In Random Curiosity’s endless pursuit to distract you from real-world productivity, we’ve devised another way to hopefully make your summer days a little less boring. Introducing…monthly power rankings! Pachi pachi pachi.

Those who follow sports will be familiar with these – sites like ESPN typically have weekly power rankings to track teams’ progress throughout the season. If anything, it’s just fun to compare things. The difference with the anime rankings and those in sports is that we’re trying to compare things that pretty much fall in completely different genres, and don’t even go head-to-head against each other any sort of way outside of TV ratings, which we don’t have access to nor really want to bother with, since Japanese people have strange tastes anyways (who the hell watches crayon shin-chan).

Some notes:

  • This first set should be considered the benchmark or the starting point – they WILL change as the season progresses! Consider these initial rankings as a test to see how good the response is – tweaks can and will be made for the upcoming summer season
  • Rankings will be based on completely unbiased (lol) and objective things such as:
  •      o Enjoyment: quite simply, is it…good? Make you go “zomgclicknow” when you see it pop up on the torrent list?
         o Honesty/Morality: does the show try to be something it’s not?
         o Technical Aspects: animation, music, voice acting (fits with the context of the show)
         o Overall response from blog writers/readers

  • Several shows were not included in this first list due to things such as lack of information, lack of interest, lack of quality, lack of source material. Which means it’s probably not worth talking about anyways. If you feel different, do enlighten us. The list of these shows can be found on the bottom.
  • The unranked shows could somehow make their way into the rankings with a few good episodes. In the same vein, ranked shows that really suck will get dropped.
  • Many thanks to Omni for spending an hour creating the spiffy table and formatting this entire entry.
  • Discuss. One of our primary resources to evaluate viewer response will be in the comments thread. This site is more like Random Crackosity to Omni, so rest assured, your comments will be read. Comments that actually make a good argument will be taken more seriously.
  • Ok, enough talk, here they are:

    June 2007 Rank (LW) Title Comment
    1 (1) Gurren Lagann Even (especially) with the unheralded loss of Kamina, GL grabs the top spot with its ability to maintain its distinct wackiness, feverish action, and likeable characters. The addition of flowery Nia to brighten up the gloom was a brilliant move – which begs the question, Yoko or Nia? Big guns are hot, but so are flower petal pupils.
    2 (2) Denno Coil DC is a lovable series because it dares to dream, and yet doesn’t get greedy. A great premise coupled with solid animation and upbeat action, together with an uncertain yet anticipated ending – all the makings of a great show. After a strong showing in episodes 1-3, an epic episode 4 bumps it to the second spot. Who would’ve thought, such a special show came so late in the season.
    3 (3) Seto no Hanayome I was a little surprised that the whole show moved to a generic school setting, but my doubts were cast aside as SetoHana keeps hitting us hard with uproarious humor and falling sakura petals, at the same time introducing several more interesting characters. Weird thing is, one of them is a Haruhi clone, the other an Akira-sama clone. Points for having the most unique beta-male character in recent memory.
    4 (4) Lucky Star Scrutinized and polarized to hell in the early going, afk’s epic subs have muted much of the criticism to a hushed pout. Once people’s expectations were tossed out the window and they started watching LS for what it was, it actually became really fun and enjoyable. Considering the still-unintroduced girls from the OP and the endless supply of anime and manga references they can dip from, LS doesn’t seem to be letting up soon.
    5 (5) Hayate no Gotoku! The sheer randomness of each episode (especially 10) was a good reminder as to why this show is more popular than Nagasarete. I don’t understand more than half the references in this show and yet I still think it’s great. It’s got a different brand of insanity from SetoHana and a more blatant form of referencing than Lucky Star, and yet by keeping consistent, it works well. Look for this show to move up in the standings with each Nagi “BAAAKA”
    6 (6) Claymore First example of a show I have no idea about yet makes it on the ranking out of sheer viewer response. Upon further research, this show actually looks pretty cool – the type of shounen hack-and-slash OH SHI- type of show that’s easy to enjoy and hard to “Narutify”
    7 (7) Nodame Cantabile The post count sucks but I’m guessing it’s just because everyone expects this show to deliver every week, and it does, every time. The frequent splashings of humor mixed with an easygoing drama is delightful. It feels quite different from Honey & Clover in that the drama is less hard-hitting but much more consistent. I almost wish it would never end – maybe it has to do with the Ayako Kawasumi factor.
    8 (8) Darker than BLACK I’m still not too sure what’s going on, but whatever, it’s still cool. Might be a few notches lower if not for Primula.
    9 (9) Romeo X Juliet After getting rid of my original inhibitions of another anime-butchering of a legendary classic, this show is actually pretty good. The struggle between heart and mind of both Romeo and Juliet is a sight to behold – much of this might just be the power of the original story, but the anime does a good job of bringing it to life with its own unique twist.
    10 (10) DEATH NOTE “Near” refers to his status when compared to L – he’s as screwed up and creepy as his predecessor, but just not as authentic. I don’t think anyone would have minded if the anime ended with L’s demise, and yet, I don’t think anyone minds that it kept going. Still, I just don’t care as much about this new arc.
    11 (11) Heroic Age Originally thought there were only 13 episodes, but it seems that there’s at least 14 known episodes, with more coming. The story took an interesting turn with the return to their home planet – it looks like the struggle will not only be with the other tribes, but also a political one within their own. Here’s to hoping that improvement can continue.
    12 (12) Kaze no Stigma Given the promo shots I thought the girl would be something epic but she’s not that at all…she’s cute and all but not likeable enough to carry the series. Good thing the story has picked up quite a bit since the early going, and Kazama remains a strong force for the show.
    13 (13) sola Mamiko in what some have claimed to be her best role yet. Possibly so – Matsuri is a pretty moelicious character with that hat and those high socks, but is the rest of the show deserving of such an angel? It’s taken a long, long, time, but the wait seems to finally be paying off with lots of unexpected twists and plenty of action.
    14 (14) Gigantic Formula Owen over at CAT writes that GF has a “combination of the new and old that isn’t weighed down by its genre’s shortcomings,” animation which “lean towards the Makoto Shinkai school” and music that “excels in bringing out the best of the show” – high praise for a show that nobody (me) has never heard of nor had the bandwidth for.
    15 (15) Seirei no Moribito I haven’t watched this but I’m putting it here because the shows below it haven’t really given me reason to do otherwise. Possibly the best animation of any show this season, and with a solid story to go with it – it’s near the top of my to-watch list so look for this to be a mover by next time.
    16 (16) Nagasarete Airantou I mean, it’s a nice show and fun to watch, the girls are great and Hocchan is the main girl, but man, it’s getting boring. Hayate mixes it up all the time to keep things fresh, while Nagasarete is still stuck in the dark ages where thrice-episodic nosebleeds are still funny. Still, people assure me that something will eventually happen (whatever that means).
    17 (17) Lovely Complex Almost guaranteed to be ranked higher if I could get past the accent. The two main characters are absolutely great together and things seem to be moving on well. The sheer absurdity of it all is what makes this show special, but at the same time, could prevent it from reaching KareKano / Bokura levels. Then again, it’s not really trying to do that, so who cares.
    18 (18) Ookiku Furikabutte I’ve always believed that the enjoyment level of sports animes is almost directly correlated with how many “special moves” one can bust out. Prince of Tennis and Ippo are therefore the best sports animes ever, and Ookiku has the potential to be good. But right now it’s just infuriatingly whiney. At least the rest of the show seems interesting enough…maybe.
    19 (19) Idolmaster XENOGLOSSIA At least Hime and Otome were about something. This show is just retarded, and the girls are even less cute than the busu team of Arika and Nina. I refuse to believe it stays this bad, but for now, it gets the shaft at 19. Omni claims it gets better – I wish I had the same optimism. At the very least, short of Idolmaster Xwei Nudie Edition, this show isn’t going to be RandomC’s best show of 2007.
    20 (20) Nanoha StrikerS So when do they stop training and start fighting? I could care less about the new recruits, the instructors are much cuter. Then again, nobody in this show is really that cute, considering the trashy art quality. How can you have a show about cute girls with crappy art? I say the Idolmaster team ditches that show and picks this one up instead.
    21 (21) Bleach People still watch this, right?
    22 (22) Bokurano I don’t think anyone will disagree that this is a “good show,” and yet it fails to deliver on so many other levels, like uh…being interesting. Some may swear by it, personally I find it a tad bit too emo.
    23 (23) Terra e… Fans of the show will have to cheer a bit harder.
    24 (24) Hitohira See Bokurano, substitute “emo” with…uh…”emo”…but at least it has Ayako Kawasumi in a seductress onee-sama role
    25 (25) Touka Gettan I have no idea what this show is about outside that it has some raunchy fanservice, so that instantly makes it better than the next several. Can’t really give it a definitive rank until the whole thing finishes airing, considering it’s being shown in reverse order…
    26 (26) D.Gray-man I didn’t know anybody watched this show to start with? Omni tells me that the manga is awesome, but the anime hasn’t been following the manga…so it sucks now. And will probably continue sucking.
    27 (27) Overdrive It could be a good show, but it’s not. It’s just bad. Really bad. I can’t really describe it either… and I don’t really want to make anybody else watch it to find out. With the exception of the blazing hot chick and her horny brother, what’s to like about this show?
    28 (28) Kono Aozora ni Yakusoku wo One of the few shows to actually get its first episode blogged on RC, this show made quick work of any sort of feelings such as “hope” or “anticipation.”

    Naruto, Oh!-EDO ROCKET, Saint Beast, Skull Man, Polyphonica, Shining Tears x Wind, Wellber, El Cazador, Blue Dragon, Kissdum, Kaibutsu Oujo

    Edit: Just for this first time, I’ll probably post an update within a week or two after I gauge the initial response, as well as add the new shows like Wangan Midnight (and Devil May Cry?)


    1. Interesting list. For the most part it similar to my own opinions.

      My top 5

      1.Gurren Lagann
      2.Seto no Hanayome
      3.Lucky Star
      4.Darker than Black
      5.Lovely Complex.

      Claymore and Romeo x Juliet may move into that list depending on how the season progresses.

      Unlike most people I dont much care for Sola. I enjoyed it in the beginning but the last few episodes had me bored to tears. It really hasnt grabbed me like it has most other people. Not sure why.

