Two really quick things before I go to bed:

  • It’s hard to believe that it’s been 234 days since the final episode of Fate/stay night last year. That’s how long I’ve been waiting to hear Kimi to no Ashita, and now it’s finally been released on Tainaka Saichi‘s latest single. FSN certainly had it’s ups and downs, but this song brings back all the good memories, particularly of the ending. 234 days…time sure goes by fast.
  • The few of you who still watch Ayakashi Ayashi may have noticed that I haven’t blogged the show in a couple of weeks. I really just couldn’t motivate myself to continue watching because it didn’t interest me enough, so I’ve dropped it. My apologies to those of you who were still keeping up.

    1. I dropped Ayakashi Ayashi at the third episode, never got impress by it. So I just read your blogs on it, to see if I can watch it again.

      Is there any chance that moon-type will release any new anime?

    2. Kyoushirou to Towa no Sora isn’t bad. Granted, Kyoushirou is a faggot but almost all other characters are loveable.

      Haha, good job on Ayakashi Ayashi Omni. I’m amazed you could even keep up this much. 😉

      On the side note, I didn’t expect the single, so that was a pleasant surprise. Now I have both Hikari by Jyukai AND Kimitono Ashita. 😀

    3. whats the chances that someone (read: KyoAni) remakes FS/N or at least gives us the ultimate blade works route? god i would love that.

      Also, Omni are you gonna be a pal and host a torrent for the single or is everyone gonna have to hold their breath till someone puts it on tosho?

    4. Why remake a perfectly good animu? I’m pleased with how FSN went, and if I want a remake, better remake the shitty Tsukihime animu. That animu underrated what a great game tsukihime was.

    5. “Is there any chance that moon-type will release any new anime?”
      I’m checking Type Moon Site and BBS almost daily for news and there’s nothing atm.
      There are rumors of Tsukihime 2 coming soon, which is interesting, the last release of Type Moon is pretty young and is named “Fate/Stay Night -Realta Nua-” and is nothing else than Fate/ Stay Night for PS2. Means there are no h-scenes but an extended story, guess also a new storyline.
      Great that Kimi to no Ashita is out, I have just a cut of the tv ending and I asked myself if there’s a full version of it, finaly it’s out and I’ll get it for sure. This song is just brilliant and I’ve watched the Fate/ Stay Night ending over 10 times just to hear it^^

    6. Current public Type-Moon projects include Fate/Zero, a prequel to FSN, as well as the movie of Kara no Kyoukai, their first novel. I haven’t heard anything about Tsukihime 2 (which would indeed be nice to have) though.

    7. Kyoushirou doesn’t count as a series I started. I never put up more than screenshots and a few words, and I never created a category for it. Even now, it’s still classified under Series Introduction which is where I put all the shows I haven’t watched much of and don’t intend to keep following.

      scootarski: By the time I wrote this entry, several torrents had already been available on Tosho for a number of hours.

    8. LOL….I’m replaying Kimito To No Ashita for like….the nth time. Love this song a lot and yeah, it does brings back memories of Fate/Stay Night. How I wish they continued the series…and to wako…I have Hikari :p

    9. yo, wako, the song can be found on Im still hoping for the next series of fsn but i dont know if fate/zero or fate/hollow ataraxia will ever turn into an anime. i doubt it though…

    10. i heard that there’s a 2nd season….long time ago but i havent heard anything since…it was called fate-stay….and the last word starts wit an “A” and thats all i remember


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