Juliet and Antonio find Tybalt waiting for them in the sewers, but Juliet is still concerned about all the people she left behind, so Tybalt questions if she wants to go back and die with them. Juliet eventually does go with him, though Antonio chooses to turn back. Tybalt then takes Juliet to a special district where nobles go for pleasure and arranges a room for her to stay in. The next day, Montague gets angry over a report about how Juliet still hasn’t been found. During the parliamentary session afterwards, he gives a speech about defeating the greedy Capulet who monopolized Neo Verona’s wealth and how Juliet is the leader. In contrast to his father, Romeo then makes an impassioned speech to the parliament asking for forgiveness for Juliet’s crimes. Montague immediately puts this up for vote, and as expected, no one sides with Romeo, meaning that his proposal is unanimously rejected.

Tybalt returns to Juliet’s room later in the day to find that she hasn’t eaten or changed clothes, so he tells her that some of her friends were captured. When Juliet questions him about why he saved only her, Tybalt reveals that Francisco asked him to. Taking a hard line when Juliet starts blaming herself, Tybalt asks if she was not prepared for there to be sacrifices in trying to defeat Montague. Tybalt is still planning on defeating Montague in his own way and, feeling that Juliet is a hindrance, he tells her that there’s nothing she can do right now. All alone, Juliet leaves her room and wanders around the streets thinking about what Tybalt said and about how she’s to blame for what happened to everyone. When it starts raining, Juliet almost gets run over by a carriage and falls into a puddle of water. This splash in turn gets a rich woman’s dress wet, and that woman slaps Juliet in retribution. Even when Juliet spots a cat and tries to welcome it into the safety of her cloak, it growls at her and runs away.

With the weight of everything on her mind, Juliet collapses on the street, but by chance, she does so in front of the convent right as Portia is coming out. Portia realizes who Juliet is by her sword and decides to help her, though Juliet quietly says that it would have been better if she had died during that time 14 years ago. Secretly watching them from afar, Tybalt wonders if this is fate. Once inside the convent, Portia puts Juliet in bed and waits for her to wake up again before confirming that this girl is indeed Juliet. Being found out surprises Juliet, but she calms down because Portia says that this place is safe. Portia then introduces herself as Romeo’s mother, and this causes Juliet to start crying, so Portia holds her and comments on this cruel fate. Revealing that Montague was her husband, Portia thinks that what he did was unforgivable, and she feels that she has to apologize to Juliet. Later that night, after hearing Juliet call out Romeo’s name in her sleep, Portia decides to send for him.

When Romeo arrives, Portia shows Romeo that Juliet is under her care, and she explains to him how Montague killed Capulet, his family, and his followers in order to become Duke. On that night, a still bloody Montague had told Portia to be happy because she had become the Duke’s wife. Portia had been unable to endure being the wife of a Duke who had killed innocent people, but she now tells Romeo that he can’t change the fact that he’s Montague’s son. She then allows him to see Juliet who has already awoken. Romeo kneels by Juliet’s bed, clearly frustrated with himself, so Juliet tells him that it’s not his fault. He then repeatedly apologizes to her and ends up staying by her bedside until morning when he wakes up to find her gone. To his relief, she’s just standing outside on the balcony enjoying the breeze. After Romeo heads down the stairs to the garden below the balcony, Juliet suddenly asks him why he is Romeo. Since they are the daughter of Capulet and the son of Montague, why did they meet and fall in love with one another?

Hearing this, Romeo asks if she regrets it, and Juliet answers that she does not. However, she feels that although they are standing so close now, there is still a wall between them that is higher than any mountain. Romeo responds by leaping up on top of a bush in front of the balcony and declaring that he’ll climb over any such wall. As long as she is there, whether it be a raging tempest or a forest of darkness or a raging fire, he’ll dive in. For her, he’ll throw away the name Montague and just be Romeo, without the need for any other names. All of this takes Juliet’s breath away, and she takes Romeo’s outstretched hand. When Portia comes by later, she finds both of them gone.


I got goosebumps watching that last scene because it was so beautiful (with white being a color of purity), and Romeo’s lines were accompanied by such great music – there are so many songs that I want to hear on the soundtrack for this series. Ok, so maybe those lines were a little cheesy, but I loved them all the same, especially since Romeo seems to be showing a lot more backbone now. This was very much the equivalent of the balcony scene for R X J, especially with the whole name thing and the climbing over walls (refer to this page for text of Shakespeare’s original work if you want to do some comparison).
I also liked the scene where Portia comforts and hugs Juliet because in a way it felt like Juliet was finally getting some of the motherly love she never got to have. And since Portia did so much for Juliet in such a short amount of time – saving her and reuniting her with Romeo – I find it fitting that Tybalt calls their meeting fate. Anyway, it looks like next episode will feature a lot of time together for the lovely couple, which probably means that their separation again also can’t be too far off.


  1. My eyes were tearing a bit watching this.
    Although I’m also glad we get to see Mercutio again in this episode, & I’m still wonder if like in the novel he will die here. (I’m guessing though, that the fight scene between him & Tybalts won’t be all that long considering Mercutio looks more ego then actual strength)

  2. i’m squeeing!!! SQUEE!!! CAN’T WAIT FOR SUBS.

    but i must admit, i was sorta hoping the balcony scene would be reversed with romeo on the balcony and juliet shouting up at him.

  3. you know the opening sequence, where there is that last pic of romeo and juliet in the field of flowers?

    i truly believe that is them when they are dead, as after scene of them happy in the afterlife where they couldn’t be on earth.

