Yue notices something going on with Nodoka, Negi, and the others, but when she arrives on the scene, they seem to have all disappeared. Haruna attributes it to the Chupacabra and drags Yue off, but in actuality Negi and the others are now facing off against Kaede, Yuuna, and Chisame, who are all under the control of the fairy. Asuna suggests that Negi transform them, so he draws out cards for her, Konoka, and Nodoka. Unfortunately, he screws up on all three, so he has no choice but to transport them away when their opponents attack. Having returned to normal, the girls are starved, so Negi and Setsuna prepare some food. While eating, Konoka gets an idea: Setsuna should form a provisional contract with Negi. In fact, Konoka even says that doing so would be like an indirect kiss between them. But despite Kamo’s assertion that she’d become more powerful, Setsuna feels that she already has enough power to protect Konoka, so she won’t form the contract.
As for where they are now, it is a place that resembles the Wales where Negi grew up. There is even the carving of his, Nekane, and Anya’s faces present on one of the trees. But Negi knows that this isn’t Wales, even though he’s not sure exactly why. He thinks that this place is created from his memories, which means that it had to have been done by someone who knows him well. While touching the tree, Negi’s bracelet starts glowing and he becomes reminded of his father. The group then makes their way to an old castle where Negi used to play hide-and-seek. However, the fairy and her three girls are there waiting for them. Negi attempts to invoke the three contracts again, and this time he succeeds in bringing out the right cards. Nodoka’s power allows her to predict their enemy’s movements, so she’s able to help the others dodge attacks and respond accordingly. After Asuna swats away Kaede and Chisame, she grabs Negi and enters the castle with the others.
Having barricaded themselves inside, Nodoka searches her book for a way for them to escape this world, and she finds out that by sealing off the fairy, they can return to their original world. It’s at this point that the fairy and the three girls force their way through the front door. Asuna, Konoka, and Nodoka take on the girls while Negi goes after the fairy, but things don’t quite go according to plan. Although Setsuna and Negi are able to corner the fairy, it unleashes a giant tree that traps the two in its branches. Setsuna’s sword is unable to cut through the wood that can also reflect Negi’s magic back at him. Konoka tries to help them, but she gets knocked away by Chisame and loses her powers. Asuna and Nodoka also lose their powers because their time is up, leaving them all at the mercy of the fairy and the tree. With the situation growing dire and with Konoka in danger, Setsuna finally decides to enter into a provisional contract with Negi so that she can become more powerful.
Setsuna kisses Negi, giving her the three contract cards, and Negi immediately pulls out one that grants her wings and a sword. Setsuna starts by using her Hyakkaryouran (Hundred Flower Profusion) attack to break free of the tree, and then she responds to Kaede, Yuuna, and Chisame firing on her by using her Shinmeiryuu Secret Technique: Hyakuretsuoukazan (Raging Hundred Cherry Blossom Slash). As the petals free Nodoka and Asuna, and revert back the other girls, Negi uses the chance to seal off the fairy. With the battle over, Konoka sees Setsuna’s wings and comments on how they make her look like an angel. And since the fairy has been sealed off, everyone is returned to their original world. However, the problem is that Kaede, Chisame, and Yuuna appear to know about magic now. Motsu and Shichimi appear on Negi’s head thinking that he’s been exposed, but fortunately those girls actually don’t remember anything.

Well I loved this episode, which was funny and action-packed. Surprisingly enough, they pushed ahead with Setsuna’s provisional contract (complete with an indirect kiss comment by Konoka), and her transformation gives her wings! Seeing Setsuna kick so much ass made this episode well worth watching, especially since she seemed weak last week. Actually, with this pose and the way she was moving around, she almost seemed like Freedom Gundam or something. And I think this would make an awesome wallpaper, though it probably looks better on the BS-Japan widescreen format.
As for where the story is going, the immediate crisis with the fairy looks over, but there would appear to be bigger forces at play. They seem to be hinting that the Thousand Master Nagi is involved, but that could just be a red herring. If Nagi does appear, I’d love to see how they handle his reunion with Eva, if that should happen. Anyway, next week’s episode looks to be about Sayo, the ghost girl.
On a related note, if you’re curious about what the other Neo-Pactio Cards (yes that’s what it’s called) look like, the official site has some samples.


  1. By Syaoran Li
    I guess Negi will make a pactio with every single one of his students…

    Well, that might be true. But there’s at least one girl that he can’t kiss.
    The ghost one. How could you make a contract to someone that doesn’t have the body to begin with?

  2. Sorry for the Offtopic post.

    Hey Omni, just wondering if you had a chance to watch “Soukou no Strain” yet? The first 2 ep was broadcast on 11/01 and I was reading your 9/22 article on new fall shows and this was one fo the new shows you were intrested in. This show really needs a good blogger.

