-Some of the screencaps have a map of Japan on them because of the tsunami warning that went out after the earthquake yesterday.
-Bleh, they’re back to the old pacing now – this episode felt slow until near the end when some action finally occurs.


  1. I was hoping the show wouldn’t keep relying on a “monster-of-the-week” format like in some shows (Inu Yasha comes to mind). If they must, at least develop the main plot further.

    That said, this episode was a little hard to follow since I don’t understand Japanese (the finger eating was kinda strange, but then, the whole premise of Yuki and the gang eating the flesh of the demons they just killed plus all the weird monsters that pop up are too).

    Saizou getting freaked out when Yuki caught her spying on Atl and her new beau was amusing to say the least, though I wish they’d stop using Saizou as comic relief since I find her to be the most interesting character on the show by far. I wonder if she was jealous of Atl any?

  2. Regardless of how many episodes this show ends up with, whether it’s 26 or 50 episodes, there’s still some questions that have yet to be answered, including those Ayashi Ranger guys, so I wouldn’t think they would use the whole monster-of-the-week format for the entire series.

    I don’t expect this show to get really, really good until we hit the 20 episode mark. That’s when FMA and Eureka 7 both took off, and I expect the same for this show. I still have hope because we still don’t know much yet, including what, exactly, is that Other World Yuki went to, etc.

  3. Seeing Yuki with Atl or Saizou and becoming a couple would be scary just thinking about it because of the age difference. I think an anime can exist without romance. XD

    Now if only this show could get to the main plot soon, maybe we’d have some more positive things to say about this unique show. 😀

  4. oddly enough, I liked this episode a lot (just like I enjoyed the episode most people thought boring in Blood+)

    I just have a quick question here: before shuuzaburou ate the finger, he ate a red ball, was that the ball that Atl was sucking on? Did she spit it out or something?


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