Since it’s so hot, Kaoru sends all of his Inukami to the vacation home near the beach. The girls have lots of fun riding the waves and playing with a beach ball. Youko and Keita also show up after having been invited by Kaoru. Keita comments on how well the girls were getting along when they were having fun on the beach. The girls remember that the last time they were like this was when they told ghost stories in Nadeshiko’s room. Keita is interested, so Igusa tells a tale about a fashion designer who became haunted by a mannequin he threw away. By the end of the story, Tayune is screaming at the top of her lungs out of fear. She tries to cover it up, but the twins Imari and Sayoka start to make fun of her. Tayune counters back by saying that the twins are too afraid to go to the bathroom alone at night, so they always go together. When Furano and Tensou join in in calling Tayune a coward, the girls start fighting. Tayune is able to beat all four girls and then manages to piss off Youko by saying that she’s got a fat tail. After Tayune walks off alone, the five girls she pissed off (Imari, Sayoka, Furano, Tensou, and Youko) band together, dragging Igusa in with them, so that they can get revenge. Tomohane comments about how they were just getting along a little while ago. Keita then senses something, but assumes it’s his imagination.
That night, Keita is sneaking around the mansion and comes across a room filled with computers. Nadeshiko catches him there and explains that this is the communications room. This is where Igusa trades stocks, and the money she made from that is what bought this vacation home. Meanwhile, the girls are enacting their plan for revenge, which has four parts. They’ll first call Tayune out, then scare her with a mannequin that they’ve prepared. She’ll go running to a nearby cabin where Furano’s team will pop out and scare her some more. And finally, the girls will take pictures of her as she’s crying. Youko wants to take some photos of their preparations, so the girls pose by the mannequin. However, they soon realize that the mannequin is moving on its own. It heads straight for Tayune and starts chasing her. In fear, Tayune starts running and recklessly destroying everything in her path. She manages to knock down a large tree right onto the cabin where Furano’s team is waiting. Gokyouya, Tensou, and Furano notice that the impact from the tree opened up a secret door in the cabin. The door opens to a set of stairs leading down to a basement where the three girls find a single large crystal sitting on top of a table. They become afraid because of Igusa’s earlier mannequin story, and Gokyouya gets only one look at what appears to be a person inside the crystal before she runs out scared with the other two.
Tayune, meanwhile, is still fleeing for her life and causing a path of destruction. Sendan and Igusa try to use a force field to stop her, but she is able to break through even that. Tayune runs all the way to the main house where she sees Kaoru. He bounces a frog projectile off the trees and into the back of the possessed mannequin, blowing it up. Tayune realizes only afterwards that the person who saved her wasn’t Kaoru, it was Keita. He tells her that it’s ok to be afraid, and that having a weakness isn’t going to make her a burden to Kaoru. Tayune understands that Kaoru is a kind person and wouldn’t shun her for such a thing, but she doesn’t want to depend too much on that kindness. Keita thinks that showing her honest self would be better for her relationships with the others who were all worried for her. With the other Inukami gathering back at the house now, Keita explains that the mannequin was possessed by a low-grade spirit that came about because they had been arguing. The girls apologize to Tayune for what they did and everyone makes up. But not all the Inukami have returned yet: Furano’s team is still on the way back and they are talking about the crystal. Gokyouya didn’t get a clear look, but she thinks that the face she saw resembled Kaoru’s. Nadeshiko surprises the three by appearing behind them, but they make no mention to her of what they saw. With everyone gathered back, Keita suggests that they all step into the bath together in commemoration of their reconciliation. That comment earns him a smack on head with frying pans from all the girls.


First of all, if you’re confused about who’s who, refer back to the beginning of episode three when Sendan does roll call of all of Kaoru’s Inukami.
On the surface, this seems like a standalone episode that’s not all that important. And for the most part it is…with the exception of what Gokyouya, Tensou, and Furano found in the basement of that cabin: a crystal with a person inside who looks like Kaoru. Could Kaoru have a doppelganger no one knows about? Perhaps it’s an evil being sealed away a long time ago or something. In any case, since they didn’t answer what it was, I can only assume that this will play a part in the overall story (*gasp* Inukami has a plot!).
The whole part with Tayune seeing Keita as Kaoru was a bit odd. Here I thought we were finally going to see Kaoru in action and it turned out to just be Keita. They don’t explicitly say why Tayune made the mistake, but I assume it’s because she was so scared and was calling for Kaoru. This whole thing did make me wonder if Kaoru also uses frogs like Keita does or if his powers are completely different.
Animation seemed really good this week. That’s in addition to the cute Tomohane’s Diary sequence at the beginning that mimicked a paper-cutout animation style. So I really enjoyed watching this episode, a lot more than last week’s because this was better in both production quality and plot.
Ooo, next week looks like a good episode with Kaoru, Nadeshiko, and what seems to be another shinigami.


  1. Well I thought it was great for a more normal type episode. The story really didn’t go anywhere but I liked it 🙂 I laughed when Keita was on the leash and when Youko jumped to hug Keita and was still hanging on moments later saying sorry.. lol

  2. So kaita has no interest in Igusa and Tomohane, as they were the two inukami that were missing in the bath scene and the before the clubbered him with the frying pans. Tomohane already was discarded by Kaita in episode 6. I also like the new group that is fansubbing now inukami, they use kanji for the songs.

  3. Episode 3 only gives out name of whos who, is there a site where we have the name and pic of the person next to it. So far I still have no clue about a few Inukami’s name.

  4. I hope the future storyline isn’t too predictable. (ie like evil clone of Kaoru seals real Kaoru up in the crystal or something of that sort)

    Anyway, another great episode, at least this one contains a tinge of storyline within it unlike the previous one.

    Looks like they’re still sticking to the ‘frying pan whacking’ sequences (refer to previous episodes, esp ep9), though it seems that Keita now has glowing red lumps on his head…

  5. why does it say episode 16??? or did i miss smth
    Because the fansubs are 10 episodes behind.

    Jep, I’m very angry because of that. I remember Lamune when the sub was finished dunno how many months after the series end.
    If you decide to sub an anime please do it in a proper way, but not that you’re 10 episodes behind the series..
    Well don’t wanna moan too much. At least they’re doing it for free 🙂 So gogo subbers 😀

  6. Jep, I’m very angry because of that. I remember Lamune when the sub was finished dunno how many months after the series end.
    If you decide to sub an anime please do it in a proper way, but not that you’re 10 episodes behind the series..
    Well don’t wanna moan too much. At least they’re doing it for free 🙂 So gogo subbers 😀

    Stop posting please.

  7. Stop posting please.

    Well, I just said out my feelings. I’ve already said, that I’m very appreciating the work of the fansubbers.
    And because I said just my feelings, don’t take this post so serious, man, think I’m stupid??!
    I know exactly, that these people are spending their free time to make the subs for us fans.
    And I’m also regulary donating to them. (and I’m a poor student!)
    And you’re post is also not a big help. It’s nonsense-> no arguments.
    I can also say: “Stop posting posts like this”

    @RedSecret: It MIGHT be possible, this series is crazy enough for that 😉


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