A small army arrives at Hakuoro’s castle from the neighboring country of Shikeripechimu. Their three generals give Hakuoro a recommendation to surrender. After they take their army and leave, Benaui explains that Shikeripechimu is three times Tousukuru’s size and has ten times the military might. The invasion soon comes, starting with a small outpost one night. Hakuoro sends Benaui to defend a castle to their rear and sends Oboro on a special mission. In addition, he obtains something from the shady medicine merchant. Eruru sees Hakuoro make the deal and then goes to talk with him about it that evening. Her grandmother had told her that this medicine that Hakuoro wants is “taboo.” She hadn’t explained why, but had told Eruru to not mix the material. Hakuoro listens to all this, but then refuses to tell Eruru what he’s going to do with it, saying that it’s not necessary for her to know.
The advancing Shikeripechimu army reaches an empty castle, so they decide to use it as a warehouse for their supplies. Benaui and Kurou don’t get why Hakuoro had that castle abandoned until Benaui realizes that maybe Hakuoro had wanted the enemy to use it. Meanwhile, Hakuoro departs from home on his own mission. Aruru wants to go with him, but Hakuoro has her stay put with Eruru. As night approaches, Eruru goes to give Yuzuha her medicine. She sees that Yuzuha’s clothes are dirty, but that’s because she’s been playing with Aruru. Yuzuha really likes the outdoors, especially laying on the ground with the smell of the earth, just like Hakuoro. At the mention of his name, Eruru’s face grows sad and worried.
That night, Benaui commands the defense of the castle he was assigned to. When the enemy breaks into the gate, it’s Kurou who leads a counterattack back outward. After killing several waves of soldiers, he has to face the enemy generals (the same ones who earlier wanted Hakuoro to surrender). He’s able to handle one of them, but then all three gang up on him. Fortunately for him, Benaui also joins the fight. Their battle continues until the drums of retreat are heard, forcing the three generals to leave. During this time, Oboro and the twins infiltrate the warehouse base that the enemy took over. They kill the guards and leave two bottles: one leaning on its side and one placed directly underneath the first, so that the top bottle will eventually leak into the bottom bottle.
Overseeing the operation from a nearby cliff, Hakuoro is visited by Eruru and Aruru, who came via Mukkuru. An uneasy Eruru wants to know what Hakuoro is doing, so Hakuoro explains that people need food, water, and air to live. His plan is to strike at the enemy’s supplies. At this point, the liquid from one bottom finally drips into the other one, creating a giant explosion as the two liquids mix. With the castle quickly catching on fire, Hakuoro gets ready to lead the raid in and he wants Eruru and Aruru to remain on the cliff. Feeling more and more distant, Eruru says that she wants to know more about him because they are family. Families share happiness and share pain, families always stay together.
Hakuoro allows the two girls to ride with him into battle on top of Mukkuru. He leads his complement of mounted troops and slaughters all of the enemy who are trying to load their supplies onto carts. However, after all the enemy soldiers are dead, an old man starts laughing from the top of the castle steps. He uses his mount to leap over the troops and directly attack Hakuoro. Defending himself with his tessen, Hakuoro finds out that this man is Niue, the ruler of Shikeripechimu. Their fight is interrupted when falling debris separates them, but Niue vows that they’ll meet again. Eruru and Aruru watch Hakuoro’s serious face in front of a sea of flames.

Lots of battles and Eruru being worried this episode. I was surprised how quickly the country could sink into war again, since the rebellion didn’t seem to happen that long ago. It’s beginning to feel like Hakuoro somehow attracts war and conflict. Maybe it has something to do with his past. All the flames and death remind me of the flashbacks that Hakuoro used to have, such as the one near the end of episode four.
So the “taboo” material ended up being liquid explosives. Hakuoro’s quite a strategist, having thought up and executed his plan that involved such a powerful weapon. But I guess what Hakuoro didn’t expect was that the ruler of Shikeripechimu would also be out there, ready to fight. Perhaps it’s fortunate that they were interrupted by falling debris because it didn’t exactly seem like Hakuoro was going to win.
Next week looks like a lot of fun with the introduction of Karura. The preview shows her fighting Benaui and really emphasizes her breast size lol.


  1. I’m curious as to the motivations for an attack by this “new enemy kingdom”. Is it the cliché “we want your resources” intention, or perhaps something a bit more complex? I would hope the latter; such a device keeps this series refreshingly interesting.

  2. –and this “new enemy kingdom” sorta like a typical japanese version of the chinese type. i mean come on, look at their armors weapons, and the hair style.

    LOL, if so that some very bad depicting of chinese type stuff ^^; none of it looks chinese at all cept for the gwan dao

  3. “like that girl with that giant fan in the intro.”

    Eh…That’s not a fan. That’s actually a really big blade.

    “I’m curious as to the motivations for an attack by this “new enemy kingdom”. Is it the cliché “we want your resources” intention, or perhaps something a bit more complex?”

    Definitely not complex. This is guy is your typical psychotic war lover.

  4. i think they constrict their chest with bandages or sth

    but that weapon is massive… Lu Bu’s Fang Tian Hua Ji can’t even match the size of that ~.~.

    anyway, is she the miko-chin of Utawarerumono? or is Urutori or Kamyu is more suited for it>?

  5. On the other hand, the way hey bounce in battle could be useful in distracting the enemy. If the enemy’s eye is distract by her boobs movement it makes it easier for her to beat them. 😀

  6. There will be no broadcast for this show for two weeks due to the transmission of the World Cup…so the next transmission will be in June 18th and there will be a two episode broadcast.

    May 28th (day) 26:15 – 27:15
    Broadcast of episode 8 “The Arbitrator”, and the 9th episode, “taboo”

    June 4th (day) broadcast pause

    June 11th (day) broadcast pause

    June 18th (day) 26:15 – 27:15
    10th story “傭 soldier”, continuing 2 of 11th story, “eternal promise”

    It will be a long hiatus….=(

  7. Take note that that only applies to tvk. I originally had a long note explaining why tvk aired this episode nine earlier than the other channels, but that became unnecessary once the other channels caught up.
    In other words, Utawarerumono will continue airing on its normal schedule (Monday late night) on the channels it normally airs first on (Chiba TV and asahi tv). So, expect episode 10 next Monday.

  8. Hey i love this show and everything about it. But i have a favour to ask . are there any full body pics of the twins Gura and Dorii? if so can you send to me and >


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