To be honest, I understood about 10% of this episode. Of course, this also means that the majority of this episode was straight conversation, and less of the fanbait references and such of the second ep. Who cares 😀

So, let’s see…

– It’s time to change to the summer seifuku!
– As they’re waiting for the morning train, they talk about some more of the “random musings” of life, such as how to dress up a postcard, the relationship between the two twins.
– On the train, it’s really hot – Konata starts fanning herself in provocative ways which gets the guy sitting in front of her all hot and bothered.
– More Miyuki wisdom – why do people tend to get married in June?
– Konata used to like rain – since baseball games get canceled, the usual anime gets aired!
– Random Cromartie and Pani Poni Dash references…
– After her humiliating defeat at the arcade, Kagami challenges Konata to some PS2 action, and gets swept faster than the Lakers will be.
– Konata as the next KyoAni disciple of ponytail. Swoon~
– In the same way they bantered about food, the girls turn their discussion to talking about Miyuki, and how smart, hot, moe, etc she is. Who has confessed to her? Does she even realize she’s being confessed to?
– Lucky Channel segment 3: Seems like the next few segments will be dedicated to introducing the characters of the show. KyoAni messes with viewers once again by baiting us with imminent Akira transformations…but it only happens near the end! It’s like that one South Park Christmas episode where Kenny gets in all these fatal situations, but walks out unscathed each time…
– ED karaoke song: Sore ga Ai Deshou, Full Metal Panic Fumoffu OP, originally by Mikuni Shimokawa. Kinda weird hearing Konata switch from Guu-loli voice to her mature singing voice, but that was talked about too. This show holds no punches!


Better summaries to come when I learn more Japanese. Unlikely. Unless those Naruto guys make an anime about learning Japanese, where each new term is like a new jutsu…wouldn’t that be somethin


  1. xD gosh lucky star just gets weirder! (which is very good ^^)

    konata’s boke + kagami’s tsukkomi are funny as usual, although konata went overboard this time (kagami with tsukasa’s hair + ribbon looking “cute,” kagami in a ponytail, which definitely didnt look as good as it did on konata+tsukasa). not too much miyuki tho. hmm.

    and hirano aya pulls off her “im singing seriously” voice. i do wonder if the other 3 will sing (most likely), but what will they actually pick?

    the lucky channel segment was hilarious. akira’s double-sided nature shows up again, as she mumblse about how there are just as many fans/maniacs that will fancy her as much as they will for miyuki (and asks minoru if miyuki is superficially and in reality is a girl with loose morals who smokes! xD)

    and…i seriously wonder if the lucky star animators were making the “drunk man” look similar to the “dad” on atashinchi on purpose…

  2. This episode was very much like the first episode, and honestly, it was more Japanese culture references than it was random humor. I loved the FMP reference at the end and had a few laughs, but other than that this episode was honestly a let down. Not that I’m giving up on the show, but I can only say I like it, not love it. For me, that’s a first for something Kyoani has produced.

  3. “To be honest, I understood about 10% of this episode. Of course, this also means that the majority of this episode was straight conversation, and less of the fanbait references and such of the second ep. Who cares”

    Your right about the 10%. I only understood 5% (I was too busy playing Yggdra’s Union). Can’t wait for the subs.

  4. I thinks, this is the first time since the beginning of series that Kagami ‘win’ against Konata.
    Show Spoiler ▼

  5. I’m looking to be happy with most of the episode… but I’d prefer “reference gag insertions” to be more subtle or in context with what Konata is doing at the time. The manga stands on its own pretty nicely without gratuitous inserts.

    I’m also kind of mixed on Kona actually trying to sing her last karaoke song in tune (Hirano) as I found her dynamic and energy-filled screeching to be quite endearing. Now we’ll get to hear what kind of songs the other characters like (someone suggested Miyuki would like little kid’s show themes, heh).

  6. @ waterfall.

    xD i must agree, konata looks disturbingly like shana…just more lax, anime-crazy, and mellow. and i guess im not the only one that found similarities between kagami and tohsaka rin xD

  7. man, you pretty much have to be a hard core otaku or at least live in japan to even understand most of those references.
    could become incredibly popular in japan but hard to imagine it being licensed.

  8. uatafak, that’s an amazing catch – buuuut she the girl has long hair, whereas rena had the shortish hair. however, if that really was intended to be a higurashi reference… i would think there’s a lot more of those ultra subtle references elsewhere

  9. This anime Rule. in my country ,they have many fansubber try to do it.

    Dragon quest 5 also mention in this episode about which one you want to marry ? Childhood friend or Loverly rich girl.Kagami come in and said “Bianca!” ,lol i love this

  10. My god, Aya does an AMAZING Sore Ga Ai Deshou. I hope there’s a cd that has all of them doing these retakes on the songs… I’d buy it just for that one song. Then again, I don’t recognize any of the other ones anyway… >


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