Excited to be back in beautiful England with Lenalee, Allen gets stopped on his way to visit a person named Mother by a man named Richard trying to sell shoes. Although they turn him down, Richard remains upbeat and gives his sales pitch to the next person he sees. Further away from the shopping district, the two Exorcists encounter a funeral procession, but Allen suddenly notices that one of the grieving women is an Akuma. He reacts quickly to protect everyone when she transforms into a level 1 Akuma, however tons more Akuma show up. Allen and Lenalee get to work destroying them all, and fortunately, no one gets hurt. Once the fight is over, Allen wonders if the Akuma are targeting Mother because she supports the Black Order, so he rushes to her home. When he gets there, he’s met by a large and friendly man named that he recognizes as Barba. To Allen’s surprise, Barba assumes that Lenalee is Allen’s bride and rushes off to tell Mother. The two Exorcists aren’t able to clear that up until they go into the house and meet Mother.

After eating, Lenalee explains the current situation concerning the generals and how they’re looking for General Cross. Since Mother doesn’t know where Cross is either, Allen changes the subject to the Akuma that he and Lenalee encountered. Mother reports that there haven’t been any rumors of Innocence or strange phenomena, but she does know that there has been an increase in Akuma here in the past half year. She then asks everyone to go into the other room of the house because she’s about to have a guest. This guest turns out to be a girl named Lisa who works as a nurse at the hospital and has a hospitalized lover named Lenny who is running out of time. After Mother comforts Lisa and Barba takes her home, Mother worries about the Millennium Earl taking advantage of the girl. The next day, Allen and Lenalee go to the hospital, and along the way, they see Richard kissing a woman named Sara. It seems that Sara also works as a nurse, and she shows them the way to Lenny’s room.

At this hospital, there is a supposedly kind head doctor along with another doctor named Robert who everyone thinks cares only about money. Robert disagrees with the head doctor’s kind ways and worries about the hospital going bankrupt. The head doctor meanwhile administers a liquid medicine to Lenny and then asks to speak with Lisa privately. He tells her that Lenny only has a day or two left, and that causes her to start crying. On the way back from the hospital, Lenalee cries because she’s frustrated that they’re powerless to help. Suddenly, Allen notices that there is a carriage coming straight for them that is being pulled by two horses which have gone wild. He pushes Lenalee to safety, but the wagon continues on and crashes straight into Richard. Despite an operation to save his life, Richard dies in the hospital and the head doctor comforts Sara for her loss. All this causes Lisa to worry about and be afraid of what will happen if Lenny dies. Allen and Lenalee spend the night with Lisa to help her through this, and she seems to have calmed down by the next morning.

Trouble comes again when the two Exorcists see Richard’s funeral procession coming through town. Allen is shocked to find out that Sara has become an Akuma, and she transforms in the middle of town and starts attacking everyone. Feeling responsible for what happened to Sara, Allen apologizes and destroys the Akuma. He then decides that they should return to the hospital to find out what’s going on in there. At that very moment, Lenny is drawing his last breaths and saying goodbye to Lisa.


I believe this is based on the first chapter of the D.Gray-man Reverse novels (which I haven’t read). In that sense, this isn’t an anime original episode, though I can’t say that the writing/story is terribly good. It seems pretty obvious to me that the bad guy here is the head doctor and the Robert guy that everyone dislikes will turn out to be a good guy. The head doctor is probably the one selling the souls from the episode title and taking advantage of the grieving. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if that medicine that he gave Lenny was really a poison of some sort. I would also assume that his next target is Lisa, and we see her getting knocked out with a chloroformed handkerchief in the preview. Or maybe I’m completely wrong and this is all a set up – we’ll find out next week.


  1. dang. i nvr read the manga so i cant tell if its filler. are they all bad? or maybe the better question is, are they as bad as naruto fillers?

    .. those fillers made me die a lil bit on the inside.

  2. This actually isn’t a filler episode the story was taken from the d.gray-man reverse novels, which give character details about Lavi, Allen, Kanda, Show Spoiler ▼

    , etc. And since the stories were written by hoshino. The translations of the first book are on Timcanpi.

  3. *was not a fan of the Reverse Novels* At least they’re using manga story lines for “filler”. Filler in the sense of not progressing the story (character development doesn’t progress the story here, it just aids in the telling of it).

  4. Earl’s first scene made me laugh. Lots of phones…
    Not exactly an awesome episode, but not so bad too. Kinda too obvious the director is the bad guy. Unless i’m wrong.

    On a side note, I blame naruto for all the manga bitches screaming “OMG FILLER” like retards.

  5. Well, of course we blame Naruto. I mean that has to be the only show (that I know of) which had about 75+ eps of Fillers…I mean that over a years worth of fillers!!! And they weren’t good fillers, they sucked. If they were good fillers, then a lot more people would stop complaining about it.

  6. Interestingly, this story was originally based on the Reverse Novel 1, Chapter 1. I was quite surprised how they manage to change it to fit the anime, well not like it’s difficult to begin with…

    Oh, and after this episode, I’m pretty sure the script writers are shipping Allen/Lenalee

  7. ^^Wasn’t Bleach one of those serieses with an arc’s worth of fillers, too? >___> Although I ahevn’t heard bad things about it, I hear it stalled the series quite a bit.

    ^Indeed… XD

    I’m really curious as to where the producers are going with the series. It’s quite obvious they’ve gone away from the manga by a mile or two, and the series is already half way through. :/

  8. “Not exactly an awesome episode, but not so bad too. Kinda too obvious the director is the bad guy. Unless i’m wrong.” – randomtroll
    uh…. obvious unless your wrong? that doesn’t sound to obvious


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