-Hachi is very nervous to be inside Takumi’s car. Takumi claims to have wanted to see her again, but Hachi finds that hard to believe. Just as she’s thinking that this must be a dream, Takumi leans over and kisses her.
-Hachi remembers how Nana had said that Takumi was a womanizer. She realizes that this isn’t a dream, but she knows that Takumi will throw her away after sleeping with her. However, she also feels like she can’t let this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to make a memory get away.
-Hachi is quite impressed by Takumi’s hotel suite and becomes even happier upon learning that she can order whatever room service she wants. After taking a shower, she has dinner with him. On the subject of his schedule, Takumi admits that he’ll be going home tonight because he has to leave early tomorrow morning. Hachi looks sad upon hearing this, so Takumi promises to come see her when the tour is over in order to taste her cooking again.
-While Takumi is bathing, Hachi gets a call from Nana who has been given a cell phone by Ren. Nana wants Hachi to come back and teach her how to use the cell phone, but Hachi makes up an excuse about being at a friend’s house. Hachi is afraid that Nana will think of her as a loose woman and despise her. In actuality, Hachi wants to be in a relationship like Ren and Nana – she doesn’t want Takumi to dump her after one night. She feels scared because she can’t run away and because she can’t tell Takumi that she wants him to love her. Despite all these worries, Hachi still lets Takumi sleep with her.
-Junko got a message from Hachi telling Junko to cover for her about saying at Junko’s place for the night. Junko suspects that Hachi might have found a boyfriend that she can’t tell Nana about.
-Takumi does indeed leave right after sleeping with Hachi. She thinks she should go home too, but it’s already so late that the last train is long gone and she doesn’t have the money for a taxi fare. However, she finds a note from Takumi in the living room with his phone number and his e-mail address. She thinks to herself that on the last day of Trapnest’s tour, she’s going to be waiting at home cooking.
-The next morning, Naoki and Reira learn from Takumi that he met Yasu. Takumi tells Reira that Yasu became a lawyer, but also that he came to Tokyo for his band. Reira wonders why Yasu is doing this now.
-Meanwhile, Nana and Yasu meet up for band practice. Nana’s not happy that Yasu never told her about dating Reira, part of it stemming from how she feels that she can’t yet compare to Reira in singing ability. During practice Yasu reveals that they have an opportunity to do another live. Of course the rest of the band wants to do it.
-Hachi is unable to find a new job anywhere, but Nana tells her that she’ll just fail again if she indiscriminately searches for any job. Nana suggests that Hachi look for a job that suits her and happens to mention Mizukoshi’s store as an example. Reminded of the man, Hachi starts daydreaming a bit about Mizukoshi. Nana connects the dots and wonders if Hachi has a long hair fetish, but Hachi vehemently denies it, even mentioning that Shouji had short hair. Nana realizes that Hachi can talk about Shouji now.
-Kyousuke learns that Sachiko and Shouji are living together and passes the news to Junko.
-In retrospect, Hachi remembers that she sent a short mail to Takumi once during his tour, but he never answered her. Addressing Nana, Hachi admits that she’s admired Nana and wants to be like Nana. She’s lived thinking like this for a long time, so she now asks Nana to sing once again.

-It’s hard to like Takumi because of how much he is a womanizer, but it also reflects on Hachi poorly how much she wanted to sleep with him (regardless of it being a once in a lifetime opportunity or not). Still, Takumi does fit very well into the kind of man Hachi is looking for, someone who can spoil her.
-The relationship web becomes more and more complex as we figure out that used to date Reira, but the person who he came to Tokyo for to play in a band was Nana. Of course, Nana likes Ren and it’s not entirely clear so far that Yasu likes Nana. Of course, there’s even more to come…
-Nana’s Room segment this week once again features Hirano Aya (and yes I’m going to mention it every time it does). This one was good because she did the voice switching thing that she’s now famous for.


  1. Glad to see Nana is still on your blogging list 🙂

    This episode finally has come… we’d better be prepared for the upcoming events now. Manga readers know it’s going to get even better.

    Hirano Aya’s appearance was lovely, I feel like I’m melting whenever Reira speaks. Suzue Nana’s reaction while Aya was in Reira-mode was also funny to watch.

  2. There is nothing wrong with calling Hachi a slut. She was one before she met Nana. Being a slut doesn’t mean your are a bad per. I’ll take a sluty girl over a bitch anytime :). The thing is that even though she is a sluty girl, she gains happyness at the end, she is loved by many people, a good hearted punk and a cheating bastard fell in love with her. She chooses the Cheating bastard because he was the first one to ask her.
    Manga spoiler
    Manga spoiler
    Show Spoiler ▼

  3. I really am fond of these episodes. I love Nana and her band. I even cry when she cries. I like hatchi and I feel pitty for her. I hope she and Takumi fell in love together and married soon.

    hope to see a happy ending.

    Thank you a lot 🙂

  4. This episode is awesome! I love the fact that Hachi and Takumi finally met, and that he totally seduced her! He comes on very strong, and she doesn’t resist in the slightest… she wants it!

    I love this part of the story as the plot thickens! Thank you for posting the summary and the screen caps!

  5. This episode was wicked!!

    I love NANA!!

    I like the whole Takumi-Hachi scene…I’ll feel for her if nothing happens after the tour is over though…she deserves some happiness! =)


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