After Romeo departs, a still shocked Juliet gets found and is taken back home by Curio and Francisco. Conrad lectures her for what she did and reminds her that she’s inherited the Capulet family name. Juliet, however, now questions their goal of attacking the Montagues and declares that she doesn’t want revenge. Conrad tells her that it’s not for revenge but rather for taking back Neo Verona, yet Juliet thinks those are the same. Romeo meanwhile returns to the stables where he keeps his pegasus Cielo and asks Benvolio why his father made an enemy of the Red Whirlwind. Benvolio explains that it’s because the Red Whirlwind is a rebellious element against Duke Montague, but Romeo feels that the Red Whirlwind isn’t a bad person. He knows that the Red Whirlwind is a champion of justice to the townspeople. As Benvolio figures out that Romeo intentionally let the Red Whirlwind go, Romeo asserts that this town needs the Red Whirlwind. Benvolio feels that Romeo can’t say things like that since he’ll someday become the Duke, and Romeo can’t govern with only a sense of justice. Speaking as a friend, he asks Romeo not to do something rash again. That night, Juliet faces the window as she lies in bed and notices that the moon looks like it is crying. Staring at the same moon, Romeo comments to Cielo that the painful times are long.

The following day, Juliet sneaks out dressed as Odin, but she runs into William before she can get out of the building. William notices that Odin seems to be troubled by love and lets her go. Juliet wanders around the city for a while filled with feelings of wanting to see Romeo until she finally arrives at the graveyard where her parents are buried. It is there that she discovers another field of irises, and it causes her to lament about Romeo being a Montague. In front of her parents’ grave, she apologizes for loving a person she shouldn’t love. Juliet then hears and sees a pegasus land nearby, so she goes to investigate. She finds Romeo and Cielo standing in the nearby iris field, and although she initially hides herself, she realizes that he doesn’t know Odin. She thus walks toward him, but Cielo smells and approaches her first. Not recognizing Odin as Juliet, Romeo sees that Cielo wants Juliet to ride it, so he invites her out. After Juliet gets on Cielo and Romeo takes a seat behind her, he notices that she smells of irises and figures out that that must be why Cielo likes her so much. Cielo then takes off into the air and the two fly high above Neo Verona. As Juliet enjoys the feeling of the wind, Romeo reveals that he likes the smell of irises too.

Romeo eventually asks for Juliet’s name, so she tells him that it’s Odin. Despite already knowing his name, she asks him what it is anyway. Romeo introduces himself, but, to her surprise, he also says that he doesn’t like the parts of his name that follow Romeo. If it were possible, he’d prefer to go by just Romeo, and he admits to wanting to throw away the rest of the name like his mother did. It soon starts raining, so Romeo offers to take Juliet home. Despite the rain, it seems to him that she doesn’t want to return home yet, and since Romeo feels the same way, he brings Cielo down at a cabin outside the city. Inside, Juliet gets embarrassed as Romeo takes off his clothes to dry them by the campfire. She doesn’t want to take off her clothes for fear of being found out, but fortunately Romeo doesn’t press the issue and instead goes outside to tend to Cielo. With Romeo out of the room, Juliet takes the opportunity to dry her clothes too. Right after she takes off her wig, Romeo comes back in and discovers who she is. Surprised that she’s been found out, Juliet takes a step back and trips backwards towards the campfire, but acting quickly, Romeo manages to grab her before she gets hurt. The two of them end up landing on the floor together, with him on top of her. Romeo is so shocked that he can only manage to utter Juliet’s name.


I don’t know how much Romeo really likes the smell of irises, but it struck me as kind of odd that Romeo would take a random guy up into the air in such an intimate fashion (with his arms basically around Juliet). Everything else between them seemed relatively normal, from Juliet’s embarrassment when Romeo took most of his clothes off to their mutual shock at the end. The story is moving quicker than I thought it would be by reuniting them again and exposing to Romeo the true identity of Odin. That doesn’t mean that he necessarily knows that she’s also the Red Whirlwind, though perhaps by now he should have figured it out through the smell of irises that he keeps picking up.
I suspect that this encounter will lead the two to realize how much they have in common and love each other, so they’ll start meeting secretly. The preview for next episode, however, shows a lot more of what’s going on in the city around them than hints on how their relationship develops.
One more thing: they finally fixed the spelling of William Shakespeare’s name in the OP this week (it used to be spelled “Whilliam”).