    2. Having only read the (scanlated) manga for Lovely Complex, I was completely blown away that the entire thing was done in Kansai-ben. That made it a lot more endearing to me as a whole.

      I was surprised to see Lucky Star only at #4. XD

    3. Oh and in your blurb about Seto no Hanayome you mention a character being a Haruhi clone. Who are you talking about exactly. Obviously the Akira clone would be Luna, but I cant think of anyone who would fit the description of Haruhi.

    4. i think touka gettan should rank higher, but i guess its kinda male-biased. you can’t complain about the animation quality though.

      i can’t bring myself to watch nodame or deathnote(which i vowed to stop after L’s death)

      no complaints about the other orders, thinking about picking up denno coil now. =P

    5. Those are great choices but for me my fav anime has to be Kaze no Stigma, because they portray the main character (male) as something unique unlike any of the previous animes’ I have watch. He’s not a character that’s just all goodie like all the other animes, but a more realistic character with not just emotions that’s either all good or all bad. The animation done on this project is also superb and is full of many surprises. Also this anime has lots of lovable characters its surly deserves to be a must watch that’s why it is not just my favorite anime, but also most of my friends favorite anime too.

    6. before speculations of my haruhi comment get out of hand, let me explain – mawari has all the tsundere qualities together with the arm band – lol

      we can discuss semantics at another time xD

    7. It’s great to see Dennou Coil so high up there. It’s definitely my favourite so far this season. I am however surprised that Nodame is so high up, and Bleach is so far down. Bleach needs more love 🙂

    8. My 5:

      1. Gurren Lagann
      2. sola
      3. Lucky Star
      4. Claymore
      5. Kaze no Stigma

      It reads like this because these are the only shows that I regularly watch week to week. Everything else from this season gets pushed into a temporary backlog until I get more time to watch. =P

      random passerby
    9. Heh, thats quite a stretch, but whatever you say. 😉

      As to what ben said, Kaze no Stigma was one of my pre-season picks but I never started watching since I didnt really hear anything good about it and from the screenshots it didnt seem like the art or animation was all that great either. Anyone else back ben’s opinion on this? I might have to try it out, though I do have a lot of shows on my plate at the moment.

      Also regarding jaalins Nia vs Yoko question. Its Nia no contest. Yoko is such a bitch, I can hardly stand to look at her ugly face.

    10. 1. Romeo x Juliet
      2. Gurren Lagann
      3. Dennou Coil
      4. Nodame Cantabile
      5. Lovely Complex
      Seirei no Moribito would prolly be next with Hayate no Gotoku. RxJ has been pretty great all around. Gurren’s wackyness is hilarious(Yoko ftw! btw). Dennou just attracts me for some reason, maybe its the cyber dog. Nodame is humorous plus i love classical music. ovin Lovely Complex, i was also amazed its all in Kansai-ben, must be a bitch for subbers.

    11. you missed alot of good shows like code geass and death note which are current season shows. I think alot of ppl would agree that they are both very good shows and should have been somewhere on the ranking although i do believe this ranking is kinda bad. Each anime is different and each is biased to his or hers own genre in anime.

    12. I’m ‘watching’ about 4 series, of the anime listed, being Lucky Star, Hayate no Gotoku, Nodame Cantabile and Gurren-Lagann. The only one I seem to be watching ‘religiously’ is Lucky Star…maybe its something to do with my short attention span and unwillingness to take a liking towards series that don’t have a set continuous storyline?

      Lucky Star i love because of its random musings of references, “meaningless banter” and of course the wonderful voice acting of Aya Hirano. Overall i find it hugely amusing, a nice series to relax to.

      Nodame Cantabile is alright to me i suppose. But i will have a bias on this issue because i watched the Japanese Drama beforehand. I loved the the drama and in my opinion, the anime is inferior. It’s nice to watch and note the differences between the drama and anime in terms of how they adapted the manga though…

      Hayate: love the background narration aspect of this series, though i find the storyline a bit *yawn*. Hopefully with recent developments in the series it’ll pick up? Enjoyed the op and ed music.

      Gurren-Lagann; to be honest i don’t feel drawn to this anime…maybe its a series which ill have to force myself to watch and compel myself to like; which is what i did with Gankutsuou and Eureka Seven [which turned out to be rather good]. (the only reason i started to watch this series is probably because of i heard the OP first + all the hype).

      1. Lucky-Star
      2. Nodame
      3. Hayate
      4. Gurren

      -yeah, I’m a bit different aren’t i..heh

    13. My Top 5:

      1) Gurren Lagann – Constant adrenaline and action, likable characters, great animation and music. This show is simply EPIC!!! Truly deserves the top spot.

      2) Terra e… – Okay, looks like I will indeed need to cheer harder for that show. Probably the most underrated show of this season. Probably people are put off by the retro animation style or God knows what else. This show has an amazing story that brings up many mysteries and questions and keeps you waiting for the next episode. The story shifts between two main characters each of whom has his own problems to solve. Supporting characters are very well developed for such a short time. Probably the best thing about the show is the pacing. It is handled very well…there has not been one boring episode so far. Did I mention the great music. I am a metal fan and I was pleasantly surprised to hear Within Temptation in the beginning of the 4th episode.

      3) Claymore – This show started off slow, so after watching the first couple of episodes I was considering abandoning it. I am glad I did not make this mistake, since from episode 5 on the story and the action really pick up and now I can’t wait for the next episode to come out. Madhouse did a great job with the animation so far, I hope they keep it up.

      4) Kaze no Stigma – Sigh…another underrated show. Female lead is indeed a little annoying but is gradually starting to develop. However, the one who truly carries this show is the male lead – a guy with great confidence and abilities, a kickass laid-back personality, a dark past, which is gradually being revealed, a sense of humor and a slight edge. He appears borderline EVIL at times, but at other times he also shows a gentle and caring side. It is rare nowadays to find cool male protagonists(Lelouch and Light being notable exceptions). I guess the main reason why I watch this show is the main character, but the show by itself is pretty good as well.

      5) Darker than Black – There is a noticeable gap between this show and my top 4 but I am still very interested in it. It has great animation, style and music (as expected of BONES). Main character is also interesting. The reason I do not rank it higher is because there is no storyline so far. I hope that changes in the future.

      I also watch other shows, including Lucky Star, Hayate no Gotoku, Death Note and Bleach, but the ones I put in my top 5 are the only ones I cannot wait to watch when a new episode comes out. Comedies are good and all but they can be enjoyed at any time and do not keep me hooked up to the screen.

      Anyway, that was just my 2 cents…

    14. Okay, next attempt, since my previous comment got filtered as spam. -_-

      Naruto, Oh!-EDO ROCKET, Saint Beast, Skull Man, Polyphonica, Shining Tears x Wind, Wellber, El Cazador, Blue Dragon, Kissdum, Kaibutsu Oujo”

      What happened to Kaze no Shoujo Emily?

      Anyway, while I can’t say that I agree with your opinion, I’m glad to see that other blogs are also starting with rankings like these. I was beginning to think that I was the only one crazy enough to do it. My own top five at the moment would probably look like this:
      1. Bokura no
      2. Toward the Terra
      3. Saiunkoku Monogatari
      4. Kaze no Shoujo Emily
      5. Dennou Coil

    15. 1. sola
      2. SetoHana
      3. Lovely Complex
      4. Bleach
      5. Naruto Shippuden

      Well, this list probably like this because I haven’t really watched a lot of anime lately.

      The storyline and storytelling pace in sola are what selling it to me. It start in a way then changes dramatically, then when you think you start to see how it’s gonna end it changes again. Good animation quality, in synch with the story. Voice casting too, with the notable exception of Aono (I still think of as a Nagato replica, but who cares? Nagato is cool XD). A must watch in my opinion.

      Two words for SetoHana – Completely Hilarious.

      Lovely Complex got me completely unprepared for it’s great story. I had seen the manga on the net but never got to read it, wich I’m grateful right now.

      Bleach is bleach. Altough the animation quality seems like we are in the 80’s sometimes, is good to see animated this great manga.

      I started to watch Naruto mainly because of the op that I saw on youtube. Seriouly. I started to watch the anime on this season, and still didn’t feel the necessity to watch the others episodes. (200+ ep is a bit too much for anyone to caught, without mentioning that at least half of it are the hated fillers) As in Bleach, the animation sucks at some points but is a little better.

      Bokurano is an anime that I have to mention. It is something that I can only classified as “weird”. I simply don’t know why am I still watching it, and, the weirder of all, I’m still watching it. I start to watch and the next thing I know is that it ended. Not that is so interesting that keep me hooked. It’s simply goes by in a blink, and I don’t feel any after effects like wanting to rewatch or wanting to make comments on it. Maybe I’m just going nuts. XD

      Well got a little long but there you have it.

    16. shows i’m really enjoying at the moment:

      1. Sola – started slowly but pulled off some great surprise moments
      2. Darker than Black – episode two sold it for me when you suddenly realise there aren’t going to be any happy endings
      3. Claymore – i’m an old D&D fan so the fantasy setting is up my street, and the fights are fun.
      4. Lucky star – it’s just fun 🙂

      panda monium
    17. thanks all for the input

      psgels: whoops, totally forgot about saiunkoku monogatari s2. but then again, no fansubs = no love, so it’s not making it on the list anyways. thanks for the note on kaze no shoujo emily too – i left it off of any list because i didn’t think anybody would be watching it lol. Same with Kamichama Karin, Koutetsu Sangokushi, etc.

      change: thats a great comment on bokurano, i know exactly what you mean lol

      darklord: thanks for the descriptions, especially on terra e. it’s clear you watch a different brand of anime than what i’m used to, and you give good reason why!

      jay: gg

    18. Wow, thanks for the mention. I’d put DtB on top, swap Terra e… with sola, bump StrikerS quite a bit higher (although I’ve got to agree that Nanoha’s facial warping was annoying at times), and probably bump Bokurano too, although I’m in mixed minds about that one.

      Just occurred to me recently that Bokurano employs the same gimmick that Kanon did, e.g. a setup for maximised sadness (in Bokurano’s case, depressive despair) so much so that it feels a tad contrived at times. But Bokurano isn’t harem so it’s all cool. More human emotions, realistic situations and problems being explored than Kanon, IMO.

