Allen and Lenalee are riding on a train through the countryside when it suddenly stops because of a carriage in the middle of the tracks. It turns out that this is a trap by Akuma, and so the two Exorcists have their hands full protecting the train and fighting all the Akuma. By working together, Lenalee and Allen are eventually able to prevail, but by the time they’re done, they’ve been left behind by the train. Fortunately, they run into a Finder convoy that takes them in and feeds them. While they are eating the leader of the Finders, named Devon, explains that the Akuma are on the move westward, but they don’t know why. That night, Lenalee has a dream where she is sitting alone at the top of some ruins in a world with a red sky and black moon. She starts screaming when she sees Allen’s hand sticking out of the water below her, and it is at this point that she wakes up from the nightmare.

Around this time, Tyki Mikk is at his mining job with his human friends when he gets a call from the Millennium Earl. However, before he has to leave, he gives the boy Eaze a familiar-looking pendant. The Millennium Earl then brings him to a meeting with the rest of the Noah family supposedly to help Road with her homework, but in actuality, he wants to talk with them about the fight against the Exorcists and deals out cards to assign each of them their targets. Allen and Lenalee meanwhile part with the Finder convoy that is on its way to meet General Froi Tiedoll, but those Finders comes under attack soon afterwards by Akuma. The two Exorcists arrive in time to help the Finders by destroying all the level ones and the level two Akuma, and fortunately, everyone survives. Unbeknownst to them, the Noah family is now on the move too, with Tyki Mikk in particular thinking about how he doesn’t want to lose his human life because he enjoys having both his white and black sides. Of course, the pendant he had given to Eaze earlier had been none other than Kevin Yeegar’s


Holy crap, this is the most manga-related stuff I’ve seen in recent memory. This episode had a bunch of Tyki Mikk stuff, including the scene where he gives Kevin Yeegar’s pendant to the kid Eaze from volume five. This also featured Lenalee having that recurring nightmare that’s shown a lot in the manga (I don’t remember where anymore). Next week’s episode meanwhile seems to be an extended introduction to Froi Tiedoll’s character. Maybe things are finally looking up now….


  1. HOLy CRAP ! IS right!! but i wonder.. are they trying to stretch this thing out to “bleach” proportions?? ” i mean kanda didnt even fight that buff sweet loving dude yet” obvious that it cant be done in 50somthing episodes,,did the manga go the way of “one piece”??and after consideration to a rise in of popularity the production crew decided to drastically increase the life span of the manga, thus making the production team for the anime decide to STAll out with all the fatty fillers???.. truly i’m speculating, and obviously i,ve given this way to much thought “night shift jobs will do that” but i do it because i really like the manga, I LIKE THAT SHIT!!LIKE IT A LOT! and it seems sacraligous to me the way its going..on another note..dont yall think this should have been have been animated for a more mature audience??? i mean alot of shits been censored, shit that had GOOD PUNCH to it..ohh’s hoping

    BROOKLYN otaku
  2. Omni, I found out, although it looks to me unofficial, information about the upcoming 4th ending theme for D.Gray-man

    The fourth ending song’s title is Antoinette Blue performed by Nana Kitade (from FMA fame).

  3. @ brooklyn man wiht one piece even the fillers were good. d gray man. . .not so much lol the fillers here are on par with narutos fillers in manner of suckiness. The thing with d gray man is, it wasnt as nearly as popular as naruto was, meaning these fillers are killing te shows popularity. but then again the question pops up: How will they animate or edit out the really gory scenes?

    jackson burger
  4. ..I think for the first time, Tyki’s creepy face actually creeped me out. xD I’m gonna have nightmares tonight.. x_X;
    Good to see the fillers were ending.. though if they start up again, they better do Rabi/Lavi’s Reverse chapters next. ;_;”

  5. when will this series end? Not that i dont like it but i dont really care too much of the random characters that show up 90% of the time. When is Allen going to rescue Lenalee from her nightmare?


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