-The class celebrates Tenma’s birthday by having a party. Tenma gets to play the part of queen, allowing her to order her friends to do whatever she wants. Among other things, she makes Eri eat Natto, Akira laugh, and Mikoto play the pocky game with Akira.
-During all this, Yakumo tries to give Harima a birthday present, but Eri thinks that Harima doesn’t need to be given one.
-Yakumo says that her sister looks lonely and Harima realizes that it’s because Karasuma isn’t here.
-Harima tries to give a bouquet of flowers to Tenma pretending that it was from Karasuma. Unfortunately, Harima wrote the wrong characters for Karasuma’s name, so Tenma figures out that it was really Harima trying to cheer her up.
-Harima gets a call from Dankousha (the manga publisher) asking him to help out. He goes and finds that the mangaka who needs help is none other than Karasuma.
-While working with Karasuma, Harima gets the notion that the manga is Karasuma expressing his feelings for Tenma. Harima tells Karasuma about the birthday party and Karasuma rushes off, leaving Harima to complete the manga. Karasuma goes to the Tsukamoto home and is able to see Tenma.
-Harima calls up Yakumo to come help because he accidentally spilled ink all over the manuscript. Mostly on his own, Harima comes up with a new shounen/baseball/fighting story. He even decides to put in some romance, so he asks Yakumo to help him act out the scene. That of course involves her getting on top of him. She wonders if love really begins this way.
-The two work hard through the night until it’s done. However, the editor was looking for Karasuma’s work, making them realize they lost sight of what they were supposed to do.
-On the way home, Yakumo gives Harima the birthday present she wasn’t able to give him earlier.
-Back at the party, the group plays a game where they pass a bomb around and whoever has it when it explodes has to do something. The bomb blows up on Nara (he has to dress up as a girl), then Akira (dress up as a fish), then Eri (balding headpiece), and finally Nishimoto (Buddha mask).

-Blatant Love Hina reference was pretty funny, as was Harima imagining up the rest of his manga.
-How does Karasuma actually feel about Tenma? He did go to her house and all once he found out from Harima about her birthday party.
-Plenty of YakumoXHarima moments this episode. Perhaps Eri was acting out of jealousy when Yakumo tried to give Harima a birthday present the first time.


  1. Harima & Yakumo 4 EVER! Nah… stupid fangirl babling.

    I’m not doubting the whole Harima & Eri thing, but I don’t like Eri quite that much as I like Yakumo. Eri was at the beginning of the 1st season a spoiled girl (atm a little bit less spoiled).

  2. Eri still brings out the worst in Harima while Yakumo usually makes Harima a better person. Eri X Harima is disaster waiting to happen. Yakumo X Harima is for world peace and prosperity.


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