    19. My top 4 so far:
      1. Seirei no Moribito (maybe best fantasy series since The 12 Kingdoms)
      2. Darker than Black (3 great arcs and 1 disapointing arc ^^)
      3. Claymore (But the manga is so much better than the anime …)
      4. Bokurano (it is really emo, but realistic and interesting emo ^^)

      Note that I still didn’t have the time to watch Dennou Coil, Gurran Lagan, Terra e, Seto no Hanayome, and some others, but these 4 I will definitely watch till the end – which is not sure at all for shows like sola, Hayate, Lucky Star, Romeo & Juliet etc. which I found to be pretty boring so far.

      Imho Lovely Complex was funnier than Lucky Star and Hayate together, but that’s maybe because I’m a girl and don’t care for fanservice at all, and I’m probably not otaku enough to enjoy comedy only based on anime references ^^

      I’ve only been watching Romeo & Juliet because of the animation so far, the story and characters really don’t convince me. I hope Gonzo will get away from that “evil king”-thing, because there doesn’t seem to be a real problem with their love, after all, only his daddy is the evil one.

      Completely agree that the Nodame Drama is better than the anime, and that doesn’t mean the anime is bad, only the Drama is even better XD

    20. well i am watching all of them except touka gettan and toward to terra
      he’s my top 5
      1)romeo x juliet
      2)Claymore ( teresa dai suki ^_^)
      4)darker than black
      5)seto no hanayome + lovely complex ^^

    21. Meh. I didn’t care for a lot of the stuff said about some of my favorite shows of the season. Namely:

      Seirei no Moribito- Seriously, how can you NOT watch this show and catch up to it yet? So far, it’s the best serious anime of the season IMO. Also a lot of the little story angles within the show are just beautiful. Almost poetic. Just great writing.

      Lovely Complex- “Almost guaranteed to be ranked higher if I could get past the accent”….. huh? The accents are one of the best things of the show.

      Hitohira- “See Bokurano, substitute “emo” with…uh…”emo”…but at least it has Ayako Kawasumi in a seductress onee-sama role”.

      I have to disagree. As far as dramatic angles go, Hitohira had some of the best of all this season. And just a nice final arc to it all and just a lot of great characters. Too bad the show is relatively short, so only a few characters get the limelight.

      Overdrive- “It could be a good show, but it’s not. It’s just bad. Really bad. I can’t really describe it either… and I don’t really want to make anybody else watch it to find out. With the exception of the blazing hot chick and her horny brother, what’s to like about this show?”

      For one, I actually think the comedy is pretty good in it. Also, the cycling aspect is pretty unique and the production value is pretty good too. For some reason, I actually enjoyed Overdrive a lot compared to a lot of the shows listed. Hell, it might even break my top 10 anime of the season.

      Bokurano- “I don’t think anyone will disagree that this is a “good show,” and yet it fails to deliver on so many other levels, like uh…being interesting. Some may swear by it, personally I find it a tad bit too emo.”

      Oh Jaalin. I’m starting to lose my faith in you by constantly going after the ’emo’ wording. I admit, Bokurano is not the type of show that runs with it. But it’s not a bad show. But definitely not bland as I see it.

      Gigantic Formula- “Owen over at CAT writes that GF has a “combination of the new and old that isn’t weighed down by its genre’s shortcomings,” animation which “lean towards the Makoto Shinkai school” and music that “excels in bringing out the best of the show” – high praise for a show that nobody (me) has never heard of nor had the bandwidth for.”

      Not sure where you’re getting that idea because apparently thousands of people download every GF episode. And really, aside from the few story pacing and animation shortcomings, I find GF to be very enjoyable as well. And :GASP:, possibly more fun than Gurren Lagann for me at times.

      BTW, my top ranking (I hate to say it because I like/love most anime in the current season):

      5) Sola
      4) Claymore
      3) Hitohira
      2) Seirei no Moribito
      1) Seto no Hanayome

    22. Rocket Girls had pretty good first half, then the token ‘everyone gets along and succeeds’ second half. Still pretty good show, but I felt it was lost potential.

    23. 1) Dennou Coil (glad to see it way up the ranks there, it really deserves it)
      2) Terra e… (it has an excellent story, people should give this show a chance, seriously)
      3) Seirei no Moribito (solid stuff)
      Gurren Lagann and Claymore have places 4 and 5.

    24. I’m watching a lot of stuff…like: Kaze no Stigma,Nanoha Strikers,Claymore,Darker than black,nagasarete etc…
      But here is my top 5

      1 – Lucky Star
      2 – Dennou Coil
      3 – Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann
      4 – Hayate no Gotoku
      5 – Seto no Hayanome

      Like Omni i still have some hope for Idolmaster… i don’t know why and i don’t honestly think it will get better… but i still want to believe 😀

    25. Huh? 13 eps for Heroic Age? What are you talking about? D:

      The official site has confirmed the presence of fourteen eps already and the end doesn’t seem anywhere in sight according to the summaries. It’s at least going to be 26 eps.

      jaalin says: are you serious? crap… thanks for the info

    26. No Show is better then Claymore at the moment with it’s Perfect animation!
      Seto No Hanayome is Super lame! Thats what i can say!
      Kissdum is the show i like! Like End of the world! Fight~~~
      Nagasarete Airantou is lame~ But it’s getting abit boring =)
      Romeo X Juliet is by far has the best animation of this season show!

      1. Claymore
      2. Seto no Hanayome
      3. Kissdum ~ Engage Planet
      4. Nagasarete Airantou
      5. Romeo x Juliet

      The next 2 are Kishin Taisen Gigantic Formula ( Nice Mecha and not a bad story line )
      and Hayate the Combat Butler ( What more can i say about this? )

      jaalin says: thats the first time i heard “lame” used in a positive sense, lol

    27. Claymore is a fairly amazing series, its path is exact to the manga with no fillers. It is definately worth the watch, getting past the first episode or 2 it really starts to pick up. Especially when you get the clares past to the present in episode 10. I believe Romeo x Juliet deserves to be higher up also, the quality of this show is amazingly great. An old story with a few differences along the way, and done in a unique way that is not cliche to animes. Hayate definately got my laughs, a good show to put a smile on your face when your feeling emo, but sometimes it can get a little over drawn on episodes. D-Gray man was good in the beginning then just lost its gripping, I got bored of bleach after the soul society arc ended at around episode 60-70. I dont understand lucky star, its just too random and stupid for my liking. Gurren is good but not great…. and without kamina bleh….

    28. Very nice new section. how will it progress? will it be a weekly section?or just once in a while?
      I don’t think many people have the same opinion on this matter, so It doesn’t really have to be a serious ranking. I mean rank the way you think!. I will read this section to see how YOU rank them, not how I think it should be ranked. It reminds me of a hero comic book power ratings. I like this list very much!. keep making it, and I’m looking forward to see how will it change and a couple of weeks 🙂

    29. 1. HAGE
      2. DTBlack
      3. KnStigma
      4. Terra e
      5. Gurren Lagann
      6. NAirantou
      7. OFurikabutte
      6. Overdrive

      i would add Shining Tears X Wind up there on top of 1~5, but since it isnt so mehh..
      thts all the newer series tht im following, should’ve included dgrayman, bleach & DNote but i alrdy read the manga.. so meh again.

    30. lol, naruto in the unranked XD shows with “not enough imformation”.
      uhhm. anyway, I think I could’nt have list that better.
      I watch TTGL, Seto, Hayate and Lucky Star, and were glad to see these ranks.
      I also kind of think Death Note and Bleach became less interesting… not to mention I just got my new wide lcd screen, and bleach is the only none hdtv series i’m watching. -_- oh, and naturo…
      about Nagasarete Airantou. well, I could’nt control myself because of Machi’s cuteness and saw the whole manga. it IS becoming better after the “omg, i’m in a girl’s island! (bleeds)” arc. I just hope we’ll get there fast.
      about nanoha… well… I have honor for this anime… but you are so damn right! T,T (my friend will kill me for saying that) the drawing ARE crappy!!!
      For conclusion: i’d like to see Seto no Hanayome goes second. TTGL stays first. ^,^ the ‘Kamina situation’ made this the best anime this season. building such a great character only to make it fall… awesome.

    31. just sharing my opinion about this matter: claymore not even in the top 3, yeah right.. Gurren Lagan sure is beautifull but all it is is an overrated kidsshow, come on guys =/


      -Shining Tears x Wind (SUXXX 100% from the start)
      -Kaze no Stigma (bad, bad, bad, ugly protagonist)
      -Nanoha StrikerS (weapons speak in english? but designed by Japan people? WTF?)
      -Hitohira (slow, and you know the ending already, beside she’s really annoying)
      -Touka Getan (anybody understand this?)
      -Kono Aozora ni Yakusoku wo (pretty boring orgy)
      -Saint Beast, Skull Man (the ranking speak for themselve)
      -Polyphonica (WTF?)
      -El Cazador (really boring to me, i prefer prison break when is time to run from something)

    33. omg, DMCry!! tht one gonna be epic just like the game was! DMC3! im surprise w/ the poll on gurren lagann, w/ all this ppl rating lagann as 1st and on their top 5~10.. sure doesnt seems to be “i dun watch gurren lagann”=41%…
      @freeze, we all hav our inner child inside so cant help it.. plus didnt you notice future simon on ep1? lagann screams for a 2nd seasons!

    34. Lol… lots of interesting opinions here and there… here is my quaint and slightly longer list:

      Dain’s top 10:

      1.) Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann ( No surprise here, hands down the BEST show in a long time )
      2.) Nodame Cantabile ( No doubt, the other best show 😀 )
      3.) Terra e ( Just personal preference here 😀 I LOVE the OP though… )
      4.) Seto No Hanayome ( 😀 Gosh… This show rocks balls! I first thought the premise of gangster fishmen… X_X But OMG! MASA-SAN HAHAH 😀 )
      5.) Hayate No Gotoku ( BAH! XD Meow… )
      6.) Darker Than Black ( Generic at first, but becoming more and more mysterious )
      7.) Dennou Coil ( Totally agree with jaalin about the characters being lovable >:D )
      8.) Nagasarete Airantou ( Funky! Great VAs Great Animation! Light hearted 😀 Fun! )
      9.) Seirei No Moribito ( If you like PERFECT animation, this anime is IT! Screw Deathnote and claymore >:D When this show has action sequences, you can’t help gawking at the precision, flow and the general awesomeness )
      10.)… Shared by everything else I watch…


      I’m on holidays now so i’m trying to scout out everything that i could dedicate time to (That wont leave me in regret of course). This will help me heaps!!!

