Since all of her friends have extracurricular club activities, Nagisa decides to go look for a club for herself. However, none of St. Miatre’s clubs seem to suit her. The St. Le Rim clubs look a lot more fun, but Nagisa gets distracted by two girls dressed as nurses, Hyuuga Kizuna and Natsume Remon. She’s surprised when Le Rim’s student council president Chikaru brings Kizuna a hat for her costume. Chikaru explains that the three of them make up the Transformation Club, i.e. the cosplay club. Nagisa turns down Chikaru’s invitation to join their club and returns back to St. Miatre. Along the way, she comes across a greenhouse. There are many plants inside, and Nagisa notices one particular flower that needs straightening out. While she’s washing her hands afterwards, Nagisa is caught off-guard when someone hands her a handkerchief. That someone is of course the Étoile Shimuza. Nagisa thinks that Shizuma must be in the gardening club, but this greenhouse is actually for Shizuma’s personal use – all of the flowers for official school events are grown here. Flustered by her mistake, Nagisa quickly excuses herself and runs off. However, she realizes too late that she’s still got Shizuma’s handkerchief in her hand.
Nagisa goes to return it the next day, but Shizuma isn’t in her room. She remembers the mysterious room she visited last time and goes there, only to find the door locked. St. Miatre’s student council president Rokujou catches her there and tells her that it’s a vacant room. Nagisa realizes that she can just go to the greenhouse and return the handkerchief there. However, she gets caught up with helping Shizuma with the flowers. After placing some flowers in the main entryway, Shizuma takes Nagisa to a music room with a piano. Shizuma plays a piece for Nagisa and then invites her to join along. Returning to the greenhouse, Nagisa notices that Shizuma is looking very lonely while she’s sitting by herself. The two have tea and then Nagisa excuses herself to leave. However, she remembers that she didn’t to give back the handkerchief, so she returns to the greenhouse. She’s shocked to find Shizuma crying while looking out the window. When Shizuma turns around, Nagisa is already gone, but she left the handkerchief on the table. That night, Rokujou warns Shizuma to stop her relationship with Nagisa – if she’s acting on a whim, it’ll just hurt Nagisa.

We finally get introduced to the other character Shizumu Ai is voicing in this series, Hyuuga Kizuna. I still dunno why she’s voicing two characters (what happens if they meet? won’t she be talking to herself? lol), but oh well.
Shizuma gets some character development this episode, portraying her as the lonely and brooding person who has a lot of skeletons in the closet. Rokujou’s warning implies that Shizuma has had several relationships that ended with the other girl being hurt. I guess it’s up to Nagisa to buck the trend and get to the bottom of Shizuma’s troubles.
As a closing thought, Nagisa definitely should have joined Chikaru’s transformation club…


  1. Yes finally an episode with mostly shizuma and nagisa in it again, and this episode suprised me seeing a whole new side of shizuma. It seems were getting closer to finding out the truth, but of course I still want them to kiss and touch and such.

  2. That’s the “Mondscheinsonate” (Moonlight Sonata) from Ludwig van Beethoven.

    And it’s good to see the character development starting, now that the introduction of all major characters is completed. Shizuma definitely gained alot more depth this episode, and I’m also curious about Rokujou’s reaction to it. Makes me wonder if SHE was the person who more than just symbolically closed the window again which Nagisa had opened before. And why.

  3. In this cap when nagisa back to return the handkerchief an look Shizuma crying, and in the cap 8 in the beginning there are playing a piano song thats so sad but i can find what song is, anyone knows the title of the song.

    Btw the chapter 07 is awesome….. 😀 😀 😀 😀

    Sir Drk Sha
  4. >What about the second song they play as a duet? Could someone tell me what song that is too?
    Yes 🙂

    “Gebet einer Jungfrau”/”Modlitwa dziewicy”/”La prière d’une vierge”/”Virgin’s Prayer” von Tekla Badarzewska


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