    *don’t hate me for saying it* ^_

    Elegant Destruction
  4. >delirious dragonfly

    No, Portia was standing on the said balcony after the two of them left, I assume, to go on a “date” or spend some quality time together. Notice how Juliet’s dress is now laying on the bed.

  5. Hmmm… I had a couple of questions: Has it been revealed that Tybalt is Juliet’s cousin? Or is it just not part of this storyline? Is there any romance between the two if they’re not portrayed as cousins?
    Thank you~ (:

  6. This show is going to have 13 episodes? Or 26?
    “Anyway, it looks like next episode will feature a lot of time together for the lovely couple, which probably means that their separation again also can’t be too far off.”
    I also think so. That’s how Romeo x Juliet works.

  7. I think we’re moving closer and closer to death >.> Meaning Mercrutio, Tybalt, Romeo, and Juliet’s (who knows, maybe Romeo’s daddy’ll die too)

    I wonder if they’re going to make Tybalt Juliet’s (missing?) cousin or if he’s just going to remain a random mysterious guy?

    Portia needs to slap Romeo’s daddy in the face and ground him or something D: Bad bad!

  8. Wahh!! IT’s so Kawsaii LOol. I really think they are gunna die in the end like the play… It’s one of those hunches that i get. Tybalt is so cool OLOL HAHAHAH. The aniamtion budget in this ep must’ve been really high… the last scene was really kakoi… HEHE I can’t believe they actually animated the entire balcany scene with R and J!!!! KAWAII!!!!!

  9. Ahaha. It’s the balcony scene! Ooh yeah. Loved it. I like how both of them seemed refresh at the end and how Romeo took that special leap up just to see her. Aww. And eh, that rich lady needs a slap back! 😀

    Here’s Episode 11’s summary:
    Show Spoiler ▼

  10. aaaaahhh, the dialog in the last scene was surprisingly similar to the original text(give or take a few sentences and stanzas)But I don’t think they are going to die at the end of the play, because in the original, Juliet commits suicide to avoid her marriage with Paris and make everyone think she is dead-and when Romeo sees that she’s dead, her commits suicide as well, etc etc. Seeing as there is no Paris in the anime,and Juliet has to stay alive to carry on the Capulet name, maybe it won’t have the same tragic ending…?I hope so >.

  11. hmmm…. Gonzo >>> Basilisk >>> Tragic suicide ending of two lovers >>> RxJ…Yeah, my theory says they will die T_T I dun want that…
    RxJ will have 24 episode btw. 14 episodes to go XD

  12. LOL wow was the ending corny…
    almost too corny! im afraid their loves scenes arent really getting to me
    seeing how as i dont feel it, the makers are kinda pushing it…

    and did juliet’s voice actress change? she sounds a bit high pitched
    that i dont like either =P makes her sound kinda pathetic sometimes. AHHH im bashing so much LOL. gomen =P

  13. The balcony scene….
    At least they didn’t took that one off. No R&J is complete without that scene…
    Juliet didn’t say “Romeo, Romeo. Where art thou Romeo?” didn’t she?

  14. >moondoggiebuiscuit,

    I agree no RxJ adaptation is RxJ without the balcony thing. I think the anime Juliet did say ‘wherefore art thou Romeo’ though. She asked ‘anata wa doushite Romeo nano?’

    Gonzo did an absolutely wonderful job weaving in the balcony scene. I get the feeling it’ll be one hell of a tragic ending, but I hope Gonzo will dish it out just as tastefully.

  15. When Omni does his poll at the end of the year, this series has to win Best Sound hands down. Blood + was the last series to blow me away with the combination of score, dialogue, and action.

    Overall, I am loving this interpretation with Juliet leading the vassels of the fallen Capulet house. Best case scenario would have Romeo forskaing all and fighting with the Capulets. Not likely though.

    Yuri Rocks
  16. Yuri Rocks: There are actually a lot of shows this year that have great soundtracks, so it’ll be hard to choose. R X J certainly ranks up very high, but sola, Darker than BLACK, Nodame Cantabile, and Manabi Straight also have had strong soundtracks.

  17. Omni: I definitely see where you are coming from. I’m probably leaning toward R x J because every episode has felt like the dialogue and music have worked so perfectly. Still, you are definitely right, it probably will be tough to handicap that poll so to speak. Regardless all of these soundtracks have high replay value.

    Yuri Rocks
  18. Sorry for asking, but does anyone know a subber that subs RxJ faster than Umai-fansubs? Because I reaaaaally hate to wait such a long time for each epi (it’s still worth it, though..) ~! Or where you can get the raws… Ty

  19. Fate… that world holds a lot of meaning on this story, since they’re star-crossed lovers.

    Portia, I really like that name, since I hear it in Bicentenaries Man (I just watch it today again). She knows how hard will be for those two to be happy (we already that happiness will never be reached), still let Rome to choose what he want to do right now. And Romeo, he made his choice of staying with Juliet over his father and his name.

    Well, next episode is… well, their wedding. I remember that scene from Di Caprio infamous version of R x J; I’m happy we’re having it at the middle of the series, leaving a world of possibilities from now on.

    One more episode and I’ll catch with you Onmi.

    Syaoran Li
  20. I just saw this ep and I gotta say it brought the show back up, I was a little dissapointed on how the show grew in action scenes and cut on the romance factor on the last eps, I also wasn’t liking Juliet’s character cause she seemed inmature IMO and kept pushing romeo away, but this ep makes up for all that ^_^


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