Most of the villagers go back home, but Hakuoro, Oboro, Eruru, and Aruru stay at Inkara’s castle. Hakuoro becomes the person who rules the country. Soon, a delegation from Onkamiyamukai – led by the winged princess Urutorii and a winged man named Munto – arrives wanting to establish friendly ties. In the conference room, Urutorii mistakes Eruru for Hakuoro’s wife, but Hakuoro says that she’s family and more like a little sister. Eruru isn’t too happy to hear this and lets out a little sigh. Benaui reminds Hakuoro that he has work to attend to, so Hakuoro has Eruru accompany Urutorii and Munto around the town. In the evening, Urutorii visits Eruru’s room and finds her making medicine. Urutorii reveals that she also wants to become a medicine woman in order to help people who are hurt. Eruru’s reason for becoming one is more along the lines of following her grandmother’s footsteps in a role that needed to be filled.
Meanwhile, Hakuoro has grown tired of the mountain of scrolls that he has to put his stamp on, so he goes for a walk. At the lake, he sees a beautiful girl with black wings playing in the water. He gets momentarily distracted by a rabbit creature and when he turns back around, the girl is gone. Actually, Hakuoro gets to see her again as soon as he returns to his room and finds her sleeping on his bed. The girl wakes up and tries to pretend that she’s not there by turning herself invisible, but Hakuoro can still see her. She tries to run off, but then meets up with Mukkuru. Urutorii comes and retrieves her sister, whose name is Kamyu. Aruru, who came into the room to sleep with her father (no, not in that way), runs away at the sight of Kamyu. The next day, Kamyu tries to make friends and play with Aruru, but Aruru keeps running away. It’s on Hakuoro’s advice that she brings a honeycomb as a peace offering to Aruru. Along with Yuzuha, the three girls spend the next several days playing together. Urutorii comes to Eruru’s medicine room again one night, and comments that the place has the same smell as Tousukuru. At the mention of her grandmother, Eruru starts crying, so Urutorii comforts her.
The next day, Hakuoro finds the girls curled together sleeping on Mukkuru. He thinks to himself how nice it would be if their days could continue like this forever. Eventually, however, Urutorii, Kamyu, and the rest of the delegation have to leave. Kamyu bids farewell to “Aru-chan” and “Yuzucchi,” her new friends.

This is a fun little episode introducing us to Urutorii and Kamyu. Urutorii seems to be the mother-type, whereas Kamyu is very much like a little kid (in a very developed body). And I didn’t realize it until I heard her voice, but Kamyu is voiced by Kugimiya Rie, the same person who voiced Shana. That makes me like her character all the more.
There were plenty of funny moments this episode (Aruru writing the scroll that says Eruru talks in her sleep, Oboro realizing that Yuzuha is outside playing, Benaui’s exasperation at Hakuoro skipping out on his job), which is quite a contrast to all the killing from the past weeks. But it looks like next week is back to fighting, with a new villain.


  1. Who is Eruru and who is Hakuoro?

    I have been following the caps but not watching and where there is a yuri vibe, my senses go into overdrive. So, who are they?

    I might just start watchjing this.

    Demon Eyes
  2. you forgot to mention about Urutori, who is voiced by Ohara Sayaka… of my favorite seiyuus (known best for Raquell in Scrapped Princess, Alicia in Aria and of course, Yuko in XXXholic :P)

  3. “Does all female winged beings have big boobs?”

    Floatation devices? Gas chambers for flight? Anti-gravity emitters? 😀

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! ( that had me going on a good laugh for a while! )


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