A mysterious new figure has taken up killing criminals under a deal with Rem that allows him to do whatever he wants with the Death Note afterwards. According to Light’s calculations, this should save Misa. Over at the hotel, it is now Day 50 of Light’s imprisonment, meaning that it’s been well over a month since the killings of criminals started again. L still hasn’t told Light about it, but Light couldn’t admit to anything even if he wanted to because he lost all his memories of the Death Note. Aizawa thinks that everyone should be freed and feels that L is being stubborn about his conclusion that Light is Kira. After hearing Aizawa’s reasoning, L decides to talk with Light’s father Souichirou about his son. Some three days later, Souichirou brings a tied up Misa to a parking garage where he meets with Aizawa and Light. After trading cars with Aizawa, he then drives the two kids off and tells them that he’s taking them to the execution chamber because L has determined that Light is Kira and Misa is the second Kira. Light is surprised when he finds out that the murders are still going on and that L wants to kill them to make the killings stop. If the killings don’t stop and L is thus wrong for having them executed, he has promised to take his own life.

Light finds something strange with all this, but before he can think about it too much, the car arrives in an abandoned field under an overpass. It seems that Souichirou has decided to kill Light and then commit suicide because it’s his responsibility as a parent and as the head of the detectives. Since this is between him and Light, Souichirou’s willing to let Misa live until the police find her and take her to the execution chamber. Despite their protests, he pulls a gun out from his jacket and shoots Light in the head from point-blank range. Fortunately for Light, the shot that his father fired was only a blank. Souichirou breathes a sigh of relief afterwards because this had all been a set-up. L was watching through a camera and was testing to see if Misa would save Light by killing his father. He also thought that if Light were Kira, Light would even use his powers to kill his parents in such a situation. But since neither of those happened, L is going to release them both, and he will allow Light to rejoin the investigation. The catch, as Light finds out back at the hotel, is that he and L are going to be handcuffed together from now on. Misa doesn’t like the fact that she won’t be able to go on dates with Light without L tagging along, but Light tells her that she should be thankful she’s being let free since it was proven that she sent the second Kira videos.

On that topic, L asks Misa about being at Aoyama on May 22nd, the day when she first figured out who Light was. Without her Death Note memories, Misa can’t recall the day very well and doesn’t remember how she knew Light’s name. However, when L asks what she’d think if Light was really Kira, Misa claims that she’d like Light even more since Kira executed the criminals who killed her parents. Because of this, L has no doubts that Misa is the second Kira, and is putting her under surveillance. She can still do her modeling work, but starting now Matsuda is going to be her manager. After Aizawa gets pissed off at all this talk about MisaMisa and dates and stuff, he forces her out of the room. With her gone, L asks if Light is serious about Misa. He wants Light to use his relationship with her to find out more about the second Kira, but Light refuses to use a girl’s emotions like that because he claims that the thing he hates the most is trampling on other people’s good will. L finds this difference in personality strange, but he keeps silent as Light changes the subject to the constant changing of hotels that they’re doing. By chance, L is ready to put an end to this hotel-hopping because he’s had a 23-story building constructed in the time the investigation’s been ongoing. He wants everyone to live there as much as possible, and he’s even giving Misa her own floor.

Light and Matsuda are impressed that L went as far as to have a special building constructed, but L sees it as a symbol of his wish to solve this case no matter what. Hearing this, Light also vows to solve this case no matter what since Kira caused him and his father to have to suffer through so much. L thinks that Light should be intimate with Misa to get her to talk if he really wants to capture Kira no matter what, but Light still refuses. While all this was going on, a group of top businessmen from the Yotsuba Corporation are meeting to discuss who to kill. Seated around a table, these men are (clockwise from top left) Takahashi Eiichi, Higuchi Kyousuke, Ooi Takeshi, Namikawa Reiji, Shimura Suguru, Hatori Arayoshi, Midou Shingo, and Kida Masahiko. It seems that one of them has a connection to Kira, and although the members don’t know who, they assume that Kira is doing assassinations for them now because it’s in his interest to do so. They find it strange that Kira would support a corporation, and each member suspects that Kira might just be one of them. Nevertheless, because it benefits them, they are willing to let go of the identity topic and instead confer about which of their enemies to kill. Watching this scene unfold from behind one of the Yotsuba men, Rem thinks silently that humans are indeed ugly.


