At the Kasanoda dojo, 2 lines of gangsters greet the young leader of the yakuza – Kasanoda Ritsu, Ouran High School first year D class – to go to school, shouting things like “Good morning young master, have a good day at school.” Ritsu answers “oh, ah” and finally gets annoyed and shows a very scary face with demon eyes. Only one person – Tetsuya – dared to ask Ritsu whether he’ll need the car or not, to which Ritsu says no. The other gangsters believe that Ritsu’s eyes have gotten fiercer because there must be annoying people at Ouran. As Ritsu walks to school, he mutters “today I must act, Morinozuka Takashi.”
At the Third Music Room, the Host Club members are dressed in Shinsengumi garb and everyone doing their usual impressing-the-girls routine, with Renge getting excited over the costumes and Kyoya calculating the fees. Some girls are drooling over Haruhi’s contemplative looks but Haruhi was just thinking about Supermarket pork sales. It is around this time that Mori suddenly throws a spear at the door. The girls are impressed but the Host Club members are terrified when thinking of outrageous reasons Mori is acting that way. Mori opens the door because he thinks that there is an intruder. Ritsu charges toward Mori as if he’s going to attack but instead kneels on the floor and asks Mori senpai to accept him as an apprentice.
Kyoya then recounts Ritsu’s yakuza background: Ritsu has long red hair and demon eyes, he is silent and don’t have any friends, looking at his eyes will cause three months of nightmares, and brushing your shoulder against his will necessitate hospitalization. Someone who talks back will be sent immediately to the graveyard – classmates call him the scary iceman, he can freeze anybody who comes close. Having heard all this, Tamaki asks why “the human weapon” would want to be Mori’s student. Ritsu responds by saying that he is born with fierce eyes, and even as a baby his dad deemed him the Century’s Most Fearsome Weapon. As a child, he’s been trained to become a dictator and become the next leader of the yakuza, taught things like don’t degrade yourself by talking to others and talking roughly. No one wants to come close to him and so he is very lonely. He actually really wants to play with others, especially the “kicking the can” game with the other members of his gang. He wants to know how Mori can have such fierce eyes, be so expressionless, silent and unsociable with the looks of a hellhound, and yet be welcomed by everyone. Mori gets a headache from this and asks Tamaki for help with begging eyes. Of course Tamaki gladly accepts.
Tamaki explains that the main different between Ritsu and Mori is that Mori has a lovely item – Honey – which is an accessory that reflects the compassionate energy from Mori. Hearing this, Honey is sad that Mori has been using him and Mori is mortified. Tamaki even goes further to say that Honey and Mori already have a contract and Honey can’t be rented to Ritsu. Tamaki says that first they need to change Ritsu’s bad-ass looking clothes and has the twins give Ritsu a makeover complete with scarf and teddy bear. Everyone from the yakuza gang is sad when they see Ritsu’s new looks, yet only Tetsuya dares to ask about what happened at school. Ritsu gets embarrassed and responds with his demon eyes. As the door to the Kasanoda house closes, two men in suits say that they will teach Ritsu a lesson in school tomorrow.
The next day, Ritsu loudly greets Honey and Mori with deference. A potted plant falls from the roof, but Mori senses it and easily pushes Ritsu out of the way. When a second one comes down, Mori slashes and breaks it with his bare hands, and is applauded by the nearby Ouran students. Ritsu continues to wonder why Mori is so popular even with fierce eyes.
At the music room, club members say that Mori can’t be the one who is targeted because it is impossible for others to beget grudges toward him. Tamaki cuts off the discussion and says the next step is the angel image plan. Ritsu refuses because yesterday’s cuteness plan made others want to avoid him even more. Tamaki claims that they truly want to help him but the twins were so excited that they over did it. While the others are planning, Haruhi sits down and talks to Ritsu. Ritsu asks Haruhi whether she likes to play the “kick the can” game, and Haruhi replies that once in a while is ok. Ritsu blushes and feels that Haruhi is like a girl. Anyway, the new image plan from the guys is to put cat ears and cat maid costume on Ritsu. Tetsuya knocks and comes in looking for Ritsu, who becomes so embarrassed that he runs out. The club members say that Ritsu really doesn’t need to change his image, and so they are just helping him realize that.
Ritsu is in the garden looking after an injured bird while Haruhi shows up. Ritsu wonders why Haruhi is not afraid of him, especially since Haruhi is so girly and all the girls are afraid of him. A can of paint flies toward them but Honey kicks it away, though in the process spilling on red paint on Haruhi. Mori catches the two pranksters, who are saying that Ritsu kidnapped their boss’s son. The host club members were protecting him and watching out for him all along and Ritsu is touched. In any case, Haruhi decides to go back to the club room to change clothes. Tetsuya then arrives on the scene and knocks the two goons around. As it turns out, Tetsuya is the son of a rival gang’s boss, but he left that gang because of their brutal ways of doing things. When Tetsuya ran away from home, he was helped by Ritsu. From that time, Tetsuya knew that Ritsu was very gentle and shy. In fact, everyone in the yakuza knows that, but they don’t say anything because then Ritsu would be embarrassed. Tetsuya proceeds to hand Ritsu an umbrella, saying that he came because the weather was bad and inviting Ritsu o play the “kick the can” game. Ritsu first wants to apologize to Haruhi for the mess he got her into and runs to the club room. He sees Haruhi changing – with her bra showing – causing his jaw to drop as he realizes that she is a girl.

Note: This summary was not written by myself but rather by wh0sj0hngalt as a sample write-up.

-The expressions on Mori’s face this episode were priceless. Mori showing any expressions is just great in general.
-The very last scene of the episode was hilarious.


  1. You obviously did not read this post very closely.
    I’m sorry .__.”
    (I didn’t want to sound mean, the smiley just appeared there. bad smiley. bad smiley.)
    Thanks for all the screen shots, hontouni…

  2. When watching this episode, I realised Haruhi was looking at Kyouya’s notebook in the background…. Let’s just hope that she’s checking out how much debt she’s got left, instead of trying to learn to be the next “Kyouya”…

    Amazing episode!!!! Wow! More skins from Haruhi!!! Yay!!

  3. I canit wait to see this episode!! XD
    Specially to see Haruhi dressed as a member of the Shinsen Gumi!!! XD
    Also to see Mori’s-senpai expressions, it’s quite rare to see them!

  4. La voix du garçon à la deuxiéme images , c’est Daisuke Namikawa qui le double ( le doubleur de Fay D. Fourite dans Tsubasa reservoir Chronicle

    Je me demande qu’est ce qui va se passer pour Haruhi XD

  5. “That person looks like Masaru from Digimon Savers…lol ”

    Took the words write out of my mouth ^^; Now if only Hoshi was voice acting him and in Augumon(sp?) was there following him around as a Lovely Item. It would be a perfect fit! XD Lol.


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