Random Snippets of Lucky Star Episode 12:

It’s that time of year again – festival season! Well, the Comic Market festival. Meh, semantics. It’s boring to go by myself – somebody go with me! Miyuki-san, it’s really fun!

The train – the ubiquitous form of public transportation in Japan. Used by all people (high school girls, Comiket goers) to go any number of places (Comiket). As the train ride progresses, more and more “characters” step on the train with their frilly costumes or their backpacks or their frilly costumes and backpacks.

An ocean of people. The pilgrimage to Mecca. A simple “FIRE” scream away from natural disaster. The line to Comiket.
Otaku saturation is pushing 20 per square meter. The Haruhi truck rolls in. Cars adorned with Primula stickers line the parking lot. Crowd control policemen are peppered throughout the scene.
Tsukasa> Oneechan, this place is scary!!!

Commander Konata distributes the battle plans. Issues a string of complex instructions. Dramatic Red October music sets the tone. Go here. Then go there. If this happens, do this. But make sure you don’t forget this! Green area, red line. Pay attention soldier! Here is your ammunition, don’t waste it! Questions?

“Mission Start”
Kagami> Hi, do you sell *****? Hm… how about this? Can I have these please?
Konata> This one, this one, that one.
Tsukasa> Ah…where am I?

“Side Quest”
Kagami> (walks by yaoi booth) …is that Gauron and Sousuke…doing WHAT? Um, um…just a peek…

Booth attendants> Is that her? That’s her! Legendary Girl A! If she likes it, it’s sure to sell!
Konata> Mind if I take a look?
Attendants> DOZO!! …ano, how is it……..?
Konata> Meh, thanks.
Attendants> OTL

Akira sighted! She’s…a cardboard cutout. That gets run over. And folded.
Tomokazu Sugita (Kyon, U-1) sighted! He’s that attendant in the blue apron. And gets socked by the old school mecha guy (Tomokazu Seki – Sousuke) with the Macross haircut.

For the Hiiragi sisters, the cosplay doesn’t happen at Comiket – it’s miko miko time at the family shrine!

Konadad> Good Fortune! Ah…high school miko girls…indeed…
Konata> Bad Fortune T_T

Konata> I bid you a happy new years, father – I’ll be in your care this year as well.
Konata> Would you like some tea, father?
Konata> Wanna play a game, father?
Konata> Would you like a snack, father?
Konata> Father!

Konata> Ah, finally got my new year’s allowance.
Kagami> …I’m glad you get along so well with your dad.

“27, single”
Konata> Time to log on and say happy new years…!
*your friend nanakon has logged online*
Konata> Sensei T_T don’t you do anything else T___T

“Unlucky Channel”
Akira> urrrghhgghhghhh
Sebastian> Yes, Akira-sama was supposed to be in the show today, but she was sick and unable to make it! Luckily we had this cardboard cutout to substitute her!

Ending song: “Ike! Godman!” (70s show) by Konata & “Makenaide” (ZARD) by Konata + Kagami



True to the Lucky Star pattern, episode 12 was one of the “stuff happens” eps, and man was it great. The setup before entering the gates was hilarious – Kagami was expecting the worst, Tsukasa was oblivious as usual, and Konata was there leading on her troops and barking out every command. Damn, she’s thorough. This is her territory, after all. Plenty of Haruhi, FMP sightings, among others – I think one of the people who got on the train was wearing a Rozen Maiden outfit?

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again here – it’s the little things that separate a good anime from a great one. Having Akira’s cardboard cutout in the main show was one thing, but having that same cutout (complete with the crease) during the Lucky Channel segment was just an absolute uproar. It’s little things like this that make the show complete, make it real, and make it that much more enjoyable. And you know what? All the outside references were nice to look at and do add to the overall feel, but they had very little bearing on the quality of this episode.

The great thing about this excursion was that I could see it appealing to both people that have frequented these cons (“haha, that’s so true!”) and the people that have never been to one (“lol, that looks crazy”). All 3 girls were great fun to watch in their own ways – man, I absolutely loved this ep.



  1. Looks like a lot of fun. ^_^ But I hate crowded places…
    But what time of the year does Comiket occur? New year’s?
    Just because the cake in next episode’s preview appears to be a St. Valentine’s cake…

    Kagami is not innocent at all, is she…? >.> I wonder if she’ll ever end up in a relationship with a guy. ^_^ 😛

  2. Seeing the hotblooded Seki Tomokazu (Domon Kashuu, Sousuke Sagara, Shuuchi Shindou) upstaging the talentless Sugita Tomokazu (Various Sarcastic Guy Roles) and then punching him in into a shelf is probably the highlight of my year.

  3. Yaoi booth, FTW xD -lol’s at Kagami’s expression-

    I love conventions. I love anime episodes revolving around conventions xD Now if only we had a few Haruhi dancers in the background…

  4. amazingly good ep ^^

    comikes are a major mess. it took me an hour to get a single doujin game back in 2006 >.> (battle moon wars from the werk booth. hehe).

    and the type-moon booths are always impossibly surrounded by hundreds of people…

  5. https://randomc.net/image/Lucky%20Star/Lucky%20Star%20-%2012%20-%20Large%2018.jpg

    OMG out of curiousity.. could that poster be… be….. HIGURASHI?!?!?! o.0…… brrr my memories are flashing by me.. and boy are they NOT good ^^”””

    Yes the one beside it that’s cutoff is obviously Haruhi suzumiya 😀 XD

    *Sigh* this is how my friends are at the con.. sides the Yaoi of course… we learned to run away from them the best we could ^^”’ hehe….

    I find it that they are overusing the entire Haruhi thing to attract viewers… but i guess that it’s very down to earth since Haruhi is the next biggest thing since sliced bread and cons everywhere have merhcandises of it and everything

    Akira Cardcoard was the best way to throw us off track since i thought she was actually gunna make a real guest appearance XD… Go Kyoani, smart and amusing move! XD

  6. Okay, the Suzumiya Haruhi add in’s are very over played. It seems like every new series has an Suzumiya Haruhi advertisement to something. I personally think it isn’t that great of a show to keep make it an add in.

  7. …KyoAni made both, they obviously enjoy throwing in those references (ntm increasing Haruhi’s already big popularity). Like the Air references in Kanon, and the “Fumoffu” in Haruhi.

    At least it’s not Pizza Hut.

  8. >> Rai

    There was a Kanon poster in the background at one point…check around 10:42, at Chihara Minori’s cameo.

    Actually, there were tons of posters and references to other anime in this episode (Higurashi, Fate/Stay Night, Full Metal Alchemist, Soul Link, One Piece, Rozen Maiden, Tsubasa, Keroro, etc.), but the FMP and Haruhi ones are probably the most obvious.

  9. it’s the December winter comiket… only been to summer comikets (sighs)

    winter comiket is when you get to see more Cosplay action since cosplayers won’t melt under the sun unlike in summer…

  10. its hillarious… the guy that held the sagara sousuke card was the voice actor for sagara sousuke (tomokazu seki ) and same goes for the fella that held the kyon card~! haha

  11. I’m U7 from beforwe

    I’m currently a Detective Conan fan , manga fair (I’m sure a few of them dressed as Conan’s character[Kogoro is the most easy one])

    Lucky Star celebrates ZARD 16th Anniversary !!

    ZARD(B-gram RECORDS(from Being GIZA) : Makenaide

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