• Based on the results of the poll from last Saturday asking when you preferred the Weekly Roundup Poll, Sunday was the clear winner with 44% of the votes. Since I have no objections to that, the Weekly Roundups will be moved to Sunday, which would be the day Haruhi and School Rumble air, effective starting this week. This should bolster the Blood+ and Haruhi votes a little and might take some away from FSN, but we’ll see how it turns out.
  • In case anyone was curious, my top three current favorite series are: 1. Blood+ 2. Ouran High School Host Club 3. Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu. Following those closely are Utawarerumono, Fate/stay night, and Kamisama Kazoku.
  • The summer season is less than three weeks away! Expect a schedule of sorts sometime (hopefully) in the next week or so. I actually started listening to a ton of Spitz and Suga Shikao music earlier this week, so I’ve been in a mood to see the next Honey and Clover this entire time.
  • And finally, you might be wondering why I called this entry the “Homeless” edition and what the picture to the right is all about. I was browsing the popular japanese blog Houtou Opera House and noticed an entry on something called 「ホームレス大図鑑」 – “The Homeless People Large Illustrated Encyclopedia,” or what I like to call “the big picture book of homeless people.” I know this is a serious subject, but that book title just had me cracking up for the longest time. Basically it’s a book about, well, the Japanese homeless. You might understand a little better if you go and check out H-Opera’s scans of the book (scroll down about halfway) – it’s certainly interesting. Anyway, this is just one of those curiosities that gave me a good laugh (at the book title, not the subject matter), and made me go “I can’t believe someone wrote a 271-page book about this.”

    1. Hmm, looks interesting.
      Well Omni, you can’t believe that? Then you didn’t read books i.e. from Dieter Bohlen.
      I can’t believe someone was able to write over 300 sites of ****..
      Little question: Do you have big problems with homeless people in Japan? In Germany there are plenty..
      (poor people..)

    2. WOW! we have exactly the same taste in anime series favs, even in ranking! ^ ^ xcept for utawarerumono and fate/stay night, i haven’t seen those yet.

      btw, this is a great site! tnx!

    3. @GGslash
      It’ll be 14 episodes.
      Don’t forget, that Kyoto Animation has also other projects like Kanon 2006 and the FMP-TSR OVA.
      But I’m sure there gonna be a second season, since there is much more story (the novel has 8 books).
      I’ll hope, that next time they don’t mix the episodes. That’s what I like in animes: One story and not plenty different. Sure Suzumiya Haruhi is excellent. But because of that, I would give it an A as mark.
      No A+ because of the confusing episode order.

    4. Thanks for sharing with us! I haven’t seen some of the animes you’re currently into but I do love Ouran High School Host Club and Kamisana Kazoku!

      After my summer classes are over I will have time to explore more animes I hope! Especially Suzumiya Haruhi, which I’ve heard is excellent and I’ve read your summaries, it looks totally interesting and cool!

      Honey and Clover is definitely one of my favorite animes, I get into it every now and then and go through the whole series in one seating! I just love it! Can’t wait for the second season.

    5. Hiya Omni,

      I’ve been reading your blog for several months now but this is the first time I’ve actually posted a reply. I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your reviews, and to thank you for all the work you do for us. Yours is really the only animeblog I read on a daily basis, because your summaries are clear and well written and I look forward to seeing what you’ll say (and which anime you’ll review) next. I started watching Kashimashi, Kamisama Kazoku and a few others because you liked them, and I’m so glad I did. And of course I can’t get enough of the Two Haruhis. *grins* I’ll even give Honey and Clover a second look, because although I wasn’t thrilled by the first two episodes, you like the series so much I’m definitely willing to give it another go.

      Thanks again for creating this blog and giving me something to lookforward to every day. 🙂


      Nevvie 🙂

    6. Well, FSN ranks first for me ^^.

      Homeless people? I haven’t seen many of them when I was in Japan. But they sure are a lot of them in France and especially in Paris.

    7. Dude… WHY ISN’T HARUHI NUMBER ONE?!?!?!?!? =O

      Putting that aside lol… Will the Sunday poll’s Haruhi selection be based on episode 10 or 11? I’m pretty sure it’s implemented in a lot of people’s heads that episode 10 was the best and should win…


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