      Thanks man, keep this uber ranking system up, it’ll make my life easier.

    36. More credit should be given to Airantou (aka higher rank). Yes its currently stuck in the mud, but dont remember that suzu is 13 (?!) and ikuto is 14. What do you expect to happen already? The development is getting there (ep 6, ep 10, ep 11 w/ ikuto getting ice for suzu), it’s just slower than expected because this anime has 26 eps not 15. I suspect ikuto and suzu to be together at the end of the anime.

      And the nosebleeds…well he is still 14, he will get used to all those female “fat” eventually xD *wants to punch ikuto for not bathing w/ suzu*

    37. forgot to say that i overal agree with the rest of the rankings btw, and that i’m unbelievable dissepointed in D. Gray-man so far, the beginning wasn’t that mindblowing to begin with and the filler crap we have now is just to painfull to watch, i dropped it, to bad cause the manga’s pretty good, nevertheless it deserved a bottom-place, they sure made a potential good show go to waste 🙁

      @tay: ah well, i’m just not into drills 😛

    38. YESSSSSSSSSS…… My 3 top favorite made it to top 10… ^_^
      (Seto no Hanayome, Lucky Star & Claymore). Still my other favorite for the season, Heroic age, Kaze no Stigma, Nagasarete Airantou & Nanoha StrikerS, made it to the top 20.

      TQ for the list^_^

    39. O.k, my top 5 for this season is:
      1) Darker than black (hei is hot)
      2) Lucky Star (because i think i am like Kagami but people say´s i am like Tsukasa)
      3) Claymore (very cool)
      4)Death Note (it was number one, until L dies)
      5) Romeo and Juliete.

    40. “-Hitohira (slow, and you know the ending already, beside she’s really annoying)”

      Dude, I really don’t think you can predict what will happen in the final few episodes.

    41. 1. Gurren-Lagann: Impressive art direction and animation. The best definition of fast pacing I have seen in a very long time, with a very well-written and thoroughly inspirational yet always entertaining script, a superb setting design and a crazily adrenaline fueled storyboard.
      2. Dennou Coil: I had been waiting for this impatiently since it was announced a long time ago and gladly I can be sure it doesn’t disappoints. Imaginative, fun, charming… it’s like going back to being a child in a very stylish and even somewhat bleak world.
      3. Oh! Edo Rocket: Really charismatic. Nakajima shows with this and Lagann really knows how to take seemingly clichéd characters and make them impossibly likeable. Even while going all the way by using a lot of anime-based narrative techniques the final deal is still very remarkable.

      Wouldn’t place the rest on even a top ten as they’re way too hit or miss for my tastes or play their artistic cards way too safe like Seirei no Moribito.

    42. First of all, your post rocked. very innovative to come up with POWER RANKINGS *omnipotent voice* ^^ i look forward to seeing how these series fares in the weeks to come.

      Seirei no Moribito (love it!), though undoubtedly the anime with the best production quality and story this season, just isn’t for everyone. maybe it’s too dialogue-heavy? maybe it’s too… epic? my personal opinion is the lack of cute school girls in their sailor uniforms doing silly a dance *cough*Lucky Star – which i love as well*cough*

      Claymore was a show i didn’t quite go crazy over till i read spoilers and found out more about the cool things that would happen in the storyline. now it’s something i look forward to every week.

      Bleach is (was?) getting good, but now that they’re reverting to a short filler arc (i hope it’s short!) my interest in the latest episode has waned somewhat. Well, there’s always Naruto now that it’s out of it’s filler curse cycle.

    43. 1. Claymore (there is no other show this season to which i would be so hooked up)
      2. Seirei no Moribito(Good one, i like fighting scenes – storyline seems good too)
      3. Sola (really good, i like the gloomy atmosphere all episodes have(that evening/morning color pallete is wonderful)
      4. Touka Gettan(thats really wonderful stuff, although the sotryline is cliched, but the idea to air episodes in anachronic order(from ending episode to first) takes it up to place 4 already)
      5. Kaze No Stigma (cause of protagonist and the fact that i already have been reading novels…the only bad thing is that Gonzo butchered and toned down Kazuma’s “evilness”)
      6. Darker Than Black (Good protagonist, animated by bones – thats all what is holding it in my list, as i am geting tired of “short story” arcs)
      7. RomeoXJuliet( I like the idea, animation is good, the only thing i hate now is romeo)

      Anime which i wont ever watch:
      Lucky Star – oh the lolis in school …how interesting *Zzzzz*
      Idolmaster XENOGLASSIA – I would nominate it as the most boring mecha show of this season
      Hayate no Gotoku! – first episodes were funny, but that feeling began to fade too…
      heroic age – over-rated cliched show with main character transforming into hakuoro, while Flay falls into floor, while the upbeat song plays in background…

    44. Very interesting list. I haven’t been watching Denno Coil, but I think I’ll give it a look, and LOL @ the unwatched list :D, I’ve seen some of them, and compared to the ranked stuff they REALLY deserve to be there.

      My list goes like.

      1. Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann. Your weekly dose of GAR,insanity, and f***ing cool.

      2. Nodame Cantabile. I don’t think I’ve been disappointed with a single ep of this show. The comedy is spot on, the music is good, and it makes for some fun, easy watching.

      3. Claymore. It’s a shounen show, yet seems to not fall victim to the ‘instant powerups out of nowhere, time to go god on you ass’ that you typically see. Despite the speed and strength of the characters no one is overpowered. (I especially loved Clare’s comeback in ep 10, very cool). The pace at which they reveal the story is good too.

      4. Bokurano. I like this show because it’s a bit realistic. Not the giant robot/floating rat(?) alien aspect but, the emotions is conveys, like what was seen at Waku’s funeral with his grieving parents, and the impact of the kids actions on the world around them, like when you on a rampage blow up building, people DIE.

      This show looks at how these children, who have been given a certain death sentence, deal with the few remaining days of their lives. This show looks at the value people place on life, and how this affect the lives of those around them.

      The story will become a bit more sinister (even though some parts could be considered ‘tame’ compared to the manga, especially in Chizuru’s story)as the true nature of the ‘game’ is revealed, and how the children, knowing this truth, will determine whether they will be willing or able, to save their world.

      Compared to the action and comedy of the aforementioned shows on the list, it’s easy to see why Bokurano would be rated so low, and some people would dismiss it entirely, but give it a try.

      5. Darker Than Black. Interesting spy-eque anime. Quite a bit of unknown terminology thrown at the viewer in the first few eps, but the powers and brutality of the contractors are pretty cool, and while the show is bi-episodic, it’s stories are well done.

      6. Lucky Star. Despite it’s rocky first eps, this show has been improving, and delivering some pretty good humor. Lucky Channel was always a treat.

      7. Heroic Age. Kind of a very light space opera, the story (I especially loved the first 4 intro’s of the show that revealed back-story) captivated me, the action while a bit repetitive, was pretty cool, and I loved the character designs (

    45. lol @ AiV

      The same thought came to mind when I saw the transformation! HAKUORO-SAMA IS BACK! ._. With blue orbies to BOOT -minus the tail 🙁

      I recommend everyone watch Seto No Hanayome and Terra e… They are the 2 most underrated shows these days… >:D

      Seto No Hanayome’s premise might be turn-offish *I thought it was gonna be like little mermaid*, it’s so good, it hurts XD HAHAHA >:D Saru-kamisama

      Terra e has the best OP of all the shows… imma think… Endscape is crap good! + the plot is fluid and very mobile… it got ships + psychic chics! XD WAH! + other stuff… 😀 They didn’t put it on the timeslot of blood+ and fma for nothing… 😀

    46. Okay lets give it one more try…

      Call me a sucker for space battles full of monsters “chargin’ their lazers”.

      8. Seirei no Moribito. I started watching this show only recently, and i think if I had seen more eps(only seen the first 2) I would definitely rank it higher. The animation is… amazing. The story seems good too. I think I’ll be sticking with this show…

      9. Sola. The story was a bit slow to pick up, but it packed quite a few surprising action scenes, and some of the recent story revelations were… wow. The art is wonderful, the characters are cute. Nice show.

      10. Death Note.

      11. Romeo X Juliet. When I first heard of this show, I was like “What?! LOL”, but this show is pretty good. Interesting interpretation of the source material indeed.

      The rest of the shows on your list and not on mine have either, not been seen due to laziness, have been seen but are not worth mentioning, or dropped because they, well, suck. Seriously.

      Love this blog BTW. Long time reading, first time replying.

    47. You have some error about the episode list at Heroic age recheck again.

      I watch Devil Cry mission 1 raw. Im still 0.5% understand Japanese im still clueless whats the story plot about? there’s too many monster coming out just to get one little girl.

      Nanoha Striker S saw ep.11 raw the fighting has now started and the enemy reveal itself.
      I disagree you claimed crappy art.

      IdolMaster Xenoglossia – lack of mecha action, thumbs down.

      Bleach – im tired of that sword fighting.

      Gigantic Formula – lost interest due unimpress character design, mecha design.

      Wangan Midnight – same as ever other racing show im tired of that.

      Gurren Langan – tsk,tsk,tsk I haven’t watch this because the survey shows indicate 43% I don’t watch Gurren Langan that means its not worthy to watch Tsk, Tsk, Tsk.

    48. afk’s epic subs have muted much of the criticism to a hushed pout.

      Sadly, they’re not the best translations available. EnA’s, after a side by side comparison, are better… >

      jaalin says: can you elaborate? afk’s subs are quite “natural” in the sense that it’s more geared towards logical flow rather than strict translation – i would guess EnA leans more towards the other direction. i say afk’s subs are amazing because strato includes a lot of the nuances like shiraishi’s “for-for-for (got)” comment which i believe are crucial to subbing lucky star. i would consider looking into EnA’s version if they have a lot of “translator’s notes” and stuff that explain the nuances.

    49. 1. Naruto Shippuden (hated the first series, like the more mature second series)
      2. Heroic Age (this could be epic)
      3. Bleach (it will get better)
      4. Romeo x Juliet (kinda has been losing my interest lately
      5. Freedom Project (Only 1 ep, every 3 months, wtf?)

    50. Oh, I just looked at the site & read it does have fourteen I think. As my japanese reading is horrible, & good translation is horrible as well so I don’t really know…

    51. when omni gets back this will be the new heroic age comment:

      Originally thought there were only 13 episodes, but it seems that there’s at least 14 known episodes, with more coming. The story took an interesting turn with the return to their home planet – it looks like the struggle will not only be with the other tribes, but also a political one within their own. Here’s to hoping that improvement can continue.

