Seven years ago, Yuuichi had met Ayu again, like he promised, but he had been late. Ayu finally told him that her full name wasn’t Ayu Ayu – it was Tsukimiya Ayu. As the two were eating taiyaki together, she had also thanked him for everything. Ayu then asked him about liking his mother and had admitted that her own mother was gone, leaving her by herself. In order to cheer her up, Yuuichi had suggested that they get together tomorrow to play again, and the two pinky-swore on it. The present Yuuichi now opens his eyes in bed as he hears Makoto opening his door. She lights some fireworks and tosses them into his room, but Yuuichi acts quickly and throws them back out. After they blow up on her, Makoto is nearly in tears as Yuuichi towers over her and Nayuki and Akiko come to see what’s going on.
Yuuichi gets up early the next morning, a Sunday, and sits down to breakfast. Ayu is also there sitting across the table from him, but he ignores her until she tugs on his jacket as he’s trying to go back to his room. She has special movie tickets she got from Akiko and wants him to come along. Yuuichi agrees to go, so they set up a meeting time of 5PM. After Ayu leaves and Nayuki wakes up, Yuuichi reveals to Akiko that he knew Ayu when she was young. This causes Akiko to think that maybe Ayu has been waiting a long time for Yuuichi, but she dismisses the thought when Yuuichi asks her about it. He then catches Makoto on his way upstairs and wants her to get a part-time job. They find one for a waitress in a manga cafe, and Makoto calls in to schedule an interview.
After parting ways with Makoto as she goes to her interview, Yuuichi heads to school to check up on Nayuki. He doesn’t see her there, but he does suddenly think of Shiori. Indeed, Shiori is there waiting in the schoolyard, and Yuuichi figures out that she’s probably been there since around noon. She admits to knowing that there would be no one here, though she came anyway and stayed. She calls herself foolish, and Yuuichi agrees, but he also covers her with his jacket. As the two watch the sunset, Yuuichi asks Shiori why she comes here every day. Shiori truly doesn’t know why and thinks that she comes to look for that answer. Yuuichi then hears a bell ringing and realizes that he’s late for his date with Ayu.
He rushes to their meeting spot and finds her waiting, though she’s not angry at him for his tardiness. Rather, she’s just happy that he came. When they arrive at the theater though, they find out that the movie is a horror flick. Ayu stays scared through the entire thing, refusing to look at the violence on the screen. All of the “Uguu” noises that Ayu makes even causes Yuuichi to comment on the variation between them. When it’s time to go home, Yuuichi tells Ayu that he had fun and then parts ways with her. Actually, he thinks he has, but everytime he turns around, she’s right behind him. Ayu is apparently too scared to go home on the dark streets, so Yuuichi walks her to the point where she can go home by herself. After she runs off, he wonders to himself where she actually lives.
At home, Yuuichi finds out that Makoto fell asleep during her interview, so she didn’t get the job. Akiko suggests instead working in her acquaintance’s nursery school and makes the necessary arrangements. Later that night, Yuuichi once again goes to school with food for Mai. He hears a loud noise and finds Mai standing in a room of overturned desks and chairs. Whatever was there is gone now, giving Mai the chance to tell Yuuichi not to come here for a while because she thinks he should stay by Makoto’s side. Mai doesn’t actually know anything about Makoto, but she has a feeling that Makoto will need Yuuichi soon, more than anyone else. Back home again, Yuuichi sees Makoto exit the bathroom and smells something funny coming from inside. He’s about to enter the tub, but discovers that it’s actually filled with miso soup. Though he’s at first quite angry, Yuuichi soon remembers Mai’s words as he looks at Makoto’s sad expression.


Though not quite as funny as last week, this episode still had its share of amusing moments, including sleepy-head Nayuki and Ayu’s fear during the horror movie. In terms of story, it gave an even greater feeling that something is up with Makoto with the miso soup incident and Mai’s words. I had hoped that Mai had more of a connection with Makoto than just having a hunch, but it appears not. The other really suspicious thing that’s still going on is that we never see where Ayu lives – she just kind of appears and disappears at the right times. However, I doubt we’re going to find out anything big about Ayu anytime soon though since this series is still relatively young.
Next week, the arrival of Piro the cat!


  1. I haven’t seen the show yet, but will soon enough (since I’m with one of the efforts subbing it). However, here are my thoughts regarding a spoiler above, and without further ado:Show Spoiler ▼

    And for non-spoiler stuff, with a bit of luck there should be something torrentable later this evening. With subtitles, even!


  2. Agh!!! What direction are they going in????? I thought we’d be Makoto/Mai-centric the next few episodes, but now he’s on a date with Ayu! (Not that there’s anything wrong with a date with Ayu ^^;). Uguu~~~~~~~~

  3. it just seems that whenever makoto wans to play a trick on yuuichi…he miraculously just kinda wakes up just before she gets in lol…im wondering will she ever succeed in pulling one off on him

  4. So many freaking funny moments this episode. Nayuki’s sleepiness with the natto and the miso, Ayu’s horror movie experience, Makoto’s failed attempts at revenge… this episode rocked!

  5. Another awesome episode…..Ayu’s expressions during the movie scenes were priceless
    Seriously, there are times when I forget that this story is supposed to be tragic and treat it as comedy already, lol

  6. I forgot what happened to Makoto in the first Kanon. :S

    Damn the new Kanon is so great that i would like a remake of AIR too. I mean AIR was good but it was too deep. People had to watch it at least few times to get some of the first sad scenes and they could also work out the humor.

    Key rules.


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