  3. Hey Omni, just wondering if you had a chance to watch “Soukou no Strain” yet? The first 2 ep was broadcast on 11/01 and I was reading your 9/22 article on new fall shows and this was one fo the new shows you were intrested in. This show really needs a good blogger.
    I also said in the Fall 2006 preview that, “My only problem with these WOWOW shows starting so late into the season is that by then I’ve already decided on shows, so it’s hard to make room for another one.”
    And that’s what it boils down to: I just don’t have time for the series.

  4. It’s about damn time Sakurazaki got her badassery back.

    And in such a beautiful way, too. It’s also about damn time we found a good action scene. That coupled with Konoka actually FIGHTING and using TEAMWORK WITH SETSUNA made this episode delicious.

    Also XD at Setsuna’s fantasy.

    Doctor Ansem
  5. Re: Lotsa pacts.

    Well, if you substitute this arc for the Kyoto arc, we’ve got more or less the same number of pacts in place, plus Nodoka who was going to get one soon anyway. Over the rest of the manga thus far, there’s only one more pact to be made, so it’s staying more or less in line. Moving through the arcs at about an arc per three episodes, but pretty much the same number of pacts as the manga.

  6. Yuuna: Ha
    Kaede: Ha
    Chisame: Ha
    Yuuna: Ha
    Kaede: Ha
    Chisame: Ha.
    They have to do that more often. I thought it was hilarious to hear the sentences getting cut so badly. Of course, it didn’t beat Setsuna’s pactio form, but still 😛

  7. Woah there Don. Yes i want him to stop blogging Negima!? too, but to go as far as to threaten to hack his site and “shit it up” is going a bit to far, even in my opinion.

    To be on the safe side though best if you did stop blogging Negima. for someone to go as far as to say he will hack the site to make you stop sounds serious.

  8. @ Don or Hudson or anyone else that has a problem with this anime: Its not the person that made this site thats incharge of what happens in this anime or how its drawn. If you have a problem with the show, don’t post it at a place like this that won’t be able to do anything. Its 100% useless to do so. This site is just create by fans that watch the show and post about each episode that airs. If you got a problem, go to the creators of the anime to get your message out, cause its just annoying to everyone else here. So don’t hold a grudge on the site creator, its not there fault is the anime isn’t what you want it to be. They CAN’T change it!

  9. I find it funny though, you’d think the haters would eventually stop watching it by now and back off a bit.

    But whatever, every anime’ll have it’s flamers. But seriously, why are you so worked up over somebody’s opinion on a particular anime you don’t happen to like as much as others? I mean, this is Omni’s site with his thoughts on the shows he watches, not yours. Make your own anime blog and rant about how much you hate Negima!? there.

    I mean really, you can’t really stop anybody from liking what they like, especially if you give the most retarded reasons or none at all.


    Loved this episode. Setsuna got her cool factor back. And..Konosetsu! *dances*

  10. I believe the webmaster has a right to post what they want, they pay for this site and put hard work into building it. People that don’t like it think of it this way, if you had a site and talked about something you liked a lot on it, and someone came along and started to tell you to spot all the time. How would you feel? Put yourself in their shoes before you start treatenning.

    Like Jin said, make your own Anime Blog and complain there. I run a webpage myself so I understand very well how hard it is to create a good working site. So please people that don’t like whats being blogged, don’t complain.

    If you don’t like the show, then don’t look at it, go to another Anime Blog where they don’t blog it. There are many others Anime Blogs at the button right under the “Contact Us” text on top. Find a another Blog that suits your taste of Anime better.

  11. Don and Hudson are the SAME person. He’s just doing this to make himself look better. But trust me, they’re both the same person. And you really shouldn’t listen to what he has to say. This is the same guy who posted last year on akamatsu’s old message board that Negima Volume 6 had to be redone just because he didn’t like the fact that Nodoka got turned to stone. So yeah, don’t listen to these idiots

  12. This episode was great, i totally like the humor style of this anime.

    By the way, do any competent hacker would waste his time messing up an anime blog? Of course not… maybe some mediocre kid would, but then he wouldn’t have the necesary skills to acomplish it xD.

  13. Wait, Konoka comments that Setsuna forming a pactio with Negi would be like an indirect kiss between them? XD What the… she’s so much more foward in this anime than in the manga! (which isn’t a bad thing because I’m totally on board with the KonoSetsu goodness ^_^) Also, I’m happy that they used that line about Setsuna looking like an angel. That was one of my favorite parts in the manga.

    Neo Horizon
  14. … Take a chill pill Hudson. We know you hate Negima!?, no need to repeat the fact over and over again.

    In any case, I really liked this episode. It had a real nice mix of action and humor. I especially liked the Chisame vs Nodoka scene. Nodoka was desperately trying to find a way to defeat Chisame without harming her, and reads Chisame’s thoughts about how she was going to kill Nodoka and take back her #1 spot as an internet idol. LOL.

    But my favorite was Strike Freedom Setsuna doing her thing.