    52. 1. Claymore
      2. Touka Getten – To anyone who didn’t get Ep1, the show is being broadcast backward. Starting form Ep26 back to Ep1.
      3. Magical Girl Nanoha Striker S
      4. Heroic Age

    53. 1. Gurren-Lagann
      2. Saiunkoku Mongatari 2nd season (though it’s damn near impossible for me to watch with only raws and episode summaries to go by) 😉
      3. Bokurano
      4. Heroic Age
      5. Sola

    54. I don’t understand how Kaze no Stigma even got in. I demise myself for thinking it was going to be Shana mk.II -_-

      1. Code Geass (did people forget that it’s not finished yet, or doesn’t it count?)
      2. Gurren Lagann
      3. Lucky Star
      4. Sola
      5. Romeo x Juliet
      6. Heroic Age
      7. Death Note
      8. Hayate no Gotoku!
      9. Darker than Black
      10. Bleach
      11. Nagasarete Airantou

      Biggest disappointments of the season (I just have to get this out of my system):

      1. Nanoha StrikerS (after A’s? Definitely disappointing. But as a standalone anime, it’s not on the worst side)
      2. Gigantic Formula (as if the character designs aren’t bad enough, they just have to go through a batch of olala human dramas for who-knows-how-many-episodes)
      3. Dennou Coile (I mean, what the hell? So many people told me this anime is awesome, yet I just can’t see what’s so amusing about this show. It puts me to deep sleep)

    55. i am heavily disagreeing here i’m afraid omi. *although i know it isn’t your opinion*

      first place: Death Note.

      While i don’t hate this arch, the overall manga and anime is good, it has that special quality about it that just make it worth keeping, even if *unlikely as it is* you just leave it on the shelf never to return to its contents.

      Its has an emotive and interesting plot as well as characters, it makes you hang on with more questions than answers, so well done to them.

      1 draw back, but i can’t say it here as major spoiler.

      2nd place Romeo x juliet plus Claymore

      yep, joint second. the fact of the matter is we are not far enough in either to make a firm opinion, and as diverse as they are they are both actually quite similar.

      people who are struggling with themselves and coming to terms with their situation, but still trying to better themselves and help others.

      Plus its complicated for me. i am a firm shakespeare fan and while i don’t judge this story by the original, it somewhat can’t be helped as it is obviously based upon that idea. i am enjoying this series, but i am finding something lacking here, it is not emotive. while i keep an eye out for each episode, it is something i can pick up and drop at any given time. So… its not quite cutting it yet, but i got a sneaky sensation that it will.

      As for Claymore, like the above, its not cutting it yet, but it has the capabilities to do so, but i don’t know if it will.

      but i openly admit, i do seem to have a thing for that ‘vampire’ themed animes plus i love the trinity blood feel in the design for this show.

      So second place is still in wait and see mode.

      3rd place has to be BLEACH

      while i am still watching it, i am mainly keeping up with the manga. this story has managed to pull off a vast range of characters the are individual enough that makes you remember their names etc. That is a real accomplishment in an dof itself. But it is now dragging on a bit, and we are all just simply waiting for the end. Sad but true.

      4th Place. Heroic Age and Darker than Black

      Heroic age is a typical storyline, rather reminiscent of Gundam Seed and Gundam Wing. However, at only 13 episodes it makes me worried about what they will be able to accomplish or not. we don’t have real feelings for the characters as they are just too 2D and the storyline is rather typical. Nice to watch but not fun.

      Darker than Black is interesting, but very confusing, until it starts answering questions it has to stay in 4th as it is putting its audience on very rocky ground, and by this point it should be answering questions otherwise the audience will get bored and leave the show. Mystery is all good and well, but with no progress its not fun.

      I have been watching Denno Coil but i don’t find it reminiscent of the animatrix, for me it doesn’t give that same sense of awe and sheer curiosity. the storyline may not be moving fast enough for me, so i think it is just a personal thing.

      * you may be all thinking i’m a guy at this point, no i’m not but i can see where that thought is coming from ^_

      Elegant Destruction
    56. What no way! Claymore is EPIC material it just takes time to develop, it shall soon dominate !! :p like the manga
      Personal 5
      1.Darker Than Black
      3.Lucky Star
      4.Gurren Lagann
      5.Genshiken OVA

    57. “Muting criticism to a hushed pout” isn’t difficult for the group who is fast, is an older and already known group, has trusted and faithful carry over downloaders from Haruhi, don’t bother with h264 and keep it xvid/avi, and edit their subtitles so culturally ignorant idiots can understand them. It would be seriously difficult in this situation for afk to be anything else but the sub that people download for Lucky Star. On top of that, other groups who are willing to do notes have appeared, thus giving people reason not to download afk if they don’t like afk’s subs, thus meaning people complain about afk less overall because they have other choices. You say “muting criticism to a hushed pout” like the way things have progressed, there should be vocal criticism, when that simply isn’t the case.

      If you don’t wanna read the above, then this will suffice: “Duh”.

      As for the actual content of their subs, I quote from Eclipse’s FAQ on the issue: “If you are watching fansubs, we assume that you are sufficiently interested in Japan, the Japanese language, and Japanese culture in general that you’d rather have an explanation for that pun someone just made, than a half-assed attempt to adapt it to English.”

    58. Mi list:
      1. Claymore
      2. Gurren Lagann
      3. Death Note
      4. Seto no Hanayome
      5. Nodame Cantabile
      6. Darker than BLACK
      7. Lucky Star
      8. Hayate no Gotoku!

      We need more SEINEN!! Thanks goodness Devil May Cry is around the corner…

    59. 1. Kaze no Stigma
      2. Claymore
      3. Seto no Hanayome
      4. Bleach
      5. Nanoha StrikerS

      Honestly out of the current shows KnS has done a good job at getting my attention. Obviously it’s not Shana2 and I’d hope that people who dislike the show aren’t hating it because it’s not Shana. The lead female at the start is easy enough to dislike. Cocky, not able to understand those who are in a weaker position and simply isn’t easy to like. As the show has been moving she has been growing and is one character I’m starting to like. It’s simply a process for her and the about of joking and teasing at her expense is some funny stuff. The main draw is Kazuma the lead. A guy with a painful past has gained incredible power to be the strongest guy around. Dealing with his dislike for the power driven clan, but caring about his younger brother. He’s a pretty complicated guy who isn’t just some nice guy, really will go out for those he cares about. But he doesn’t care about everyone and does have that dark side that makes him interesting. My only gripe with the series is animation quality. If some of the budget dedicated to RxJ and Bokurano were given to KnS it’d be even better.

      I just never got into Gurren Lagann. Obviously it’s a show people like, but just doesn’t seem like my thing. Claymore was a show I wasn’t sure about but it’s really drawn me in. The world, battles, and story are all interesting enough for me to want to keep following what’s going on.

      Nanoha did start of sluggish having to introduce and deal with a lot of new characters all of a sudden. But the past week it has picked up and fighting is moving along. I’m hoping they can keep it going and it can be one of the better shows out there.

    60. It’s shame that you guys are not following Seirei no Moribito, because it is really good. Anyway, my top titles of this season so far are…

      1) Gurren Lagann
      2) Seirei no Moribito
      3) Dennou Coil
      4) Romeo x Juliet
      5) Claymore
      6) Darker Than Black
      7) Nodame Cantabile
      8) Seto no Hanayome
      9) Terra e
      10) Lucky Star

    61. My GOD Heroic Age is high, even though when it comes to quality of story and character development Toward the Terra completely outclasses it. Plus, all the character designs for Heroic Age look too similar!

      Toward the Terra just isn’t getting the respect it deserves. It’s not some actiony romp through sci-fi-land, it’s an intelligent story that really picks up after Episode 4.

      My list would be:
      Gurren Lagann
      Toward the Terra
      Darker than Black
      Romeo x Juliet

      I dropped the Bleach anime after it started sucking so hard. The manga is still full of win, though.

    62. Gurren Lagann was pretty cool in episode 11.

      And I have a feeling Nia’s character design may be a benchmark for some future animes.
      I love Nia’s eyes(genious!) and the cloudish-blond hair with light blue.

    63. For me:

      1. Claymore
      2. Seto no Hanayome
      3. Lucky Star
      4. Lovely Complex
      5. Sola
      6. Nagasarete Airantou
      7/8. Kaze no Stigma/Hayate no Gotoku!

      Bleach is still enjoyable to watch; Naruto Shippuden…now that’s painful…it’s a shame really. Oh well, Naruto ep. 001-135 FTW!!! Still have those to remember the good old time. lol.

    64. Idolm@aster- I can see the reasons why Idolm@ster isn’t getting any love. It has got to have one of the silliest premises ever. And I understand that a lot of people are feeling Sunrise fatigue. That said, I think its one of the best shows of the season, and I wish it got more love. Unlike a lot of other shows it aimed small (school girl comedy and light drama with mecha thrown in), and achived it very well. I think that is better than aiming to high and failing to achive. Further Sunrise is doing a great job on animation, and the voices are all top quality.

      Nodame – This one really picked up after a slugish start I thought. After they got rid of Strasemann it seems JC taff got their act together and pulled of another great show.

      Emma 2 – Why isn’t this getting any love?

    65. 1. Claymore – Can’t recommend this show enough. It’s easily the most exceptional anime I’ve seen in a while.
      2. Death Note – Sure the current arc pales in comparison to the first, but in my opinion Death Note is still Death Note and thereby better than most all else.
      3. Romeo & Juliet- I’m really loving this series despite for some reason still trying to pull the original play out of all that happens. It’s really well done.
      4. Darker than Black – Sure, I’m still a little confused, but you don’t have to be in on everything to get into this anime. It has excellent stories, an intriguing main lead, and lots of cool characters.
      5. El Cazador la Bruja – I’ll be the first to say that I really enjoy this series. It’s fun, light, it doesn’t really go anywhere, or at the very least goes there really slowly. I love the music they use, ans well as the western vibe, ans the characters are interesting. The taco song is also quite brilliant. It’s a good show really, even if it seems a little pointless thus far.

