Iori tries to destroy the falling meteorite on her own, but it splits in two pieces that are heading in different directions. Because of this, Iori isn’t happy that she has to go after one of the pieces while Haruka is ordered to take care of the other. Since Haruka doesn’t think that she can do it, Azusa tells her that only she can deal with this. Iori meanwhile quickly handles her Drop and then flies toward the Imber, but she won’t make it in time. Faced with the huge meteor coming straight for the Imber, Haruka finally swings into action and destroys it with a devastating punch. When she returns back to base, Haruka is greeted by a really impressed Yukiho in the hanger, but Haruka gives the credit to the Imber and thanks it for moving. The two are interrupted by Iori who angrily questions what Haruka was thinking when she intruded on someone else’s mission and took credit for the work. Before Iori can get too angry, Azusa calls them up to the command room. She tells them that for the time being, the Nebula will be under Makoto’s control and that Iori is being put on standby. Iori starts blaming Haruka, but Azusa is adamant with the decision and sends the girls back to the dorms. As she walks out of the room, Iori passes by Makoto who tells her that she made a mistake because she was thinking about unnecessary things.

To celebrate Haruka’s debut, Ritsuko allows Haruka to invite Yayoi over to the dorm, and the girls all make gyouza. Tensions remain high between Iori and Haruka, and since Yayoi (who shows up in a rooster outfit) takes Haruka’s side, she and Iori get into a fight. The two girls trade hits, and when Ritsuko trips over Yayoi, she accidentally dumps a whole bowl of gyouza filling on Haruka’s head. This smells up Haruka’s hair so much that she has to take a bath after eating. It is in the bath that she runs into Iori again and the two continue to trade barbs. Haruka feels that the mistake Iori made was rather elementary, but Iori makes it clear that she didn’t choose to screw up. The next day, Haruka and Yukiho arrive at base to find the Nebula damaged because Makoto had taken on two Drops at once on her own. Iori is shocked to see the damage and runs to the locker room to yell at Makoto for letting the Nebula get hurt. Makoto takes this as a sign that Iori still thinks about unnecessary things and explains that iDOLs are machines, so they can’t feel pain. Iori, however, feels that they have hearts, and Makoto takes this as the reason Iori that made a mistake – because she loves her iDOL. Haruka, who had overheard the conversation, speaks up afterwards to tell Makoto that she also thinks that iDOLs have hearts.

Looking over Iori’s battle data with Haruka later, Ritsuko explains that Iori was avoiding debris yesterday to protect the iDOL. When Haruka finds Iori in the hanger and asks her about it, Iori doesn’t seem to want to talk about it and instead accepts her mistake. She thinks that iDOLs exist to protect people from Drops, so making a mistake to protect the iDOL is getting your priorities backwards. Thus, she feels that she must get stronger so that she can protect everything. Inspired, Haruka offers to help Iori clean the Nebula, but Iori points out that Haruka should be taking care of the Imber instead. The two girls proceed to clean their respective iDOLs by hand, and after she finishes, Iori heads off to challenge Makoto to a mock battle through the training simulators. Finding out about it from Yukiho, Haruka arrives at the training room after Iori has already been defeated. Because she remembers how Iori wanted to be strong, Haruka decides to challenge Makoto too because she also wants to protect the iDOLs. Haruka, however, also loses, and Iori finds her brooding later that evening at the basketball court on top of their school. When Haruka apologizes, Iori tries to make her feel better by revealing that Makoto has been training here ever since she was born. Iori starts talking about how she’s pissed off about all this, but Haruka then notices that Iori brought a corn dog for her. Iori can’t help but laugh at the face that Haruka makes while eating it, and that gets Haruka excited because this is the first time she’s seen Iori laugh.


So this is essentially turned out to be the episode where Haruka and Iori become friends. They also seem to have made Makoto to be the strong-but-steely-hearted girl who I’m sure Haruka will eventually win over. Unfortunately, none of this gets me any more excited about the series, though for now it’s not a bad mindless show to watch. Speaking of which though, the more I watch this, the more I think that iDOLs are like puppies: you have to wash them, take them out, and give them plenty of love & care because they have feelings too.
Sad to say, Yayoi in a rooster outfit really does make a scene that much funnier, so I hope she gets more screen time. Anyway, the preview for next week makes it look like it might be Yukiho’s character episode. Somehow though, I doubt this will get really interesting until Chihaya, Karasu, or R.I.F.F.A show up again.


  1. >The more I watch this, the more I think that iDOLs are like puppies: you have to wash them, take them out, and give them plenty of love & care

    So is this series still plotless or what? Typical Sunrise bull (think Mai-Hime) until episode 8?

  2. I doubt it’s entirely about destroying debris. There’s still those other guys with the super-powered loli and the other Misato look-alike. There’ll probably be mecha vs. mecha action later. And although it’d still be destroying rocks, maybe ther’ll come a time where some evil plot involves sending hundreds of rocks down onto the planet. Who knows…

  3. Like pakxenon was saying, this show might just take some time to get really going. Or it could be complete crap. It’s too early to tell, but honestly there’s not much stuff better on Mondays for me to watch instead (except for maybe Touka Gettan).

  4. I love how Iori made that face in the third pic, third row! ^^

    By the way, did you know that the Honey and Clover 2 DVD that they got the original VA of Takemoto Yuuta who was in a car accident to play his character in the final episode in the DVD??

  5. God, is this supposed to be a mech anime, or is it supposed to be another one of those cheesy “friendship is beautiful” type of animes?

    Makes me wish they air the last Code Geass episodes already…>.>

  6. Well, there was a short mecha vs. mecha battle in the second episode, and they do seem to have some real antagonists, so I imagine there will be more than just smashing up meteors. If I wanted that I could watch Stratos 4.

  7. Minikui: I can’t agree less.

    I have been really disapointed by the show, Bokurano is far away better especially for people like me who have read the manga, but for Omni who’ve already read the manga it might not be that interesting.
    And finally, since it’s a sunrise show, it might become great.

  8. Sorry I forgot a word :s
    I haven’t read the manga.
    What Omni said in his post about Bokurano is that, having read the manga, he didn’t felt like bloggin’ the anime because he thought the manga was better.


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