Benaui reports back to Emperor Inkara, Sasante’s elder brother, who’s of course angry to hear about Sasante’s death. Meanwhile, Hakuoro has moved the villagers into Sasante’s estate and has started repairing the place. Mukkuru is growing at an alarming rate and always seems to be hungry. The tiger even goes after Eruru’s breasts and tries to start sucking. Hakuoro wants Eruru and Aruru to return to the village because of the danger they’d be in by staying at the fort. The girls, however, refuse to go. On that same day, Oboro, Yuzuha, and more villagers come to the fort to join Hakuoro at Yuzuha’s request. Oboro has taken to calling Hakuoro “Anijya” (older brother). Meanwhile, Yuzuha gets to know Eruru, and she repeatedly says that Eruru and Tousukuru share the same scent.
Everyone in the village is now training for the upcoming battles, and Hakuoro is considering asking the surrounding villages for help. One night, Hakuoro and Eruru find Aruru standing in front of the storehouse. Inside they find Mukkuru, who has grown to giant proportions from eating. Hakuoro is ok with it, which prompts the angry Eruru to say that he’s spoiling Aruru. The next day, Hakuoro goes out with Oboro and finds a destroyed village. The ones responsible are Benaui, Kurou, and their troops – or so they think. Dorii and Guraa pick off the soldiers with their arrows while Oboro fights Kurou and Hakuoro fights Benaui. However, the tide of the battle quickly turns in favor of Benaui’s forces after Dorii takes a tumble. When the situation is looking grim for Hakuoro, he hears a roar. Aruru and Mukkuru leap into the battle with Aruru yelling for them to stop bullying Hakuoro. The appearance of the white tiger catches Benaui and Kurou off-guard, and forces them to retreat. Hakuoro realizes that the destruction of the village wasn’t Benaui’s doing, but knows that he can use this to his advantage. Benaui returns to Inkara’s palace and find out that Nuwangi is now also a general. In fact, he’s the one responsible for burning down the village.

That was a pretty awesome episode. Comedy, fighting, great animation, the entire package.
The biggest surprise of the episode is of course how fast Mukkuru is growing. Sure the tiger is eating a lot, but I didn’t expect Mukkuru to grow to that size that quickly. The part where Mukkuru is assaulting Eruru’s breasts was hilarious though. Actually, Eruru + Aruru + Mukkuru made for a very cute combination.
Nuwangi’s now a general, so I guess he can try to exact his revenge on Hakuoro. His armor looks pretty cool, but he’s really got to get rid of that thing tied around his head. Next week looks to be another big battle episode between Benaui’s forces and Hakuoro’s village.


  1. How much time has they fast forward since last episode, u can’t be telling me that cat is a baby today and a giant tiger the next day, it must have been months past since the rebellion.

  2. Nuwangi’s got more scars to make him look badass?
    I’m interested in knowing how much time has passed between the last episode and this one as well.

    I don’t like how they stereotype the villain honchos as big fat bast**ds..

  3. I don’t think there was a lot of time that passed between the episodes. The tiger just grew really, really fast (the game has the characters going wtf about that too).

  4. wow i cant belive it…the cat really has grow big………………..but i still miss the mukuru when it was small..damm it was cute especially when it make sound hahaha

  5. Are Dorii and Guraa guys or girls? They looked like girls when we first see them in ep 3, but when I heard their voices it made me wonder. If I was forced to decide, I would probably say that they were girls…

  6. I’m pretty sure that Dorii and Guraa are girls. And i like them alot although they don’t get to talk that often. But I guess they will get their time when it comes to war.

  7. Aruru + Mukuru = Love

    Mukuru grew a lot, but is it just me, or did she shrink between the time she was caught at the storeroom to when she barged into Hakuoro’s battle?

    I lol’d when Hakuoro struggled to get free from Mukuru’s hug of death.

  8. Mukuru was referred to as a “she” so that kind of tames the whole breastfeeding incident. Hakuoro should ditch his metal fan as a weapon unless he gets much better with it later. A fan seems to just suck as a weapon because of its short reach and lack of any leverage for power.

  9. How much time has they fast forward since last episode, u can’t be telling me that cat is a baby today and a giant tiger the next day, it must have been months past since the rebellion.

    it is the child of a forest protector that had fur like steel… it has to grow fast to support its steel like exterior 🙂 MUTIKAPA’s kids dont screw around ^_^


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