Leaders from neighboring countries are gathered to sign their name into an alliance with Tousukuru when an alarm bell rings. Teoro pushes his way past the guards and tells Hakuoro that the enemy is coming. He reassures Hakuoro that everyone from the village ran away, so Hakuoro rushes out to defend the castle. Teoro doesn’t join him outside though, and instead rests against a pillar. The enemy, consisting of a cavalry division, charges into the castle, but Hakuoro’s forces stop them with a palisade-style wall and blanket them with archer fire. Back inside Teoro is thinking about how Hakuoro became a dignified king. He starts bleeding profusely and collapses into a pool of his own blood. Teoro is tired and getting sleepy when he sees a vision of his wife and friends from the village. The scenery around him changes to an ethereal view, and Teoro starts walking off with everyone back to the village. His final words, directed at Hakuoro, tell him to do his best. In the chamber, Teoro’s body slumps over. Outside, the ground is littered with the bodies of the enemy. Before he dies, one of the soldiers warns Hakuoro that it isn’t over yet.
With the fighting over, the entire group gathers around Teoro’s body after its put in a bed. Aruru thinks he’s just sleeping and tries to wake him up. Kurou returns to make a report: the village was burned down and as for survivors…there were none. Hakuoro tells Aruru that Teoro won’t wake up and that he’s gone to the same place as her grandmother. That only makes Aruru try to wake Teoro up even more desperately, and she refuses to stop. When she starts crying and screaming, Kurou has to restrain her and Eruru gives her some medicine that knocks her out. Eruru herself is weak on her feet, so Hakuoro gives her some of the medicine too. Benaui tells Hakuoro during a meeting that he’s positive that the enemy was from Kutcha-Ketcha. Oboro wants to get revenge, but Hakuoro has to yell to get him to shut up. Over drinks later, Karura tells Hakuoro that the soldiers who came were dead people, essentially people who have accepted death. Hakuoro then visits the sleeping Eruru and she unconsciously starts holding onto his hand.
The next day, the messenger they had sent to Kutcha-Ketcha returns, but he is badly wounded. He reports that their envoy was attacked by the Kutcha-Ketcha and everyone except for him died in battle. After watching the soldier succumb to his wounds, Hakuoro orders the entire army to move out. During the long march towards the enemy, Aruru and Eruru, who came along on top of Mukkuru, ride alongside Hakuoro. Aruru says that Hakuoro is scary. While he’s taking in that statement, Mukkuru starts growling. The rumbling sound of enemy movement surrounds them and soon they are flanked in an enemy ambush. Though most of the Kutcha-Ketcha are mounted, but there is one particular on foot, a female. After killing several of the Tousukuru men, she introduces herself as Touka and says that she is helping the Kutcha-Ketcha for justice. Pointing her sword as Hakuoro, she announces that the villain Rakushain will die. She rushes to attack him, but Karura is there to stop her. Touka recognizes Karura, who says that she’s here because she was bored. From across the battlefield, another man starts referring to Hakuoro also by the name of Rakushain. What’s more, he calls Hakuoro his younger brother-in-law and a traitor. This man thinks Hakuoro should die for his crimes.


Teoro’s death scene was very touching. They showed him and his wife and friends walking off in his vision, which implies that they all died and are going off together. But they don’t confirm that until the following grieving scene where Hakuoro has to break it to Aruru that Teoro has gone to the place her grandmother did. And then there was watching Aruru so pained and violent afterwards that she has to be knocked out with an anesthetic type medicine. All of that made for quite a powerful pair of scenes. To boot, the animation quality was higher than last week’s episode.
In addition to that, this episode also introduces Touka and Orikakan. They introduce a couple of revelations there, referring to Hakuoro as Rakushain and as a traitor. This all goes back to what happened to Hakuoro before Eruru and company originally found him wounded in the. And speaking of Hakuoro, his temper seems to be flaring a bit more these days, especially with the way he yelled at Oboro to be quiet. I agree with Aruru in saying that he’s gotten scary. It’s probably related to his past self too.
Next week, there’s going to be plenty of Touka. From the preview, she looks like she’ll get a battle versus Oboro and one versus Karura.


  1. It’s true anywhere. Kingdoms are built upon the mortar of blood, tears, sweat and fear.
    Teoro RIP. T__T

    Now get me my Touko fix. I hear that Hakuoro’s gathering an imperial harem of his own. ^_^

  2. So many long events happen in the story. It makes me wonder how long it takes to finish the game.
    I don’t get why a man who hasn’t invaded any country get called a traitor by the foreign enemy though.
    Hakuoru seems to be the first one to build up a harem unconciously and pay very little attention to the girls.

  3. Show Spoiler ▼

    i really find it odd that the prvious emperor just leaves for now, and that this one takes over, wouldn’t defeating neu before Orikakan (is that the new enemys name? i never payed attention, just killed him :))

    Show Spoiler ▼

  4. @KiraTakuto

    The old guy from before doesn’t show up again.

    he does later in the game, i believe after the event with the guy that looks like Karura they have war

    I’m wondering why eruruu looks so bad, she was my highest leveled character by far, being in the end 30’s, while the rest was barely past 30 🙂

    healing healing healing xD too bad she couldn’t heal herself

  5. So far from what I’ve heard from Touka’s VA (all 30 seconds of it lol) I’m pretty happy. I think that she will fit the role of Touka very well.

    @ Andy (second spoiler)

    I’ve been wondering about that, I’m a bit curious about how they will deal with that as well. You don’t suppose the anime directors will allow Hakuoro to be scoring six times? 😀

  6. They introduce a couple of revelations there, referring to Hakuoro as Rakushain and as a traitor. This all goes back to what happened to Hakuoro before Eruru and company originally found him wounded in the.

    Someone spoil me, just what happened to Hakuoro before he met Eruru and company?

  7. Someone spoil me, just what happened to Hakuoro before he met Eruru and company?

    i want to know as well, cause i got lost in translation

    Show Spoiler ▼

    Also, on one of the earlier episodes someone commented that hakuro had weird ears too, but his battle scene image (when he does his finnal attack) makes me believe he has normal ears too …

  8. “Someone spoil me, just what happened to Hakuoro before he met Eruru and company? “

    BIG spoilers:
    Show Spoiler ▼

  9. Yeah, I dunno why people want to be spoiled ahead of the current events. Don’t see how you can fully enjoy a series that way, meh.

    I thought Touka’s voice was a little….. off, but ep12’s going to have a lot of her so we’ll see.

  10. When are we goner get to see kuuya, she is so adorable. It sucks that time wise the anime have to skip so many funny scene, almost every laughing scenes in the game never shown in the anime. It kind of giving us major plot of the game but never the whole story in details.

  11. How sad… Teoro had to die… Soppoku had to die… lots of people had to die…
    I actually wish i had the game right now so i could just play it out…
    That was truly a very sad episode…


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