabbed my interest was Kiba and .hack//ROOTS.

    Kiba got me from it’s fast OP and ED songs very fast and upbeat like i know the anime will become. Yes it did have a kinda slow first episode but so did Fate/Stay Night in my opinion. Now look at Fate/Stay night its picked up quite abit since the first episode. Thats how i see Kiba to introduce all the main cast of characters then pickup midstream and take us all the way to the end with nice action packed fights..

    .hack//ROOTS…. Well I’ve watched Signs and Twilight of the braclet and own all 4 games.. so might aswell finish this epic story and i think it’s VERY good and it does kinda mess with your head at times..

  4. Utawarerumono was really nice. A lot better than what promo suggested. It kinda reminds me of shuffle! Nice drawing style. First episode was a little slow paced, but I really like the atmosphere. T__T so why isn’t it on your list~~

  5. I’m looking forward to Higurashi as I’ve said. I say the show has a really nice premise, and the game’s story is top-notch from what I’ve heard. Animation will be done by Studio DEEN, who, recently, have been doing a great job with Fate/Stay Night, and the composer for the series is also Kenji Kawai, who’ recently has been scoring pretty high with Fate’s OST.

    .hack//ROOTS, didn’t catch my attention, as soon as I knew Kajiura would not be composing for it. Ali Project is awful. Their songs aren’t bad, but if you’ve listened to one of them, you’ve heard them all. They’re all sound the same. As for the animation, looks alright for a 2006 Spring Season. The Plot, well, Promo was stupid, didn’t really show anything major, so I’m not too sure if this will be “Internet.Serious.Business” like .hack//SIGN, which is my favorite series from all the .hack//’s or if it will be action-show alike with stupid kids like .hack//”DUSK”.

    As for the rest… Ray caught my attention, so did Disgaea, even though I was hoping for something with less comedy, and some more “serious” fighting. But I didn’t play the game, and people say it’s strong point is really the Gameplay, and the Dark humour from Laharl. But I’ll give it a check anyway.

    Another good show seems to be the BALDR FORCE EXE Resolution OVA’s coming out at the end of April, I’m sure to check them, even if It’s only for the KOTOKO Opening. But I’m antecipating it too, for the story, which people say that’s pretty nice.

    Anyway, my “vote” would go for Higurashi, Omni 😉

  6. @Ale
    Yes, Utawarerumono is originally a bishoujo game (or what people call H game). But it was still so enjoyable without sex scenes that it got ported to PS2 leaving only the RPG feature. I seriously recommend this too, the storyline is one of the best I’ve seen in H games.

    As for Baldr Force Resolution, the original story (again, H game conversion…wow, every H games I’ve played is turning into animes…O_O) is VERY complex. You have to play through the game 5 times just to get the whole story (though once again, the game system itself was so great that it could do without sex scenes). I’m interested in how they are going to fit all that in 6 episodes.

    Anyways yeah, if you got time for Utawarerumono, I’d recommend it. Thanks Ale for a supposed reminder.

  7. Yes it is. I didn’t really like that game though, since all endings except for the main one were stupid.

    …Why do I feel like I’m a H game mania (although I don’t deny it…)?


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