  1. I have to saw when I saw the bottom screen caps I went (o_o) “Wow, isn’t their relationship progressing a little too quickly?” And then I realized, “Oh never mind, it’s probably some sort of accident that they ended up in that position” 😛 But still, dang. XD;; Now I’m wondering why Juliet/Odin looks so horrified in the preview. Hmm… 😕

  2. Omni: Yeah, don’t you just love misdirection? XD;; If I saw that first hand I’d probably exclaim a very loud “What the-?!!” but it would also probably keep me very interested in the rest of the episode since I’d want to know what exactly happened. Sneeky, sneeky.

  3. Yep yep… seems we all dirty minded here @_@. But if you think about the original they got married for reals had honey moon and all. Makes u wonder O_o really
    Thank you for the screens they make me wanna watch this episode so badly. Things are getting all tangled up, let’s see how romeo keeps the little secret. *rubs chin*

  4. Well, from the next episode preview (I just saw the raw), it looks like Romeo won’t tell anybody (that part’s obvious), but it looks like he’s trying to ask her why she’s dressed up as a boy (and she’s blushing :D). As for the Juliet shock face, in the part of the preview before it, there’s guards behind her (and other people) with torches, so that’s probably not good….-_-

  5. Whoa Whoa whoaaa~!
    haha, when i first saw this post, i saw the images of
    1) Romeo shirtless
    2) Juliet… not much clothing on (well, less than her usual attire)
    3) Romeo lying ONTOP of Juliet
    yea, my mind has wandered off to the land of bad thoughts

  6. OMFGGG!!

    When I saw the screenshots I was like “OMFGGGGG this is so quicklyyy” xDD but now I just want to see this episode >_> and know what exactly happened!

    Romeo looks really good xD yay n.n

    this is getting better and betterrrrr

  7. This anime rocks…even compared with crap ( a real big shit ) OVA like Sakura Taisen: New York NY the animation of this anime is way too better!!
    Talking about shit and stuff NEVER watch or download this Sakura Taisen: New York NY OVAS
    they are a bunch of a retarded stories about some japanese anime characters sucking america´s ass 😛 !!!
    Anyway what do you expect from a anime from a DATE SIMULATION game ( the only thing sakura taisen has are only some nice kanjis on the anime….and THAT´S ALL FOLKS) it suck it is retarded and the main character is gay for sure so don´t waste your time here……a real nice advice from a PORFESSIONAL OTAKU that watches almost every thing and a PRO gamer too!!!Sakura taisen…..(lol)…….my ass!!! 😀 😀

  8. By the way: I am playing ninja gaiden sigma demo……it rocks baby!!!
    The graphics are AMAAAZZZIIINNGGGGLLLYYY way too better than the cg from the xbox…T_T
    Do I LIE????

  9. That was a fast move there, damn you Romeo.
    Well, I think is time for Juliet to be finds out about her true identity as a Capulet. Well, there is another thing that bothers me right now, judging the preview for episode 5, Juliet can’t perform her act as the Red Whirlwind o save those people, so is someone else going to save them? Romeo maybe, who knows….
    Maybe Romeo suspected something about Odin at first, and that’s why he let her ride Cielo. There is too many theories. I’ll keep this one.
    This is for W. S.

    Syaoran Li
  10. the preview on the 1st page!!! spoilt evrything!! lolx

    i actually havent picked up on this anime yet…..i just hate having to wait a whole week for a new eps…..exception of hayate this season ^^

  11. I have to admit the ending of this episode nearly cleaned all the blood out of my nose >>;; I really love this series and how its been changed from the original play! My Japanese is limited so I can only understand some parts and the subtitled releases aren’t fast enough for me so I’m so glad to have found your blog/site! Thank you so much! 😀


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