The days pass quickly and Takada soon gets a confirmation message from Mikami, so she relays it to Light like he had told her to, indicating to Light that Mikami found out he’s being followed. As Light expects, Near later contacts him and proposes a meeting to settle everything. Near, however, also states that he wants everyone involved in the investigation to be there, including the four members of SPK and Mogi. The meeting place is to be an abandoned warehouse at the pier, and Near stipulates that someone other than Light has to bring the Death Note. As for time, based on what he knows of Mikami’s movements, Near decides on the 28th – three days from today – at 1PM. Light knows that Nears has figured this out, though he still agrees to that time. As they hang up the phone, both Near and Light feel that they know each other’s plans and will win. Light later passes a note to Takada telling her of the meeting place and time so that he can get her to help him kill Near.

Sometime later, Takada is arriving at the television studio under heavy guard when someone in a red car drives up and shoots a smoke canister into the crowd. In the confusion, her bodyguard Lidner – a member of Near’s SPK – tries to lead Takada into the building when a man on a motorcycle shows up. Lidner recognizes that man to be Mello, so she lets him take Takada to supposed safety. She sends three cars of bodyguards with Mello and has the rest go after the man in the red car, but those bodyguards following Mello soon lose sight of the motorcycle when he rides down a narrow alleyway that they can’t follow him through. The others, however, do manage to catch the man in the red car and promptly execute him even though he gives himself up. Takada soon realizes that she’s with Mello and knows his real name already thanks to Light. After bringing her into the back of a truck, Mello forces her to strip down in case she’s wearing a tracking device. Unbeknownst to him, however, Takada is carrying a piece of the Death Note in her bra and hides it as she takes off her clothes.

After dumping Takada’s clothes, Mello drives off with her still in the back of his truck and has no idea that she’s writing his name on her piece of the Death Note. A short while later, Light gets a phone call from her. Light had earlier gotten contacted by Near who confirmed that it was Mello who kidnapped Takada. He now asks her about where she is and then about if she did what he told her to do in this situation. Takada has indeed written Mello’s name down, and to Light’s surprise, Mello is already dead. Takada wants him to come save her, but Light simply reminds her to call Mikami to instruct him to judge as much as he can and then hangs up on her. Light then heads for her location with Aizawa and Ide, riding in the back of the car so that he can access the slip of the Death Note inside his watch without them knowing. Thus, by the time they arrive, the church ruins where Takada was are now up in flames. Light had written out Takada’s death to be a suicide that burned herself and everything around her.


Well, this was a really exciting episode. I didn’t think that Takada’s security team would shoot Mello’s accomplice so easily, and I didn’t expect Mello to die due to Takada either. It sort of felt like Mello died a bit too easily, but I guess it shows how well Light planned out everything that could happen and how well everything fell into place for him. I also can’t help but feel sympathetic towards Takada since Light used her to get rid of Mello and then promptly killed her afterwards, never really answering to her cries for help. Of course, it’s hard to be surprised how Light acts or hate him for it since this really isn’t the first time he’s done something like this.
We are now headed for what appears to be the final showdown since the title of next episode is the (probably very important) date “1.28.” This shot from the preview kind of looks to me like Mikami dying, but it’s hard to tell for sure. Regardless, I’m looking forward to a thrilling conclusion in the final two episodes.


  1. Light wrote down Mello’s real name for Takada when he showed her the sketches of Mello and Near. I believe the reason Light wasn’t able to kill Mello on his own was because Light hasn’t seen Mello’s face.

  2. I think there was a part when Kiyomi was remembering that Light told her about L’s two successors, which were Mello and Near, along with the fact that he told her Mello’s actual name.

    And OMG~
    After watching him and actually hearing his voice made me so happy, but then… he dies. D;
    I thought that was messed up. =.=
    Mello’s death too. >>;

  3. OMG..I feel soo sorry for Takada!! *sniff* Even though Takada did everything for Light, he still kills her. Mello’s death does seems too easily, but the series is begining to be very interesting.

