When he catches Lenalee and Jake Russell chatting, Komui finds it suspicious that she won’t tell him what they were talking about. He’s even more concerned when she gets dressed to go shopping in town, and so he decides to follow her on the Komurin II after learning that Russell went to town too. Unbeknownst to any of them, there’s a Level 2 Akuma wandering around town with Lenalee’s photograph, and it happens to see her on her supposed date with Russell. But before the Akuma can go after her with a bomb, Komurin II emerges from the ground under it and causes the bomb to go off in its hands. Unaware that there’s an Akuma around, Komui remains fixated on Lenalee and follows her onboard his robot until Allen and the others stop him. Since they don’t want him destroying the city with Komurin II, Allen uses his arm to cut it apart. Despite this setback, Komui still has many weapons up his sleeves and proceeds to use bombs and 65 as he overreacts to Lenalee and Russell heading into various stores. Each time, the weapons never reach Russell and instead blow up on the Akuma who’s still trying to kill Lenalee.

Things finally reach the breaking point when the Akuma ties up Russell behind Lenalee’s back and disguises itself to take Russell’s place. It readies a knife to stab her, but then trips onto her right as Komui bursts through the door. The scene of Russell on top of his little sister sparks such a furor in Komui that he summons his Komurin III mecha. Komui uses the Komurin III to go after the Akuma (who’s still disguised as Russell) and chases it all the way to the Eiffel Tower, leaving a swath of destruction in its wake. He’s stopped only when Lenalee activates her Dark Boots and smacks him in the head. As it turns out, Russell isn’t Lenalee’s lover, and they’re not on a date as Komui had thought. She was actually just buying a present for her brother and also helping Russell choose something for his son. Komui’s relieved to hear this and everything seems back to normal until the Akuma uses an opportunity to try to sneak up and kill Lenalee. Fortunately, Allen destroys it with his arm before it can reach her. Komui then starts celebrating because of the present he got, but Lenalee promptly destroys the Komurin III because of how much damage it’s causing by dancing around.


I started off with a bad impression that this was going to be a completely stupid and predictable episode, but it turned out to be at least a little amusing with the Komurin III. The best part was watching it emerge from under the Black Order headquarters like this was one of the super sentai shows. Nevertheless, there wasn’t any real story and it was really obvious that Lenalee was buying a present for her brother. I’m just labeling it as a fun episode and am looking more forward to next week, which will be the return to the manga storyline everyone’s been waiting for. As expected, they appear to be doing something to Allen’s left eye to make up for the fact that it healed already.


  1. Great, Finally at the manga again (next episode) Crowley arc, yeah. HAHA, Komui, you’re really cool xD…”the end bomb”. Or when he, i think he is it, seeing Russel on Linali..muhahaha, poor Russel xD:

  2. It killed my comment. Dx
    Crowley Arc and China Arc are my favorites from the manga. :3
    6th picture in the 3rd column taints my eyes. :]
    The abnormally flexible Eiffel Tower is intriguing. ~

  3. i hope they use Norio Matsumoto to make an episode that man is really the greatest animator ever every great fight he made it in naruto hunter x hunter Flame of Recca and any other great fight i will die from joy if they used him in bleach

  4. Is this show going for 26 eps or 50 eps? Cause at the rate the story is going, I can’t see a satisfactory and conclusive ending with the Noah people and the Earl being defeated.


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