-Tenma goes on a diet, but fails horribly at sticking with it.
-Imadori thinks he’s buffed up so Tougou challenges him to arm wrestle. Tougou wins, breaking Imadori’s arm in the process.
-Tenma is getting closer and closer to Tougou, which is getting both Harima and Hanai worried. They go talk to her, but find that Lala has switched places with her.
-In order to get her back, the two try to get her back by playing Tougou and Harry in cards. Because they lose so horribly, they start betting the other people in their class. In the end, Harima and Hanai lose all the members of their class except themselves.
-Tenma is bad at making pottery. She imagines Karasuma helping her and starts talking to him as if he was there.
-Hanai and Harima have to obey the girls for betting them all away. They decide to take them all out to a curry place to make it up to them.
-There’s a curry eating competition going on, so Harima, Hanai, and Akira enter. Akira can barely stand one bite, but the boys get a lot further. Hanai falls face foward because he can’t handle anymore. Harima gets close to his limit, so he tries to gulp the rest of it all down in one swoop. Unfortunately, before he can swallow, someone else finishes: Satsuki.
-Meanwhile, Lala tries to cut her own hair and screws up. Ichijou helps her by taking her to Shibuya to get her hair cut. A random guy tries to pick Lala up, so she and Ichijou punch him. This in turn gets a horde of guys angry at them, so a huge fight breaks out. Ichijou and Lala win, and as a result, Lala’s cloth headcover that she was using to hide her hair becomes very popular, as does Lala herself.

-Some nice bathing suit shots of the girls at the beginning…except maybe Akira’s tan lines.
-The change in style was fun to watch. I love how everyone’s voices changed to fit their new character styles.
-Lala pretending to be Tenma is funnier than Tenma pretending to be Lala.


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