  4. erm, at pt…if i’m not wrong then matt is the third accomplice of ‘L’ (the real one)..basically he also lived in the Wammy orphanage and was third in line..i think thats right..Misa is still alive and probably unaware..hope that helps!
    omg this episode i can’t believe Mello dies-i swear thats not meant to happen??anyway great ep ^^

  5. Yes, according to volume 13(manga, but basically an info book to sum everything up and explain), Misa is unaware since she hasn’t touched a death note and Matt was 3rd in line.

  6. Yikes. It doesn’t look like either Mello or Matt got the credit in the anime that they got at the end of the manga… in the manga, this chapter made me really like the both of them.

    Well, at least they look cool.

  7. It was really great to hear Matt speak. It wasn’t exactly the voice I imagined for him (I thought he would’ve sounded a little younger), but I thought it suited him very well nonetheless. So bad-ass. @_@ It really was sad that the animators cut so much of his screentime out, so the people that haven’t read the manga wouldn’t really care so much about his death. 🙁 Even though Matt’s such a minor character, he’s still important, and he has a huge fanbase. I love him to bits. XD I really like Mello as well, so it was sad to see him die too. *Sigh*

    But the person I really felt sorry for was Takada. I didn’t like her all that much, but when she was crying out for help, and Light was completely ignoring her pleas…I really sympathised for her. 🙁 And then he killed her off, just like that.

    Anyway, I can’t wait till the next episode. Light and Near showdown!

  8. Wow. Light really doesn’t care about ANYONE, does he? I thought Takada might actually survive the slaughter, but… Geez. As a non-manga reader (well, at least not caught up), I’m putting money on Misa and Matsuda being the only survivors… Maybe not even Misa. But Matsuda has always been the innocent, realistic character who sort-of supports Kira’s ideals, but not his methods. I think he deserves to make it out of the bloodbath. But… everyone is going to die, aren’t they? EVERYONE.

    And I won’t be able to see any of it, because NO ONE is subbing Death Note anymore. Time to start doubling up on those Japanese lessons…

  9. Oh, right… and Misa will live because Light doesn’t see her as a threat anymore… until she touches one of the Notes again, remembers who he really is, and kills him before he can write her name down.

    And then probably kills herself, too since she was so intensely in love with him. While setting ALL the Notes on fire. And Matsuda watches in horror. THE END.

    Oh yea, and what’s up with Ryuk? Do they basically cut him out of the manga at this point too, or is there just not enough time in the anime to toss in a snarky little quip here and there? The first time I saw Ryuk was when I knew I was completely hooked on this show, and now he’s a background player at best. Well, I’m sure he’ll have a lot to say in the Final Two.

    And by the way… I’m Dave. First time posting. Don’t kill me? ^_^;

  10. That’s true. Matsuda is the only survivor because he did not involove so much with the incidents, and this is a fact that the one who do not get involoved will survive.

  11. light is killed by…. CHACHAAAAAN!!!! RYUK!!! 😛 wooooooo no keria ke mataran a Mello ni a L !!!! ni a Mikami!!!!! son los personajes mas chidoooooos!!!! jajajaja bueno… Near y Matsuda tambien son chidos.. pero ellos no se mueren 🙂


  12. This was so brutal… The look on Takada’s face when her heart stopped was gutwrenching. To think that Misa could’ve suffered the same fate. Light would have definitely given her up if he got caught. I’m glad that Misa is alive for another week. Go Near!

    Yuri Rocks
  13. guys, its not what u think, its all mello’s plan to die. u’ll see in the ending. it makes u think light has everthing planned out, but yet he’s goin to be outsmarted by mello. you’ll find out on episode 37 why.

  14. yea man, mello totally outsmarted Light in the end 😀 near was only good in puzzeling stuff, while mello was good in predicting and knowing the possibilitys. and yea, together they outsmarted light real badly :D:D

  15. YESSSS takada died!! ^^ she died, she died, oh yeah!
    T_T mello… it’s unfair!! he died very early !_!
    and poor matt…he only appeared 2 minutes in the show !_! and he said only…2 lines?? O.o

    Sakura Nakane

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