As Amane struggles with her own feelings for Hikari, rumors are spreading about her love. With the tournament coming up, Amane is practicing whenever she can, even during lunch break. Hikari has a present for her, but before she can give it, Amane has to go attend to some noisy girls. Spying from nearby, Spica student council president Shion sees Hikari’s present, and then ambushes Amane in the locker room afterwards. But Amane still turns down Shion’s Étoile proposal. Meanwhile, Yaya passes on to Hikari the rumor that Amane hasn’t accepted anyone’s present yet. Hikari confirms to Yaya that she likes Amane, so Yaya warns that if she’s not resolute about her feelings, they won’t get communicated.
In the Spica student council room, the vice-president Kenjou Kaname suggests to Shion that they give up on Amane. In truth, Kaname herself is eyeing the Étoile position and would like to strike at Amane by seducing Hikari. She writes a letter that she has her roommate and fellow student council member Momomi deliver to her target. Hikari gets and reads the letter, which Momomi leads her to think is from Amane. That night, she tells Yaya about how Amane wants to meet during the departure ceremony for the tournament. When the time comes, Hikari goes to the meeting place, but of course Kaname shows up instead. Hikari realizes that she’s been duped, but by now Kaname is coming onto her very strongly. Hikari manages to break free and run away, but doesn’t pick up the letter that she had dropped when Kaname first showed up. That letter is found by Yaya, who has come searching for her roommate.
Yaya is now frantically searching the woods and recruits Tamao and Nagisa to help. In running away, Hikari tripped and hurt herself, allowing Kaname and Momomi to catch her. Kaname forces herself onto Hikari, but Hikari starts screaming. When Amane, who had also noticed that Hikari wasn’t among the crowd seeing her off, hears those yells, she gets on Starbright and races towards Hikari. Fortunately, she arrives before Kaname can do any major damage to Hikari. With her plan foiled, Kaname warns Amane to put a collar on the things she doesn’t want taken away. Once Kaname is gone, Hikari uses the chance to give her present to Amane – a yellow scarf. That night, as Amane rides to her tournament and Hikari is sleeping, the two girls are thinking about each other.

LOL, I really couldn’t stop laughing at the evil lesbian villain couple that is Kaname and Momomi. It’s just what this series needs to spice it up a bit. And boy did they spice it up. I think I’m ready to declare episode 7 the best episode so far for all the wrong reasons: Yuri rape! Amane in the shower! And not to mention the implied sex between Kaname and Momomi (they both really like that bee metaphor as foreplay…)
Actually, Kaname is all about those metaphors – not only does she compare Momomi to a bee delivering pollen, she also says that Hikari is like Icarus flying towards the sun and falling. I’m growing rather fond of her character as a villain lol.
So yea, more of this and there’s hope for this series yet. Things should stay interesting as long as Kaname and Momomi are around. But next week, the focus looks to be returning to Nagisa. Her half of the story could use some villains like Hikari’s half has. 🙂


  1. nice ………… XD this is gettin more and more and more and more COOL………… i hope get a lot better than marimiteru……… marimiteru is good but is……………XDDDDDDDDD

  2. Very entertaining episode. This will surely stir things up quite a bit. And we finally have some true villains. 🙂

    tsk tsk tsk… Kaname, you talk too much. *lol*

    I hope Miator will get some villains too, but it seems unlikely. I’m rooting for Shizuma x Nagisa, hope their story will be as interesting. ( As cliche as it might be, I don’t care, it’s the execution that counts )

    One last thing. POOR YAYA! I feel sorry for her. 🙁

  3. >>I’m rooting for Shizuma x Nagisa, hope their story will be as interesting. ( As cliche as it might be, I >>don’t care, it’s the execution that counts )

    I’m with you all the way Grey!

  4. [i]Sheska[/i] This show is like every guy’s dream.I bet the majority of fans for this show are a bunch of horny underage males(no offense).

    I don’t think that’s entirely true. It seems a lot of females watch this show too. Heh, I’d be better off at Agent Aika or hentai, this show doesn’t have a lot of it going on here. It looks like Spica is determined to push ahead no matter what it takes. Wonder if Miatre will retaliate in time?

  5. Ah, another Shizuma x Nagisa fan! *shakes Rei’s hand* Let’s hope for the best 😉

    Nigredo, yes, I read the manga, and I am eagerly waiting for more scanlation. ^^ ( btw, cool name, reminding me of Xenosaga )

  6. *Shakes grey’s hand too* Thanks for the welcome Grey 🙂 Perhaps I’m a little enthusastic but I have a good feeling about them, though we might in for a bit of a ride before getting there.

  7. i’m praying for a triangule tamao X nagisa X shisumu t’s gonna be soo cool,…… [i]sheska[i] i’m 23 mentaly 14 do i count too………. *¬*, i hope chiyo-chan come more often….XD


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