Haruhi’s finds herself in a tropical paradise after having been dragged there just hours before by the Host Club. It turns out that she’s at Ootori family’s Aqua Garden, which Kyoya describes as healing theme park. Hikaru and Kaoru had taken her to the dressing room earlier and had given her an array of swimsuits designed by their mother. Haruhi ended up wearing a pink one-piece (complete with a pink cap), but Tamaki then gave her a parka, saying that girls should only show their skin as a bride. Anyway, being the lazy heroine, Haruhi has no interest in being here and really just wants to leave. Surveying the facilities, she mentions that she thinks that playing in a vinyl pool is adequate. Of course, the twins don’t know what a vinyl pool is and Haruhi’s explanation makes them think she’s talking about an airboat.
The twins start wondering why Tamaki had Haruhi put on the parka since he normally is kicking and screaming about wanting to see Haruhi in a swimsuit. Tamaki says that it’s something he’d naturally do as her father and guardian (which of course doesn’t sit well with Haruhi). Honey then comes up to Haruhi, wanting to play in the pool, but Haruhi also turns him down. She notices that there’s an inner tube around Honey’s waist, but Honey explains that it’s there because it’s cute. Renge makes her entrance at this point, cosplaying as Kisaragi Quon (from RahXephon), and drives home her point that Honey isn’t being innocent – he’s calculated everything to look cute.
After Renge returns to wherever she came from, the twins convince Tamaki to join them in a water gun fight. Tamaki accidentally slips on a banana peel and slides headfirst into some machinery. This triggers a giant wave in the flowing river pool that Honey is in, which swallows him up and sends him downstream. Mori tries to save him, but trips on the same banana peel. The group chases after Honey, but somehow they keep running into alligators which are part of place’s tropical zoo. Kyoya estimates that the river pool took Honey somewhere into the jungle area, so the group goes searching. While walking alongside him, Haruhi notices that Mori’s expressionless face gives off no indication of what he’s thinking. It’s after Mori trips on another banana peel that she realizes that he must be really worried.
The rumbling noise from above makes Kyoya realize that it’s “squall time.” The group takes refuge from the rain in a hut where Haruhi asks the other guys about Mori and Honey’s relationship. The twins reveal that the two are actually cousins. Kyoya explains that the Morinozuka family has served the Haninozuka family for generations. It’s been two generations since the marriage that linked their families, but Tamaki thinks that Mori still has the vassal blood in him. Haruhi knows how important Honey is to Mori and tries to comfort him by saying that Honey is safe. Mori pats her on the head in agreement. Once the rain ends, Mori immediately sets out alone in search of Honey, though Haruhi follows after him. Seeing that Haruhi is scared by the snakes and bugs of the jungle, Mori picks her up and carries her through.
Not having noticed that Haruhi and Mori are gone, Kyoya calls in his private police to form a search team. The armed troops, who were told to find a short boy, instead surround Mori and Haruhi, mistaking her for Honey. When one soldier tries to pry Haruhi away, he gets punched by Mori. The other soldiers get ready to shoot, but suddenly, a little boy swings in Tarzan-style. Honey quickly defeats all of the soldiers with throws, much to the Haruhi’s amazement. The other guys come running, and explain that the Haninozuka family is renowned for its martial arts – Honey in particular is a karate and judo champion. What’s more, Mori is a kendo champion. Honey pats Mori on the head, thanking him for protecting Haruhi.
On the way back, Hikaru and Kaoru suggest that they go to the beach next time. Tamaki says that Haruhi wouldn’t be interested, but she actually thinks that it’d be good to go. The ocean would be beautiful, unlike this un-amusing man-made place. And so, the group decides to go to the ocean next time. Honey thinks that it’ll be fun.

Well they proved me wrong by actually putting Haruhi in a bathing suit. Not a flashy one of course, but a rather fitting one-piece (though the string bikini that the maids suggested would have been funny). The other thing that caught me off-guard was the homage to RahXephon that BONES threw in through Renge’s cosplay. Somehow this reminds me of this week’s episode of Suzumiya Haruhi where Kyoto Animation put in two distinct references to FMP!.
But of course the focus of this episode is Honey and Mori, who are both martial arts champions. There’s just something amusing about the judo and karate champion having a background of bunnies. Maybe Honey really isn’t as innocent as he looks like…
Overall this episode wasn’t as funny as some of the previous ones, but they didn’t have that strong of manga material to work with either. I’m more looking forward to next week’s beach episode, which should feature some great Kyoya moments and Nekozawa-senpai moments.


  1. I like the Helljumper look that they used instead of dudes with berets.

    I jope they show Nekozawa’s beach in all its glory. I hope Haruhi will rediscover her fearlessness that she seemed to forget in this ep.

  2. *grumble* I have a feeling they cut out the part when Haruhi blushes when Mori says her name or when he smiles. It makes me kind of feel that this whole anime is pointing to TamakixHaruhi. I have to watch and the raw and correct myself if i’m wrong. Sorry if I sound mean. 🙁

  3. Yay! I loved the HaruhixMori interaction in this.
    Show Spoiler ▼

  4. What are you talking about? The manga IS practically Haruhi/Tamaki except for the rare (and I stress this) occasion there is development she has with the other members.

  5. The manga is more Haruhi/any other member than the anime… it isn’t only about her and Tamaki
    Show Spoiler ▼

  6. YEAH beach episode next week; and I personally think mori loks better in the manga…. It’s just me anyway and btw, something that really tick me off is the fact that they’re kjust concentrating in the HARUIXTAMAKI relation ship when there are actualy other “developed friendships”

  7. Show Spoiler ▼

  8. yeah right basilisk but I wasn’t exactly talking about that
    now that I come to think of it didin’t Bisco said in Mori’s profile that there would be a chance that he and Harui would end up together….? I DO NOT favor Mori btw, I like the twins attitude more anyway it was just a sly commentary that’s all ^^’

    btw could you guys tell me where can I download the manga chapters, I had the page but I erased the historial so now the only page I remember is the one where I downloaded the Skip Beat! chapters *cries* plz if someone knows plz tell me!!!!


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