OP2 Sequence

OP2: 「くちびる白昼夢」 (Kuchibiru Hakuchuumu ) by 美郷あき (Misato Aki)
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The girls have another midnight tea party, but Hikari is noticeably absent. Yaya ends up staying over in Tamao and Nagisa’s room afterwards because of what happened: while kissing her, Yaya had pushed Hikari against the door, but a crying Hikari had thrown her off. Unable to face Hikari now, Yaya doesn’t even attend their choir practices. Meanwhile, Nagisa goes searching for the red ribbon after being reminded of it when Tamao takes out the dress it originally came from. Nagisa searches the pool, which has since been drained out, but doesn’t find it. By chance her teacher comes by, so Nagisa is able to look in the lost and found box. Indeed the ribbon is there, and Nagisa brings it back. Tamao decides to tie it around Nagisa’s pinky so Nagisa will always be hers. Tamao is also concerned about Hikari and Yaya’s quarrel, especially since she heard about Yaya skipping choir practice. She thinks that they need to find something that ties those two girls together.
The next day, Tamao goes to see Yaya while Nagisa goes to see Hikari. Yaya takes Tamao through a passage in the church to a secluded outside area, what she calls the place of memories with her best friend. At the same time, Nagisa has Hikari take her to that same place. Yaya doesn’t think that Hikari will come because she thinks that Hikari has a more important place now – the tree where Hikari watches Amane from. Plus, Yaya doesn’t feel that she’s Hikari’s best friend anymore after what happened. To her surprise though, Hikari appears right then. Hikari explains that she remembers this place because it’s the important place where they first met. Yaya recalls how she had discovered Hikari here during choir practice one day. Hikari had been leaning against the wall singing the same song as the choir girls inside, but ran away when she noticed Yaya listening to her. Yaya had chased her until Hikari tripped. After confirming that Hikari liked to sing, the two had started singing the song together.
In the present, Yaya apologizes over and over again for what she did that previous night, and the two make up with a hug. When Hikari asks Yaya to always be her best friend, Yaya just hugs her harder. That night, they have another tea party and this time Hikari attends. Watching Hikari laugh with the other girls, Yaya thinks that back when they met, she had thought Hikari was surely an angel. But she now realizes that Hikari is not an angel for just her alone.

ED2 Sequence

ED2: 「苺摘み物語」 (Ichigo Tsumami Monogatari ) by 中原麻衣 and 清水愛 (Nakahara Mai and Shimizu Ai)
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I don’t particularly like either the new OP or the new ED songs, but the opening animation does have some nice still shots. The ending sequence had me laughing because of how bright and cheerful and cheesy it was. No lips kiss this time though 🙂 Personally I much prefer the first opening and ending songs over this pair.

Well this episode returns Hikari and Yaya to the best friends category. Yaya is of course pained to have their relationship like this, as shown by her brief pained look when Hikari talks about being best friends and by her expression and what she says at the end of the episode. But at least being best friends is better than avoiding each other for the rest of time, or rahter that seems to be the reasoning here. Yaya still has her feelings of love for Hikari though, so I probably wouldn’t count her out of the running just yet.
Their relationship is a contrast to Nagisa and Tamao, the roommates who appear to be growing closer. They’re sleeping together a lot, and they even tie themselves together by the red string ribbon of fate. It’ll be interesting to see how the Shizuma vs. Tamao showdown develops.
Next week, it’s almost cultural festival time. From the preview, it looks to be an episode where Shion will be playing a big part.


  1. OK now for sure its over between yaya and hikari but now i figure that YAYA is going to b be hooking up with that other girl name Tsubomi….because its Amane and Hikari all the way and in the new Opening they show where Yaya is singing and that Tsubomi chick is looking at her and then they show Amane holding Hikari ……..for some reason Tamao and Nagisa are getting really closer now after the whole Shizuma thing happened………damn this series is good

  2. So sad… is there any meaning behind the pink shell from the last episode? Does anyone know if there is even a meaning behind what a pink shell represents? I just couldn’t shake the idea and I tried searching on google, but couldn’t find anything. I know the pink shell has been used in other anime series too, but I never knew if there was a meaning behind it.

  3. OMG…tamao and nagisa getting closer?! I want shizuma and nagisa to be together!! I know it seems impossible after what happen in EP12…I wish to know the ending :'(

  4. Jarod! I think tamao and nagisa will be in the end as greatest couple. I like them together…and hey I know this by judging Nagisa voiced by Nakahara and Tamao voiced by Shimizu…take a look whose singging together in the end?! So I guess Nagisa and tamao all the way….

    I know Shizuma is deadly gorgeous…and now I dun understand whether Nagisa loves her as we all can see new OP they hold hands but shizuma looking up and nagisa looking down….

  5. I don’t really like the new OP. But I like the new animation more than the old.
    The ED is just stupid, the should made a good one, this anime deservers it! Mataku…

  6. yeah the girl from OP….she’s cute in episode 5 I think when yaya confront her of having a crush over hikari….I just love her! Not to mention I like Nagisa-chan with shizuma….they are the main reason I watch this series….

  7. Woo hoo acording to the spoilerish OP obviously Nagisa will be with Shizuma…I’m starting how will they go on dating…I hope not as boring as hikari and amane….


    I wanted to see a Yaya x Hikari together!

    Oh yeah, three words about the opening: “BEEEEESSSSSTTTTT OPPPEEENNNING EVVVVEEEER!”

    Just kidding, but seriously that has to be the hottest opening I’ve seen.


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