      Notable mentions I’d make would be Sola which is slowly paced but moving, Wellber, which is similar to El Cazador in most ways except with fairies and talking CG tanks, Xenoglossia, which isn’t that great but has some quality to it where you just have a feeling that somehow it’s gonna get better, Bleach, which even though I’m not watching the current season of, I love and can’t imagine ever doing wrong, Touka Gettan which is a beautiful show, just I’m not prepared to sit through backwards, and finally Naruto Shippuden, which is, uh, consistent.

    66. That list is, without a doubt, the worst list I have ever seen. The reasons for that list are also laughable because it barely supports the series. I have watched 24 of the 28 series at least 2 or more episodes.

      The ranking requirements…are you kidding me? You’re literally going to rate a series with that? Since when are you suppose to give a damn about what other bloggers/readers think? THIS IS YOUR BLOG. Be a man, and just list what YOU think is good. If others disagree, then fine..but there will always be people who will agree no matter what.

      Now, respect to the blogger, Omni, whom I know through people who know him, I will refrain from any more swearing and get to my rankings with LEGIT reasons. Since my reasoning is long, I’ll keep it only to top 10.

      1. Kekkaishi – No anime…and I mean no anime right now could argue against the quality of animation for Kekkaishi. It is gorgeous with a strong story. There is a reason why this anime is different from a typical shounen animes. The plot and character development is much deeper. The pace is not erratic to go up and down all the time. It is very funny and more importantly, it follows the Manga by chapter by chapter, which gives NO reason for anyone to complain about this series. The only complaint people can point out is the countless break this series has (i.e. airing only 2 eps per month etc). However, why would you complain when this series always gives the fans 110% in every aspect?

      2.Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann – This series became a surprise for everybody (myself included). Despite how crazy it can be at times, the story deals with hardship and how to deal with the hardship our heroes face. I applaud the writers for killing off Kamina the way they did because it forces Simon to move on by himself. We can’t always rely on someone every time as we grow up and mature. I am very interested to see how Nia is handling the news of how is own father disowned her. Of course, she doesn’t believe it now…but wait until his own father says it to her face.

      3. Major (season 3) – Sorry, Ookiku Furikabutte, but Major debuted first long time ago. Eventually, I will give Ookiku a chance once I finish Major season 3 with 3 episodes to go. I prefer to watch one baseball anime at a time. The strongest point about Major is one thing and one thing only – NEVER GIVE UP. If you want something so badly, then give it all you got. That is something I will always carry with me for the rest of my life.

      4. Dennou Coil – Creativity has been an issue with the anime industry. This anime is so innovative and interesting that I can’t help but watching it multiple times. Who knows…in the future, this is something we could see. It’s very plausible. Although it is still early, I would still like to know more about the Satchi’s and Kyu-chans in the series.

      5. Seirei no Moribito – Repentance, sacrifice and adaptation is the main themes for this series. What is better….to sacrifice your life for the greater good or to live your life despite how it may affect thousands or even millions of people? It tackles on important issues that we see today in society. The music in this series flows beautifully with one of Production I.G’s best work. This series has probably one of the best op/ed combo this season with artists like L’arc-en-Ciel and Tainaka Sachi.

      6. Claymore – A story that is very detailed without any plot holes. It goes as far as back to Claire’s childhood days through several episodes. The best part? The story will never bore you when you have a good amount of blood and guts being spilled out of monsters during well-animated fights.

      7. Hitohira – Is pursuing a dream impossible when there are physical obstacles that limit you? That’s what Nono (Kawasumi Ayako’s character) tries to disprove. As for the main character, Mugi, she proves that if you can’t gain confidence/courage for yourself, then you can always gain it from your friends. I have so much for the music composer because the BGM executes perfectly with the dramatic moments performed in this series.

      8. Nodame Cantabile – You know how sometimes a series loses its spark in the second half of the series? That’s what Nodame felt like. I mean, it is still good in every way. The second half may have lost its edge from what the first half produced. It may be the lack of comedy or the lack of character development from minor characters. It could possibly be both. I just can’t seem to pinpoint it exactly. J.C. Staff have once again shown why they are one of the top companies in terms of animation. I have yet to see ANY company who can literally animate the fingerings of a piano piece so nicely and perfectly. That is until now…..

      9. Romeo x Juliet – I have absolutely no idea why there are morons out there who thinks the original written play is the be all end all. As long as the spirits of the characters are portrayed appropriately, there should be no complaints at all. I fail to see why people complain so much about how it does not stick to the original. At this day and age, if it followed exactly like the play, one word would come to mind for people…which is BORING. Personally, I wouldn’t mind which direction it went as long as it’s captured the character’s personality correctly. Can you imagine if Juliet was a whore or if Romeo was a player? Props to Lena park with the splendid opening.

      10. Hayate the Combat Butler – I chose this over Lucky Star because the production team did everything right. Lucky Star was a failure because they hired a different cast from the drama CD and KyoAni’s propaganda of its products is just repulsive. Okay…we know about Haruhi and FMP…so stop shoving it down our throats. It is just annoying at this stage. I love Hirano Aya…but I am absolutely against hiring seiyuus for a lead role just because they are currently popular. I believe in hiring seiyuus for their talent of showing the character’s personality, which is why I hated Death Note from the beginning when they decided to use Miyano Mamoru as Light (not to mention the godawful story after L’s death). The production team of Hayate listen to the mangaka (author) and hired the respective seiyuus that he requested. Tanaka Rie is outstanding as Maria and Shirashi Ryoko is great as usual in male roles. I would have replaced Kugimiya Rie with Saito Chiwa…but Rie does a nice job herself. Furthermore, do we really need 2 parody animes at the same exact time? I think not. I’ll stick with Hayate.

      Honorable mentions: Darker than Black, Sisters of Welber, Love complex and Bokurano

      Before I finish, I have one more anime to talk about…which is Sola.

      This anime was so well done until they did something UTTERLY stupid.

      Yes, I am referring to episode 9, when we see Morimiya Aono fight against Matsuri. I wonder which anime they ripped that off…oh that’s right…ROD TV or ROD OVA…take your pick. This is a disgrace. I cant’ believe they would do something stupid by giving Aono paper powers. I don’t care if you say it’s origami or not…it’s still paper. We might as well give Matsuri Lagann while we’re at it. This anime would have been in my top 10 if it wasn’t for that stupid powers that the production team decided to input. I’m not taking anything away from the story…the story is solid. However, this monstrosity is unacceptable. It is a slap to the face to ROD fans (myself included).

      If you want to argue to what I have say, I welcome it. But….support it…don’t just go calling me names and stuff because you’re just wasting your time.

    67. Claymore is below Hayate??!! …. No no no no no…!!!!

      Anyway, here’s my list:

      1.1 Claymore (if I could, I’d fill the top six with Teresa, Miria, Galatea, Clare, Priscilla, and that one who was voiced by Ayako Kawasumi)
      1.2 Lucky Star :3
      2.1 Seto no Hanayome (mindless hilarity)
      2.2 Dennou Coil (mindless visual awe)
      3. Nagasarete Airantou (more nosebleeds than the number of episodes)
      4. El-Cazador
      5.1 Gurren Lagann
      5.2 Gegege no Kitaro

      Nanoha would prolly fit between Seto no Hanayome and Denno Coil, but can’t really tell, since I’ve only watched the first 3 episodes. Death Note would prolly be just under Claymore (nice visuals, solid characters, etc), but I hate Light, so I’m not putting it on my list.

      Claymore is definitely an eye catcher. It’s prolly the only series that I’ve spoiled myself (a few chaps…fine, vols of the manga), yet still enjoy more than most of the other shows this season (struggling to NOT read Lucky Star’s 4-koma, and it’s only tied with Claymore in terms of enjoyment). Great character designs (my cuppa tea anyway), nice sceneries, nicely animated fight scenes, pretty good story telling and pacing, and no reduction in gore and violence. And the seiyuu list? OMG!! Definitely one of the most underrated shows this season, and it shows.

    68. There are many shows that are nto getting that much attention.

      My list would go a little bit like this:

      2-Romeo X Juliet
      3-Gurren Lagan
      4-Victorian Romance Emma (Im a fan!)
      5-Lovely Complex
      6-Lucky Star
      7-Darker Than Black
      8-Lucky Star
      9-Death Note
      10- Towards The Terra

      Im also watching Bleach and D Gray Man religiously but the fillers in the last one are bitting my interest in chunks >.> and the fear of Bleach returning to fillers again >.>, I want to see the manga in there, Chad kicking some arrancar buts!

      Seirei no moribito is fairly good, and Nagasarete Airantou makes me laugh a lot, I have to see Nodame but im too lazy to download the first episodes, T.T

      I tried watching heroic age and died, the same for touka getan and Kiss du engage planet >.>
      Im downloading Bokura No and Dennou Coil but, Sisters of wellber and Koutetsu Sangokushi but havent seen then yet XD, I was actually doing schoolwork, I really plan on graduating this year XD…

    69. Oh, I forgot, go watch El Cazador de la Bruja

      Is really something, Im glad I kept watching it and it gets really interestig with each episode, right now is my crak along with Claymore.

      It deserves more love!

    70. 1. Tengen Toppen guren lagan. Because of it’s sheer awesome epicness. Heroics, Sadness… Snif snif so good.
      2. Lovely complex. It doesn’t tell a very new story but how it is told. It’s fresh and full of spirit.
      3. Lucky star. Konata ^_^ her eyes and mouth. Just a very likeable character. and of course omg Initial-D!
      4. Claymore. Freaky tune anyone?

      Over-rated series
      1. Naga island of womentou. I still watch it. But well he should just hurry up and get with mame daifuke already. Go in the bathtub and make some babies. Or at least practise.
      2. Sola. ok The episode with yorito being from paper was a nice twist. But the twist came too late i.m.o. It was like they wanted you to be like wtf is going on. you can’t make a serie just for the wtf’s sake. It should be more sudden not so obvious

    71. Great idea!
      My top 10:
      1)Nodame Cantabile
      2)Gurren Lagann
      3)Romeo and Juliet
      5)Serei no Moribito
      6)Denno Coil
      8)Lovely Complex
      9)Darker than Black
      10)Heroic Age

    72. Kyouya: I believe what you said about sola is a little unfortunated. Yes, it looks like a ripped off thing from ROD, but it’s not the first time a great anime had some element from another one. Charachters powers are things that can be pretty repetitive from one show to another and still look great. Take Yu Yu Hakusho, Saint Seiya, DragonBall, e some others spirits anime. All of them have similarities, but they all are good nonetheless. It’s hard to come with something “original” when what makes a show interesting is not the originality but the enjoyment of the public. Ok. You can say that paper powers are what ROD is all about, I mean, the whole show revolves around it, but just because sola is the “first” one (somebody correct me if I’m wrong) to use paper powes too, this don’t mean that the show is a rip off. If we go on that line, all vampire-ghosts-sobrenatural-gothic storys are ripoffs, because they had another one before. Add to that some diferences and it’s all good, as they did in the show, where uses her blood to animate her puppets.

