BENNIE K is probably my favorite Japanese music group. For those of you who have never heard of them, the group consists of a singer named YUKI and a rapper named CICO (You can find out more here). I listen to their music all the time, especially when I’m driving, so I’ve been wanting to talk about them on this blog for a while now. Unfortunately they haven’t put out anything recently I could review. That is until now. Their mini-album due to be released August 2nd is called 「ザ・ベニーケー・ショウ ~on the floor 編~」 (The BENNIE K Show ~on the floor hen~) and features five collaborative works. 「DISCO先輩」 (DISCO Senpai) is the first of these with the group Alpha.
When I first saw this PV, I was taken aghast. I was completely not expecting a song like this nor a PV like this. I mean there’s an old man with an afro and a nerd who also gets an afro and aliens and…yea… At first, I didn’t even want to blog this, but once I got over the initial shock at the PV (“what the hell is this?” was the thought going through my head), it was actually kind of fun to watch with the 70s theme and all. The song is a really catchy tune, and the more I listened to it, the more I wanted to listen to the song. I can’t say much for the parts with Alpha, but as usual, I love the YUKI/CICO sung parts. Still, I probably wouldn’t rate this song as highly as some of BENNIE K’s other works, like Sky or Sunrise. Anyway, I can’t wait to hear the rest of the mini-album particularly since I see that the second track will feature Monkey Majik. August 2nd can’t come soon enough.

Watch it on Youtube!


  1. Wow… I love this blog!! So far its introduced me to a whole heap more anime, and now to music too… HAHA Bennie K, so far i’ve only listened to Disco and Sky… But I love it… Awesome XD


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