Wow, they did a great job on the Souichirou-shooting-Light-in-the-head scene. It was really really intense and was the highlight of the episode. There was some fantastic production quality on the rest of the episode too, all the way to the end when the names of all eight Yotsuba Corporation members are revealed. Even Aizawa got a couple of overly dramatic shots when he gets angry with all the Misa talk.
I find the start of the Yotsuba arc particularly interesting because it changes the dynamic of the series a bit. L and Light would now appear to be genuinely on the same team, while Kira is now one of the unsavory businessmen of the Yotsuba Corporation. Rem is the only one who knows what happened before Light and Misa’s memories of the Death Note were wiped, and we know that Rem is still on Light’s side for Misa’s sake. They even had Rem hint that this is all part of Light’s calculations, which wasn’t something Rem said in the manga.
Next week, L’s going to get punched in the face…


  1. Avisch: I’ve actually been thinking that 37 episodes is too much to cover just the first half of the manga, but it isn’t nearly enough to cover all 108 chapters (this episode was chapters 36 and 37).

  2. :O misa should really let her hair down more XD. :/ having read bits of the manga plotline, i agree with omni on how we’re already almost halfway through the show and only 1/3 of the manga’s covered. i guess they might cut out some arcs maybe?

  3. actually, yes, firing a blank at close range will actually injure someone. the gunpowder discharge can burn, and if firing at the head, probably cause blindness if too close to the eyes.

  4. Omni: They can speed up the the Near/Mello introduction story. There’s alot of unnecessary information in that arc that can be left out. Also I actually meant to say “easier” because I feel that it looks like they used to many episodes on the chapters of volumes 1-3.

  5. wow.. when i read these scenes in the manga, i got really excited! The scenes were greatly animated and the animation quality is good too. can’t wait for the subs, and i can’t wait for Show Spoiler ▼

    and also, some episodes more, then Show Spoiler ▼

    can’t wait for these scenes!! XD

  6. @Tolitz, callandor, & eonsim:

    In 1984 on the set of a TV series called “Cover Up”, an actor by the name of Jon-Erik Hexum shot himself
    in the head with a .44 magnum loaded with dummy rounds and blank rounds. Apparently, this was done
    as a bit of horseplay “playing” at Russian roulette. A blank round fired and fractured his skull and drove
    a piece of the skull into the brain. He was declared brain dead a few days later. One small bit of good that
    came out of this was that his organs were harvested for transplant and his heart and kidneys were able to
    save other people. One irony…his role on the show was that of a weapons expert.

  7. Since Misa showed up, the level of death note goes down 🙁
    plus i can´t stand her annoying voice and her annoying attitude … few more eps and she´ll beat Shinn (GSD) on my imaginary hate list…

  8. @uatafak i don’t agree with that, first of all, Hirano Aya’s voice is not annoying, and FYI, Misa will be the key for Light Show Spoiler ▼

    You were a bit way off when you said that Hirano Aya’s voice is annoying..

  9. Well all of the people I know who watch death note thinks it´s annoying… (like you care 😉
    I mean, I didn´t have ANY complaints about her voice as Haruhi, but I am unable to get used to her screaky voice as Misa…

  10. Excellent episode, especially with Chief Yagami threatening to murder-suicide his own son and then himself not only out of his sense of duty as a father but also a policce officer (though this show has the law enforcement folks going way over the line of what’s legal just for drama’s sake). I have to hand it to Light; what better way to get back into the graces of the cops and L by wiping your own memory, setting up someone else as Kira, and then making yourself look completely innocent helping to hunt down this new criminal all the while believing you’re innocent when you’re really not? Pure genius.

    While the intensity of the first half of this ep was great, the humor toward the latter half involving Misa and the young cop (I forget his name) seemed a really out of place for an overly serious series like this one. Still, I found these bits amusing even if they made the show seem like a completely different series (like how the animators used a slightly SD/chibi-esque low-frame rate style for Misa hitting Light when she threw a fit). I just don’t expect a Madhouse series to use that chibi style. Also, Ryuk’s absence is really felt too; he always served as a good foil for Light’s schemes, but now the dynamic of the show has changed quite a bit since Light really does believe he’s one of the good guys now.

    Crikey, one of the corporate sharks pictured with the glasses really does have Light’s hair, lol. The new Kira is either him or (following anime’s law of villains, the one with the coolest hair-do) the one in the upper right corner, if I had to guess (having never read the manga). Anyone else have a Turks/Shin-ra-ish vibe with these corporate guys?

  11. that point blank should’ve killed him. stupid shit. and how come when light wrote all those names for that one guy in the beginning of the series his death note didn’t become useless like the rules say it should?

  12. Probably because he got the name right within the first four tries even though he wrote more versions of the name.

    I agree about the blank, it should have hurt him. Also, am I the only one who thinks its strange that Light isn’t the least bit angry at L for pulling that stunt with his father? If some guy ordered my father to shoot a gun at me, blank or not, I’d be pissed off.


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