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Random Musings – 234 Days Since FSN Edition

Two really quick things before I go to bed:
  • It’s hard to believe that it’s been 234 days since the final episode of Fate/stay night last year. That’s how long I’ve been waiting to hear Kimi to no Ashita, and now it’s finally been released on Tainaka Saichi‘s latest single. FSN certainly had it’s ups and downs, but this song brings back all the good memories, particularly of the ending. 234 days…time sure goes by fast.
  • The few of you who still watch Ayakashi Ayashi may have noticed that I haven’t blogged the show in a couple of weeks. I really just couldn’t motivate myself to continue watching because it didn’t interest me enough, so I’ve dropped it. My apologies to those of you who were still keeping up.
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    Ayakashi Ayashi – 14

    January 14, 2007 at 3:39 am Comments (8)

    Ayakashi Ayashi – 13

    In Meiji Period Year 17 (1884), the famous artist Kawanabe Kyousai is painting a dragon when a foreigner named Condell asks him how he can draw it so realistically.

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    Random Musings – The Big Winter Break II Edition

    Come this time of year, most anime series take a week or two break (last year was no different). To clear up any lingering schedule uncertainties that you may have, here is a table of what’s airing and what’s not for shows that I’m currently blogging.

    Series This Week (12/25 to 12/31) Next Week (1/1 to 1/7) Following Week (1/8 to 1/14)
    Pumpkin Scissors Episode 13 on Monday No Episode Episode 14 on Monday
    D.Gray-man Episode 13 on Tuesday No Episode Episode 14 on Tuesday
    DEATH NOTE Episode 12 on Tuesday No Episode Episode 13 on Tuesday
    Negima!? Episode 13 on Wednesday Episode 14 on Thursday Episode 15 on Wednesday
    Bleach No Episode Episode 109 on Thursday Episode 110 on Wednesday
    Soukou no Strain No Episode No Episode Episode 10 on Wednesday
    Kanon Episode 13 on Thursday Episode 14 on Thursday Episode 15 on Thursday
    CODE GEASS No Episode Episode 12 on Thursday Episode 13 on Thursday
    Ayakashi Ayashi No Episode Episode 13 on Saturday Episode 14 on Saturday

    Please make particular note that Negima!? and Bleach will be airing episodes on Thursday, January 4th. They are being preempted from their normal Wednesday spots on January 3rd by an Enka New Year’s Special and then the Japan vs. Mexico Boxing Grand Prix. Unfortunately, this means that that particular Thursday will be completely hellish for me since it’ll be four shows on one day (maybe even five if I end up watching Saint October). And on that note, you can probably expect the Winter 2007 Shows Preview to go up sometime later this week.

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    Ayakashi Ayashi – 12

    Chased by the frenzied Asobe youi that Matsue raised, Yuki, Atl, and Saizou ride Kumoshichi as the horse turns into his disk form and blows all the Asobe downstream with the wind force created from spinning.

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    Ayakashi Ayashi – 11

    -Ogasawara and Yuki sneak into a temple where there is a rokurokubi who happens to be the chief priest.

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    Ayakashi Ayashi – 10

    On that October day two years ago, Saizou had gone to tell her father about the fire, but found him holding Shinza lovingly in his arms.

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    Random Musings – Neo Romeo And Juliet Edition

    A few news items and updates – which you may or may not have already heard about – on this tenth day of December.

  • Neo Verona… A winged horse… An armored Juliet fighting with a sword… Well, this is a lot different from the Romeo and Juliet I remember reading years ago in junior high. For those of you who haven’t heard, GONZO is going to be animating a version of Shakespeare’s work and is calling it RomeoXJuliet. They still credit Shakespeare for the original story, but this really couldn’t be more different. GONZO’s version is about Romeo as the son of the oppressive Montague dictator and Juliet as the daughter in the Capulet family who rebels against them, all set in an aerial city. It would seem that they’re really only keeping the names and the basic star-crossed lovers concept the same. The reason I’m mentioning this now is because the official site now features a trailer for the show, and it really made me sit up and pay attention. I assume the tragic ending will still be kept intact, but that doesn’t mean that this won’t still be interesting to watch because of all the changes. RomeoXJuliet is set to air April of next year.
  • The official GEASS site and blog have announced that Jinn (of Blood+ OP4) fame will be handling the upcoming second OP and SunSet Swish (of Bleach ED6) fame will be performing the second ED. I’m a bit uncomfortable with Jinn because OP4 was my least favorite out of all the Blood+ songs, but I have high hopes for SunSet Swish.
  • The few of you who still watch Ayakashi Ayashi may have noticed that I didn’t blog yesterday’s episode (never mind last week). I’ve been fairly busy with finals and have an important one coming up Monday, so I decided to go ahead and do OtoBoku in the time I had to spare. Hopefully winter break will allow me some time to catch up.
  • AnimeBlogger needs Donations! Our network administrator Maestro has recently hit some hard times, so I’m once again asking for donations on his behalf to help keep these sites going. All donations would go directly towards our hosting bill, so there’s no danger of money being misused. Even a small bit will go a long way. More information can be found on Maestro’s own blog, which also explains alternate ways to donate if you don’t have a Paypal account through which to do so.
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    Ayakashi Ayashi – 09

    Edo Genbatsu and Abi rush into the room after Saizou has gotten the mask attached to her face.

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    Ayakashi Ayashi – 08

    Two men are walking through the ruins of a building after a fire in the theater district when one of them suddenly starts acting strange and gets a mask on his face.

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    Ayakashi Ayashi – 07

    After Yuki’s speech, the Ayashi group minus Ogasawara heads out to face Quetzalcoatl.

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    November 18, 2006 at 6:47 pm Comments (11)

    Ayakashi Ayashi – 06

    It was back when the Spanish and the Texans were at war with each other that a group of armed men had killed Atl’s family.

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    Ayakashi Ayashi – 05

    -Although he misses his first swing, Yuki is able to slice apart the Youi from behind the second time he tries.

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    Ayakashi Ayashi – 04

    Waking up hungry one night but having no food, Yuki goes out and takes a walk by the river.

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    Ayakashi Ayashi – 03

    Edo Genbatsu and Abi take Yuki and the rest of the group through an underground passage to a hidden building standing on water.

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