-Everyone is attending Mikoto’s family’s nabe party. Ichijou, Lala, Tougou, and Imadori are sitting together, but Lala brought burgers and fries as her nabe ingredient and Tougou brought habanero peppers as his. The nabe they produce is horrific, though Lala and Tenma think that it tastes good. Imadori tries to sneak a shoelace into the nabe to get revenge on Lala, but Tougou ends up feeding that same shoelace right back to Imadori
-Hanai tries to feed Yakumo his nabe. But he keeps breathing on in an attempt to cool it down, so she keeps resisting him.
-Napoleon the pig appears beside Harima, but is witness to Tenma telling Harima how much she likes tonjiru (pork miso soup). Napoleon goes crazy and starts running around everywhere, knocking over everyone’s nabe pots.
-Nishimoto suffers injuries when he tries to protect his “reference books” during an earthquake. Those references books are actually all of his dirty videos. Nishimoto takes Mai’s advice to put the stuff in boxes, but he’s got so many DVDs that the stacks reach the ceilings.
-Nishimoto invites over all the boys from school and gives each person three DVDs.
-Hanai sees all the guys coming from Nishimoto’s place and goes to investigate. Seeing what’s on the DVDs, Hanai confiscates all of them. Unfortunately for Hanai, he meets Yakumo on the street and she figures out what’s in his bag.
-Sara is working the confessional at her church. A boy from her school, Tanaka, confesses that he likes a girl from his class, Nagayama. He plans to tell her if he can win his next soccer game.
-Being a sister and all, Sara’s not very good about things concerning love, so she doesn’t know how to advise people on it.
-Sara goes and watches Tanaka’s soccer game. Tanaka is about to score, but he loses the ball to a slide tackle. After the game ends, Sara sees him yell in frustration and sees a girl run off in tears.
-Tanaka comes back to the confessional and says that he’s given up for today, but that he’ll do his best next game. Sara runs after him and tells him to do his best.

-Episode overall wasn’t that funny to me. The first two parts didn’t really produce any laughs and the third part was relatively serious in nature. The second segment was probably the most amusing because of all the different kinds of DVDs that Nishimoto had.
-I have a sinking feeling that, just like with the manga, I won’t really like any of the episodes until we hit the Harima-has-to-write-120-pages-of-manga-arc.


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