-Tenma goes to the library to study, but ends up sleeping instead. She dreams that she grew taller and smarter, all of her friends rely on her, she’s good at sports, and all the boys idolize her. Tenma has someone she truly likes, but before she can reveal who it is, Harima comes and asks her to go out with him.
-Tenma wakes up surprised and finds that the real Harima happens to be standing in front of her. Because of the dream, she becomes embarrassed, and almost confesses to him…
-But in reality, all that is actually part of Harima’s dream Tenma is sleeping at the table behind him, dreaming about eating.
-Tenma’s birthday is coming up, but everyone is busy. Harima finds out and starts planning something because his birthday is the day after hers.
-At home, Harima sneaks into Itoko’s room to steal a magazine with suggestions for places to take a date. This becomes an ordeal because Itoko booby-trapped her room with electrified curry, attack dogs, and a laser gun, among other things.
-Harima decides to take Tenma sightseeing to the neighboring city and then treat her to a meal at a pricy restaurant. He’s saved up 30,000 for the occasion. Just as he’s thinking about how to invite her, his little brother shows up. Shuuji’s birthday is today so he wants his brother to take him out. He also suggests inviting Tsukamoto, thinking of Yakumo. Harima is of course thinking instead about Tenma.
-When the time comes, Akira shows up along with Tenma. The four of them take a bus to the neighboring city, and Harima proceeds to show them around. However, it’s apparent that everything was poorly planned because the sights are rather lackluster or closed.
-The group heads to the restaurant, which turns out to be on a big plot of land and is staffed very well. Harima realizes too late that the menu is way above his price range, but he has no choice but to order from it. His little brother and Tenma really love the food and keep eating more and more. Harima figures out that he’s 100,000 yen over budget, and is in a pinch when it comes time to pay the bill.
-Harima excuses himself to the restroom and tries to talk to the server on the way there. But before he can say anything, Eri shows up and asks that their bill be put together with hers. Afterwards, Harima tries to tell Tenma that tomorrow is his birthday, but Tenma cuts him off by talking to Shuuji about how good a brother Harima is.
-Harima spends his birthday alone at the zoo in the company of Pyotr the giraffe.

-Tenma’s library song was understandably horrible lol.
-All the booby traps and the “Go to Hell” in Itoko’s room were pretty funny. They randomly started playing a version of the ending song from the first series during that scene too.
-I wonder if Eri paid the meal because she was feeling guilty for not being there during Tenma’s birthday or if she knew she was saving Harima’s ass. There was that telltale “baka” at the end (something that wasn’t in the manga).


  1. thnx a lot man for this i reallt thought u drop school rumble. i hope u can catch up on school rumble eps. btw on this episode it looks like tenma is starting to develop a feeling for harima

  2. Row2 Second pic – Aww… I never think that Tenma could be so good in any Yuri couple plot but…now I change my mind. Tenma-Eri look so CUTE!!!

    Glad that you do this series again.

    Jin , Masked Wizard
  3. Yeah, they are going with the manga but are adding stuff so they can stretch everything to 26 episodes. I wonder who eri was dating at the restaurant, I don’t think she knew Harima was going to be there, he just got lucky.


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