At their summer school, the girls find themselves at a beachfront dorm. Nagisa is actually a bit lonely because Shizuma didn’t come with them. Unlike her, Hikari isn’t feeling down that Amane isn’t there because she made a promise to meet with Amane when summer vacation ends, just the two of them. All the girls get into their swimsuits and start enjoying themselves. Chiyo is too embarrassed to join Nagisa, but by chance the beach ball bounces her way and Nagisa invites her to join them. After returning from the fun at the beach, Nagisa notices a piano in the lobby. Reminded of Shizuma, she opens it up and plays a note. Meanwhile, back at school, Shizuma has been dealing with a mountain of work. But at the same time that Nagisa is staring at the piano, Shizuma happens to be playing the piano in the student council meeting room too. The parallels continue: when Shizuma takes a break to water the plants in her greenhouse, Nagisa is out in the fields looking at flowers and being reminded of Shizuma.
That night, the girls are waiting in line to be paired up. Tamao tells Nagisa that there is a church in the woods that can grant wishes through prayer. Looking at the dark woods, Nagisa gets the feeling that this is like a test of courage. Tamao goes off by herself, and Nagisa ends up paired with Chiyo. The other pairs include Yaya with Hikari, Chikaru and Tsubomi, and the trio of Kizuna, Remon, and Kagome. What Tamao is actually doing is scaring Nagisa just to hear Nagisa’s scream. On a separate path, Hikari also gets scared, so Yaya puts her hand around Hikari’s shoulder and vows to protect her. Anyway, Nagisa and Chiyo eventually reach the church and pray inside of it. On the way back, when Nagisa asks, Chiyo reveals that she prayed for Nagisa to be happy. Chiyo says that she knows Nagisa is happy, but couldn’t help but pray for it anyway. Though Nagisa doesn’t really understand, Chiyo is thinking about what will happen when Nagisa becomes an Étoile with Shizuma.
Back in their room, Tamao is listening to a recording of Nagisa’s screaming that she got earlier. Nagisa consults Tamao about Chiyo talking about her happiness earlier, and Tamao says that Nagisa needs to ask herself about her own feelings right now and when she came to summer school. Tamao then goes into the bath, so Nagisa stares out the window at the meteor shower. Her memories are filled with the times she’s spent with Shizuma, so she feels lonely and longs to see Shizuma, particularly her smile. The next day, as soon as the bus returns to the Ichigo Dormitory, Nagisa runs off in search of the Étoile. She finally finds Shizuma in the greenhouse. After catching her breath, Nagisa fumbles for words and finally says that she’s returned just now. Shizuma gives her a smile and welcomes her back.


Extra larges of Nagisa, Tamao, Chikaru, and Tsubomi. 🙂
A lot of this episode is fanservice, but it does serve the purpose of making Nagisa realize how much she misses Shizuma. Heck, at the beginning of the episode when they hadn’t even gotten to the beach yet, Nagisa was already feeling lonely. At the same time, there always seemed to be a connection between the two, whether it’s the piano, the flowers, or staring at the stars. And when she got back, the first thing Nagisa does is bolt off the bus to look for Shizuma. So yea, I’d say those are good indicators that she’s pretty heavy in love with Shizuma lol.
I do feel a little bad for Chiyo and Tamao though, because both of them seem to know deep down how much Nagisa likes Shizuma, meaning that their own loves don’t stand much of a chance.
As for the preview, there’s some hefty cleavage shots for Shizuma in the preview for next week. And what’s Amane doing with Nagisa? 😀


  1. hey hey whats going on with Amane and Nagisa in next weeks ep…………and its seems Nagisa is blushing as Amane is on top of her………….AHHHH poor Hikari……but yet i would love to see a little flirtion going on between Amane and Nagisa………..I CANT WAIT for next week

  2. Too bad it seems it’s only Amane’s “head” that is on top of Nagisa. *lol* Btw, in the next shot of the preview you see Shizuma looking pissed. The 2 shots may not be connected at all, but it would be cool if we got to hear Shizuma scream “Don’t touch other people’s belongings, Amane!”) XD

  3. Just watched it, was a good episode. It was funny how Tamao recorded Nagisa screaming and listened to it with her headphones. Can’t wait until next week, seems interesting.

  4. i got to agree with grey on the part where shizuma will be cool by saying “don’t touch other peoples belongings” to amane-sama~ and it makes a renew rivary between the two school

    this has got to be the second best episode in the currently air series compare with episode 10 for those who love to see nagisa x shizuma~

    Tamao is really something if u ask me… i wonder how she record those screamings and i’m also wondering how many nagisa-chan collection she had already…

    it seems like everything emotional between shizuma and nagisa will be starting from here onwards since nagisa finally knew how she felt for shizuma. Finally Nagisa change her way of calling Shizuma from “Etoile-sama” becomes “Shizuma-sama” ^^. More Nagisa x Shizuma pairing pls~!!! Look forward to next episode~

  5. well well~~ 2 straight epi about shizuma and nagisa?? maybe make it 3 for the coming episode
    i so wish they would make some epi about yaya and hikari cause i kinda feel sorry for yaya 🙁 seems how much she loves hikari while hikari only likes amane.

    well im looking forward to the next epi! shizuma & nagisa

  6. Hehe, Tamao-chan reminds me more of Tomoyo-chan from Card Captor Sakura all the time, especially her recording Nagisa-chan’s screaming just so she could listen to it. 😀

    I thought it was interesting that Chiyo-chan seems to be doing a bit of foreshadowing when she says she wants Nagisa-chan to remain her Onee-sama even after she becomes Etoile like Shizuma. That seems to be hinting at who’ll end up winning the next Etoile selection. I would think Shizuma can’t really participate again because she’ll be graduating. It would be an interesting enf to the series for Nagisa to end up as Etoile. 🙂

  7. Nagisa and Chikaru look fab in their swim gear and I love Shizuma’s cleavage, I can’t deny this…thanks for the large pics LOL *puts them in my collection* I feel like Tamao-chan xD


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