With this new revelation on Mikami, Near decides that they need to get close to him, but he is also aware that the existence of a Shinigami with Mikami poses a problem if they want to follow him. Light and Aizawa are meanwhile inspecting the room that Light will be meeting with Takada again. Aizawa thinks to himself about how the surveillance cameras were removed and questions why Kira allows this secret meeting in the first place. Because of his suspicions, Aizawa uses his fingernail to leave a mark on the back of the last sheet of paper in a notepad in the room. When Light meets with Takada, they do indeed use those notepads, with Takada starting by asking on paper what Misa is to Light. Light writes back that Misa used to carry judgments and that it couldn’t be helped because she had Kira’s power and found out who Light was. He claims that if that weren’t the case, then he wouldn’t have chosen someone like Misa. This makes Takada think that Light back then had no choice but to accept Misa whereas now he’s actively chosen Takada instead. She decides to believe in Light, but for the sake of the investigation team listening in, she claims that she’ll tell Kira if Light is lying. He then pretends to convince Takada to help him catch Kira for the sake of their own happiness, all while feeding her what lines to say on the notepad.

Around this time, Giovanni reports in to Near that Mikami was talking to himself. From the video, they are able to read Mikami’s lips to figure out that he was talking about how the Shinigami hasn’t appeared since giving him the notebook. Back at the hotel, Aizawa checks out the meeting room and is shocked to find that two of the four notepads now no longer have the fingernail marking. Thinking about why they would replace the notepads, Aizawa concludes that Light and Takada must be communicating to each other through writing. He decides to go to Near with this information, but Near already knows everything Aizawa has to say. Instead, Near tells Aizawa not to do anything unnecessary because they’re no longer at that stage, and he also asserts that Aizawa is already out of the loop. If Aizawa wants to catch Kira, he should just watch over him as he has been doing, though Near does want Aizawa around to witness the end of Kira.

It’s soon time for the end of year music festival, and Takada is emceeing as planned. Misa, however, never shows up because she and Mogi get kidnapped by the SPK. Mogi, who Aizawa had earlier told about the notepads, knows that this is for the sake of capturing Kira and goes along with it. Near openly admits to Light that the SPK kidnapped them as a precautionary measure, but he claims that the two accepted it, and when Light questions Mogi over the intercom, Mogi confirms this. Giovanni is meanwhile still following Mikami and sneaks into the locker room while Mikami is working out at the gym. Near had wanted Giovanni to touch the notebook because he wanted to verify if there was a Shinigami following Mikami or not. After Giovanni succeeds in breaking into Mikami’s locker, he touches the Death Note and finds no Shinigami around him. Upon learning of this, Near contacts Mogi and asks about what the rules say concerning how long you can control someone before their death. Mogi answers 23 days, so Near’s new plan is to wait 24 days before confronting L in order to see if Giovanni is being controlled to tell them that there is no Shinigami. Near later has Giovanni go back to take pictures of the Death Note’s pages, and he is able to see all of Mikami’s writing when Giovanni uploads the pictures. With these in front of him, Near feels reassured that they can do this.


I don’t see why Near just doesn’t go after Light now and why he bothers waiting the 24 days. I’m sure he can set a trap to negate any advantage or advance warning a Shinigami could give Light or Mikami. Light probably has a few more tricks left, but with the way Near is outmaneuvering him, they may not matter. Actually, all this talk of Shinigami reminds me that we haven’t seen or heard from Ryuk in a while, and the Shinigami in general hasn’t played a significant role since Shidoh left. Mello hasn’t been around either, though the preview for next week does show him again. Hopefully we’ll get to see more of both of them as we enter the final three episodes of Death Note.


  1. those lego looks so cute with the death note characters…i wonder do they sell it? This episode isn’t sub yet…are you guys watching raw?

    I can’t wait for the showdown…and Mail haven’t appeared yet…

  2. Die Light die!
    well, death is not enough. You should be chopped into pieces with your xxxx poled in front of the city gate and your xxxxxxxx xxxxx flushed down the toilet.

  3. i want Near to die

    also – it’s not technically possible for the video to be crisp enough for them to determine what Teru is saying when it’s blurry even at zoomed 0

    Why does Kira change the memos – it’s not necessary, isn’t it? All that has to be done is for him to bring his own writing pad…

    Also – a gym wouldn’t be open on New Year’s Day – that’s also unrealistic – and it’s not probable to open a lock with a pin

    This anime is getting ridiculously skewed for N’s benefits

  4. aaaaaaaawwww matt *__* so cuteee
    arergrhgjhgdfjbh look at his cute cute cute face in teh prev image xDDDD

    i think L could have catch kira
    but near has agents and all to do the work in his place T.T
    L not

  5. i think that ryuk isnt around mikami because hes exchanging the things light and takada rote on with other ones in the hotel. cant ryuk go through walls?? i cant remember


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