  15. It’s nice to see children smarting off in places they are not needed….>_>

    And yes, that was Sarcasm. If you want to bring a grudge here, Hudson, bring it elsewhere. Everyone is getting sick of your Negativity. It’s one thing to disapprove of the series, but quite another to bring your grudges in here. So, please. Respect Omni and Knock it off.

    I haven’t seen this episode yet, but it looks really good.

  16. I see that the rantings of a petulant little child haven’t stopped. (sigh) Urusai, Urusai , Urusai!!! Thats enough I don’t want to hear it anymore. You’re like the freaking energizer bunny, and what I want to know is how do I shut you off! Plus you go to the extent of threatening this site (we all know Hudson and Don are the same people, its not hard to change your IP address moron). The fact that you have to impersonate yourself is sad in its self. Well you go on and keep what your doing but its funny because no matter what you say Omni isn’t going to stop blogging Negima!? because just by using this episode as an example it kicks ass, and its going to continue you that way! Oh and also your obsession over Nodoka isn’t healthy. Setsuna rocks!

  17. I dunno whats wrong with these cause the first tv series was disfunctional if you ask me! I think this anime series is so good that its better than the new Kannon series so there!

  18. I was disappointed by this episode, and Its pretty much safe to assume that this was the equivalent of the Kyoto arc in the real manga. Too bad, I was hoping that Kotaro would actually find his way into an anime series, but alas, no one likes him apparently. So far I have to say that this series story wise has come off as average to me (mostly because I like the original Negima more than this one) but those visuals are truly impressive. Still it would be nice if the pacing didn’t feel rushed at times…

  19. Okay, let’s see:

    Yuuna’s a “wolf with high mobility;” meaning she’s Shin Matsunaga of Gundam MSV.
    Setsuna’s micky-ficky Freedom Gundam of Garbage Seed (Destiny).

    I wonder if they’ll try for “more than 2.” 😛

  20. Eps 6, and I’m still watching. No, till date, I still don’t really like the adaption. Feels too much like Pani Poni Dash: Too random. It kinda reminds me of this guy in my class during college who had to make a presentation in front of the class. He’d go on making random comments, stupid, unrelated jokes, and after 10 minutes, the whole class abrupted to a loud applause, even though his content was like… only 1 minute long. Maybe that’s showmanship, but I find it really distracting, especially when I’m dying to find out what’s the talk really about.

    Same thing with Negima?!, things feel dragged out at places, and when it seemed like they have dragged it far enough, they’d resort to very quick pacing to catch up.

    lol, well, being someone who’s full of complaints, I’m still following the show, not with “Negima” in mind, but with “What could’ve made Pani Poni Dash waaaay better than it was”. Though I must say, that so far, none of the Negima episodes have been as good as eps 20 of PPD (or was it 21? It’s the one with the mushroom. That one episode blows all 6 episodes of Negima?! away).

    p.s. I think Negima, that old guy (specky), and the even older (beardy) guy, as well as all his students should kneel down in tears as Becky’s statue fires off into space. Hahaha

  21. Well, so far have watched all the Negima episodes.

    It’s a really unique anime IMHO, but sometimes it wayyy has too much random stuff which confuses watchers from time to time.

    I think this series is more like a love-it-or-hate-it series, but so far i’m enjoying this much more than the original manga, which I think the story background setting(magic+fantasy) has full of potentials but the author didn’t fully exploited it, but provided a lot of fan-serivce instead(That’s why I think that the 1st Negima anime sucks)

    Anyway, awesome piece of anime and i’m definitely going to continue following it. Keep up the good work, Omni ^o^

  22. I think the reason why the “randomness” will confuse watchers is because there are sooooo many Japanese culture reference. Out of all the references out there in Negima!? I only caught 2. 😡

  23. Setsuna is so amazing although, I thing her charactered has been changed a bit too much. That fantasy doesn’t really seem like her, wearing the dress? Perhaps Konoka but not Setsuna. I don’t think she’d be that bold about her feeling either. Anyhow it was about time she got her badass attitude back. I like her when she’s serious. What beautiful wings. Best episode so far.

  24. C*, I disagree. It is a fantasy of hers – and thus absolutely fits her. It isn’t “bold” because it is her fantasy, it is not something she actually decides to do.
    And as for wearing the dress – why not? She actually complained when she got boy clothes in the Kyoto arc, remember? It’s fine 🙂

  25. It is.

    THE GOOD: Setsuna’s badassery as she wastes her opponents. ‘Nuff said.

    THE BAD: The only thing that irked me was Setsuna’s “fantasy” RE: Konoka — they’re fully pursuing the lesbian angle with the swordswoman, it seems. I’m not too fond of KonoSetsu, but hey, I’m not the director of this anime.


    -Three misses IN A ROW. Negi’s not going to be a good gambler, that’s for sure.


    -Aah, even with computers and things, you can still find pleasure in popping the bubbles in the bubble wrap.

    -Konoka’s comment about Setsuna kissing Negi and sharing an indirect kiss between themselves. More KonoSetsu…


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