      Anyway, I just wanted to express my opinion. Maybe it got a little confusing in some points but, please, bear with me. I’m not a native english speaker.

    73. 1. Lucky Star – I find myself easily rewatching episodes
      2. Claymore – The most adrenaline pumping series right now
      3. Kaze no Stigma – I really like seeing the main girl get jealous so cute/funny
      4. Sola – A little slow but Mamiko’s character is very likable
      5. Lovely Complex – Their teasing each other is what makes it fun to watch
      6. Death Note – Just waiting for it to end now
      7. Hayate no Gotoku- 10 was funny, 11 wasn’t so much..
      8. Gurren Lagann – Some of the characters are nice but it’s way over the top
      9. Heroic Age – I don’t really like Hisashi Hirai’s style
      10. Kaibutsu Oujo – Ayako Kawasumi and Mamiko Noto as a seductive vampire!

    74. I would have to put Kaze no Stigma in my top 5…. I admit that the beginning kinda sucks as a draw-in to new audiences, but now that we’re firmly entrenched in the story it’s the only anime that I rush to get the raws for (more unusual, considering the fact my knowledge of the Japanese language = several years of watching subbed anime). Code Geass would also be in my top 5, but I could understand not including them in weekly power rankings, given the fact that it isn’t currently airing (though how I wish that it was…). Gotta say I love the idea of doing power rankings; I just wish episodes aired more frequently so you could do weekly instead of monthly rankings 🙂

    75. my top ten:

      1.Gurren Lagann
      3.Seto no Hanayome
      4.Code Geass
      6.Heroic Age
      7.Seirei no Moribito
      8.Darker than BLACK
      9.Lovely Complex
      10.Gigantic Formula

      Well these are my top ten. Here are my debatable reasons(im not going to write too much of a description because I have things to do):
      1. I’ve always liked Mecha anime and this series isn’t to sci-fi or out of the ordinary(like most mecha animes)it has a childish look on the mechs but a adultish storyline about how Kamina dieing!
      2. Bleach is the adult anime compared to the childish naruto series. I don’t know if anyone likes to watch fillers but i did when bleach started airing them.
      3. I think my favorite anime this year so far that has humor and a storyline. It’s just that i love action(non-stop)
      4. The best mecha anime next to Eureka Seven. It has action filled with suspense as lelouch loose control of his geass eye(very dramatic).
      5. Gore, Action, and girls with swords seems better than girls with guns because the girls with guns is usually a yuri anime.
      6. I really like how they set up the settings with the tribes. Basically the 5th Nodos is like a gun vs. a pebble just not going to work.
      7. Really amazed at the animation it is really amazing like i just said. I like how the bodyguard is a women rather than a man protecting a girl, because if it was like that the girl would probably fall in love with the man(she cant do anything without him) but in this series it just seems better that the weak boy is with the strong women(like it said in the anime what is easier raising a boy as a mother or raising a girl as a father).
      8. Love the opening same group that did D.Gray-man 1st opening. Animation seems good its just its being subbed horribly. Even though i have know idea whats going on, it just keeps me interested with the mystery behind every story.
      9. This show makes me laugh just as much as Seto no Hanayome. I think the voice acting is ok, the only thing i don’t like is that they don’t go into more detail from their past life before they knew each other.
      10. It shows promise like a gundam animes but they bore me at some point. But this show has excellent animation when it comes to the character depth but it reminds me of zegapain a little bit.

      Ez Mac of 07!
    76. ok heres mine..
      TOP RANK
      Kaze no Stigma (Kazuma’s a badass, evil in his own way, women diggs him and best of all he doesnt mind asking for SEX.. MANYLY to the MAX)
      Gurren Lagann (Simon’s coolness and wackiness just show you that people can be sensitive plus cool at the same time.. MANLY to the MAX)
      Darker then Black (Hei’s a powerhouse, mysterious, kind and women (and loli) diggs him… MANLY to the MAX)
      Heroic Age (A.G.E’s a powerhouse, coolness and maintains his posture while making a statement but can be wacky at the same time, nothing can shake him for his believes… MANLY to the MAX)
      Shining Tears X Wind (Souma’s character development was amazing, hes the MAN among Mens! Wacky and fuuny but his WAY cooler and Manly then meets the eye. Nakama oriented and best of all, he gets an huge HAREMs of girls at his disposal… MANLY to the MAX)
      Toward Terra (Jomis’s a HUGE powerhouse, incredibly strong psyche. what more can i say… MANLY to the MAX)
      Devil May Cry (Dante.. ZOMG POWERHOUSE, hes the jealousy of mens yet mens still idolizes him. Evil, wicked, wacky, funny, and best of all.. hes a devil that cries and women/demons diggs him… MANLY to the MAX)

      -Nagasarete Airantou (what can i say, i like harem..)
      -Ookiku Furikabutte (well, not really my type of main hero but character development is to look forward to..)
      -Overdrive (same as above, but i really like the rivalry between the bikers.. typical of sports anime huhh..)

      well, mostly all those anime which in that table are here.. either i’ve read the manga or i’m not interested at all..

      you guys should notice by now that i’m only into anime that focused on MALE protagonist’s awsomeness, coolness, wackyness, wickedness, evilness, greatness, manliness and so forth.. you just have to get lift up, excited, proud to be a man when watching an anime. anime that makes you feel good are considered an AWSOME anime to me. SHOUNEN and SEINEN FTW! except for claymore.. for me, i dun like girl to be the main protagonist, i prefer them 2nd to men. LIKE BERSERK.. oh man, if the anime was on-going then GUTS will surely be at the top rank! Oh and i’m a boy/men if you havent figure it out yet.. ;p

      FIRE AWAY!!

    77. Another NOte
      I only did those anime that is listed on your table and of those that arent ranked yet..
      But still, One Piece, Code Geass, Major, Capeta will surely make it to top ranking for me since those anime are still on-going..

    78. @ jaalin: i really liked this post! (esp. the random insertion of japanese phrases like *pachi pachi pachi* and the *busu team of arika and nina* lol.

      very happy with dennou’s high rank (and more ppl discussed it this time!)-i can perfectly understand why some ppl might find it dull tho…since its more intrigue and subtlety than crazy comedy and what not~

      apart from notably death note this season, shounen is almost always doomed to failure because it is placed in the cursed *golden time slot* (e.g., bleach, d-grey man), which means that fillers will happen, production value is lowered, and a greater emphasis on merchandise and longevity to *milk-out* the franchise takes place :/ sigh…

      im still very annoyed at GAINAX for releasing very minimal information about the first “remake of evangelion” movie…

    79. It is quite an interesting list, considering it has one of the series that I have been very keen on my own blog: Dennou Coil. However, the rest of the choices seem somewhat different, perhaps due to the fact that slapstick comedy just feels like somewhat of a boring entity.

      1. Ookiku Furikabette – I am not into sports, but strangely this show has a very unique phase and it must be noted that it makes the whole show realistic and pushes ahead of character development (no one in the squad able to hit home run). The main character is a pretty different one. I do not deny he is whiny, but he is definitely a hard worker type, rather than the talents that are so commonly shounen generic fodder.

      2. Saiunkoku Monogatari Season 2 – Just magnificent!

      3. Claymore – A female generic shounen, but somehow just impresses me. 🙂

    80. Everyone is making a list, so do I!=)
      1.claymore(surprisingly good)
      2.seto hanayome(creative & funny)
      3.gurren lagann(crazy & enjoyable)
      4.sola/nodame(my weekend animes)
      anyway, is good that the site is back again.

    81. I agree, Gurren Lagaan is the most awesome show. I really thought Lucky Star would be higher though. I see what a lot of people are saying – it’s not laugh-out-loud funny, but somehow I really really like it. Must be the otaku thing.

    82. I agreed with many of you, Seirei no Moribito should be ranked higher, decent animation and great story line.

      I watched most of the shows up there but Claymore also well worth a mentioning as the story sure is slowly picking up since the introduction of Pricillia – the awaken being.

      Nodame – humorous yet with a solid story line
      Romeo & Juliet – Great expectation, yet not dissapointed
      Death Note – As great as always

      1) Seirei no Moribito
      2) Claymore
      3) Nodame
      4) R & Juliet
      5) Death Note

