Today’s episode was supposedly a recap special, but it ended up being more special than recap and was hosted by Hirano Aya (who voices Misa and wears black in above images) and Kudou Haruka (who voices Sayu and wears white in above images). The first seven or so minutes of the special was devoted to recap, but the rest was introductions and interviews with the cast, including Yamaguchi Kappei (L), Miyano Mamoru (Light), Nakamura Shidou (Ryuk), Uchida Naoya (Light’s father Souichiro), and Saitou Kimiko (Rem – the woman with the apple on her head in the picture). They also introduced the three TV announcers heard in episode 11, Masu Taichi, Nobutomo Youko, and Sugaya Daisuke, all of whom are actual NTV announcers (the same channel DEATH NOTE airs on). After some pimping of the DVD, Hirano Aya and Kudou Haruka talked with the director Araki Testuro (who looked a lot younger than I thought he’d be). Towards the end, they revealed the same news reported earlier that Matsuyama Ken’ichi will be voicing a role in the anime, except that they didn’t say it would be Jealous. Anyway, this ended up being a lot of fun to watch, especially just to see Light and L’s voice actors together like that talking in real life. Worth watching if you wanna see the seiyuu at work and goofing around, or if you’re in need of a Hirano Aya fix (costumed up, I might add).

As a reminder, episode 12 will air next week on the normal schedule, but then there will be a week off before DEATH NOTE returns for episode 13 on January 9th, 2007.


  1. Aya-chan! I’m sure she’ll do splendid job as Misa. ^^
    Can’t wait until this week’s Death Note.

    I’ve been jealous of L’s voice ever since the series began. People tell me that I have a deep voice of my own, but L’s is like…real. A real deep voice. O_O

  2. So cool!!! It’s interesting to see behind-the-scene footages, especially when they involve some of my favourite seiyuus like Yamaguchi Kappei, Miyano Mamoru, Hirano Aya. I hope this ep gets subbed, 😀

  3. I just have to – not for the first time – express my happiness over the choice of seiyuu for L ^__^ already before the anime, as I read the manga, I was thinking Kappei Yamaguchi would do a really nice L 😀 ..and see..!! He’s awesome ^^ Miyano Mamoru isn’t bad either! I like him as Raito; not my number one choice perhaps, but he’s not bad! 🙂 I still wanted the next episode instead of this special-thing, though o__o

  4. I think I’d do just about anything to have that Ryuk thing in the background of some of those pics.

    Light’s seiyuu is kinda studly xD

    Man I hope this gets subbed, I gotta see it. It’s gonna be hard to wait for 13 though.

  5. im so happy to see the all seiyuu… im a deathnote fan and i really love L’s character! i cant wait to see the live action movie were kenichi matsuyama portrays the role! 🙂 aya and and haruka are kawaii..

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