      Pls reconsider your ranking… Cheers

    83. This list makes the baby Jesus cry.

      1) sola – surprise non-Gurren hit of the season IMHO. Started off slow, then slowly built on each episode.
      2) Nanoha Strikers – Hmm, it’s being put down by someone who actually likes Nagasarete…something’s wrong with this picture. Okay, the art’s a little shady at times, but god the characters (kyaaaaaaa SxT and NxF). Plus, now that they’ve finally finished primary training and gotten into the battles, it can only keep going up. (Now if only Yuuno would fall off a cliff…) I would also note that I’m not originally a Nanoha-fan and was in fact against the series since Nanoha. Only after I watched the first episode of this season did I go back and marathon the first two seasons and convert.
      3) Nodame – Needs moar Kawasumi Ayako + Tomokazu Seki comedy
      4) Darker than Black – Hei’s kinda awesome, even if he doesn’t have Kazuma’s GAR. The only reason this ranks over Kaze no Stigma is because I think the hints of metaplot could eventually go somewhere.
      5) Kaze no Stigma – Kazuma’s GAR sneaks this past Seirei no Moribito
      6) Seirei no Moribito – Wow, it’s a kid sidekick/McGuffin that I don’t want to punch in the face. That’s a first.
      7) Romeo X Juliet – twu wuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuv. Yeah, it’s kinda cute.
      8) Hayate no Gotoku – I feel bad giving this show such a low rating even though it has Tanaka Rie (::heart::), but I’m just not drawn to it like I am the shows at the top.
      9) Hitohira – Very, very underrated show. Yeah, we’ve seen this plot before, but they did it well. Plus, Kawasumi Ayako in the yuri-esque onee-sama role == win.
      10) Polyphonica – Might get a higher ranking if the male lead character design didn’t suck ass
      11) Heroic Age – This kept sliding for awhile, but supposed it got better. I’m a little behind, so it’s sorta in stasis in my mind.
      12) Lucky Star – I’m a little behind, which is likely the only reason for the low ranking. I also refuse to drink the Hirano Aya Kool-Aid.
      —LACK OF TIME— (Below this, I still follow these shows on and off through blogs/forum synopsis, but no longer watch)
      13) Wellber no Monogatari – I recall someone was going to do an article about character that shouldn’t ever cut their hair (Kurogane, maybe?)
      14) Terra e – A little too much yaoi overtones for my taste. Plus, the main character kinda sucks
      15) DEATH NOTE – Way too overhyped during the first season. Couldn’t get into it compared to the awesome of GEASS and it fell by the wayside
      16) D.Gray-Man – Manga only plzkthx.
      17) Touka Gettan – At one point somewhere in the middle of the second episode, I thought I knew what was going on. I was wrong.
      Shining Tears x Wind – So aggresively mediocre. Horie Yui can’t save this show.
      ——THE LINE—— (Below this, I would rather loop the Strike Witches and BakuTen -Infinity- OAVs)
      18) Claymore – I don’t see why everyone likes this show. The action might be good at times, but it’s just sabotaged by the brat.
      19) Nagasarete – Another boring harem show with no kickers. Fail.
      20) Idolmaster – Let’s just forget this happened, okay?
      21) El Cazador – God this show sucks out loud. Stupid Bee Train. (And I even forced myself to watch all of .hack//Roots)

      Not currently watching
      Gurren – I refuse to drink the Kool-Aid.
      Dennou Coil
      Seto no Hanayome
      Gigantic Formula
      Bokurano – Hmm, GONZO with a manga series everyone loves. Nope, can’t do it to myself.

      Not ranking
      Bleach, Naruto – too long to really lump in with everyone else. it’s not really fair to them.

    84. Here’s my top 10, I’m not saying the ones ranked higher are better but if a release comes up for any two (or more) of these and I haven’t downloaded any, this would be my priority (at this moment):

      1-Lovely Complex (liking their accent)
      2-Gurren Lagann
      3-Death Note
      4-Romeo x Juliet (at the beginning of the season it was my fav, but it hasn’t turned out as I expected, there’s more action than romance now and I wanted to see a less tomboyish Juliet)
      5-Lucky Star
      6-Seirei no Moribito
      7-Darker than Black
      8-Dennou Coil
      9-Seto no Hanayome
      10-?? maybe Claymore once I see it

      Haven’t tried the others except for Idolmaster and Nagasarete both of which I stopped seeing at ep 5…

    85. We really need a poll on our current favourite anime. Mine is easily Claymore then Nagasarete Airantou with Darker than Black a distant third. The only other animes I’m watching are Nanoha StrikerS and Heroic Age, but hardly worthy of being in a “favourites” list.

    86. A poll wouldn’t be bad. But I do like this method of posting up your favourites since with a poll you can only go with one. Interesting though to see how others are seeing the current anime’s out right now.

    87. My power ranking.

      1: Sola – There still remains a potential for greatness
      2: Kaze no Stigma – Kazuma FTW. Who needs Ayano ( Kazuma should go for Ayno’s friend, instead )
      3: Saiunkoku monogatari 2nd season – Much stories left to tell
      4: Lucky Star – It is deceptively addicting
      5: Hayate no Gotoku – Mariya FTW

    88. Gurren Lagann & Claymore are cool. 🙂 Definitely watch Seirei no Moribito! The pacing is a tad slow after awhile (imo), but it still makes me want to find out what happens next. D.Grayman would be great if it’d follow the way of the manga instead of all those fillers…

    89. Can’t wait to see how people react when Claymore reveals more of plot twist.

      It’s a story full of surprise. That’s why it’s the best!

      Not fighting scene, bloody gore, chick or boob. The true strength of Claymore is the awesome story and plot device.

    90. I have been watching Gurren Lagan and I love it, but I just finished watching the first ten eps of Towards the Terra (Terra e) and theres no way it should be down near the bottom of this list. Found it better than this second half of death note and Romeo x Juliet. Bleach placing above it is insulting (come on, even though the fillers are over, its gone s*&^). Personally I prefer it over Gurren as well, but then Gurren isnt the kind of thing I usually go for.

    91. My top 5 at the moment are:
      1. Ookiku Furikabutte – for the characters depth and strategy based baseball games.
      2. Gintama – for smart jokes and parodies, for making fun of all norm/common sense/rules in the society and for its complete disregard of the norm/common sense/rules itself.
      3. Seto no Hanayome – for the slapstick jokes (ignoring Mawari centered eps, she annoys me)
      4. Lucky Star – SHnY and Azumanga didn’t hit the mark for me, Lucky Star unexpectedly does. I like its sarcastic tone I guess.
      5. Darker than Black – for the likable main character.

    92. thanks for all the hardwork of collating all these fabulous animes…
      below are my favourite 5 (not in order of preference, cos i can’t decide which one’s better)

      Darker Than Black
      Romeo X Juliet
      Hayate no Gotoku
      Seto no Hanayome

      Keep up the good work!!
      (^(o o)^)

    93. My top five:
      1. Gurren Lagann – Now that the story and characters are in their element I’m enjoying this much more then I did when it started. Main reason it’s ranked #1, though, is the sheer over the top “awesomeness” of the show.
      2. Sola – I love this show so much I wanted to rank it #1, but I couldn’t deny GL’s awesomeness. I like bishoujo shows but find many of them have shallow plot and characters. Well, Sola’s plot has been amazing me for weeks on end and Matsuri has more depth then the average bishoujo while still being incredibly moe. Pure win.
      3. Darker than Black – Great production values and solid writing. Although I must admit I prefer continuous plots to this two episode stories thing.
      4. Lucky Star – Fairly funny, but the main reason I like this show is that it’s such a unique show with that makes me feel good for some reason whenever I watch it. Great OP.
      5. Serei no Moribito – Like Darker than Black, this one has excellent writing and production value. Only downside is the slow pacing.

      Honourable mention: Bokurano – Yes, it is kind of emo, and horrible things happen, but I just can’t peel myself away from it.

      Dark horse: Claymore – This one seemed to be going downhill after the “wow” effect of the early episodes wore off, since it had some really cliche characters and the fight scenes used some cheap out methods (such as speedlines) when Seirei didn’t, but the fighting and plot development in 10 and 11 have really brought it back up in the rankings. Could be great if it can sustain the level of quality in those episodes for any significant length of time. Wouldn’t call it a #6 level show yet, though.

      I disagree with Hayate getting #5. I found it a pretty so-so comedy and it isn’t as unique as Lucky Star.

      Should probably catch up on Dennou Coil and actually watch Seto…

    94. I’ve officially have seen all of the top 10 with exception of RxJ. From the experience gained from many years of watching anime, i’ve realised that it’s very hard to have an all time favorite anime, because there will be at least one every now and then that really is awesome. From the top 10 above i’ll separate them into 3 different categories. From Uber to Good to Meh.

      Uber shows: Brilliant animes with the ‘wow’ factor, or animes that include characteristics that appeal greatly to me.

      – Claymore (Love the story and the action. Just couldn’t get enough)
      – Gurren Lagann (Weird, fun, exiting, drama, it’s all there)
      – Dennou Coil (Totally original, totally funny, exiting and kick ass. Can’t wait to see what happens next – all this in 4 episodes too!!)

      Good shows: Shows that are entertaining to watch because they are…well…well-made. Or have a set of characteristics that appeal to me.

      – Nodame Cantabile (Solid anime series that reminds me of Honey and clover. Always a good watch especially if you enjoy/relate to the music)

      – Hayate no Gotoku! (Some of this show is really cheesy, but somehow it never crosses the line of too-cheesy, and always makes up for it one way or another. It’s pretty fun to watch actually, some funny moments too)

      Meh shows: Shows that i tried watching and can’t seem to like.

      – Lucky Star (Okay, how is a bunch of ultra deformed girls sitting around on a table talking about how to eat cakes supposed to be captivating in the least? Maybe Kyoto animation is pulling the same trick it did with Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya with the first episode being wtf sorta thing, might try watching it sometime…again…maybe)

      – Seto no Hanayome (This show attempts to be funny but rarely does it succeed. Everything it produces is predictable and have been done before. Not only that but it’s overused. Used in every episode. The story isn’t very interesting either)

      I couldn’t rate death note because i’ve read the manga so the anime didn’t have the same effect on me as others who have not. I’m sure it would definitely rank up in my uber group of animes. I really enjoyed the manga except for the ending.

      Darker than black is okay. Some of it is really cool, other bits are just … i dunno. This anime probably falls in between the Meh and Good groups.

      RxJ is probably pretty solid, judging from what others have said, it’ll probably be hanging around the uber group too.

      I know some people probably think i got a crap sense of humor because i put Lucky star and Seto no Hanayome last. I think Lucky star just rubbed me the wrong way, so i’ll try it again. SnH i’ve seen quite a few episodes and the humor just gets really old really fast. Usually if the story sets up a good scenario where humor could have the maximum effect it would really hit home like FMP Fumoffu.

      I’m not too good at expressing, but yeh.

    95. Oh!-Edo Rocket! It needs love. How can you resist a girl with literal stars in her eyes? But really, it’s got interesting characters and a neat, varied visual style. Most overlooked and surprising show of the season, hands-down.

      I second (or seventeenth, or whatever) all the recommendations for Seirei no Moribito. Looks very promising — I’m hoping for a prompt R1 release.

    96. Random Curiosity should blog Seto No Hanayome as well, its really hilarious, as for me it beats Nagasarete Airantou. Seto No Hanayome has to be the best Love Comedy, its just plain crazy.

    97. I actually kept my word and tried watching Lucky Star and SnH again. SnH eventually grew on me, or it actually got pretty good. I’m thoroughly enjoying it now. Same story with Lucky Star. Once you get used to the characters you really do enjoy them. Konata is sooooo awesome!!! Best anime personality ever ;D

    98. 1 – Bokurano
      2 – Lucky Star

      I pretty much avoided every other show, tried watching Dennou Coil, Gurren Lagann, and Darker than Black but gave up on those after 1 episode.


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