With all the clamor over Claymore I’ve been hearing and reading about in these past few weeks, I finally got enough free time to pick up the manga again and see why everyone seemed to like it so much. I had watched the first episode of the anime a while back, and at the time, it didn’t seem good enough to warrant me dropping D.Gray-man or DEATH NOTE. After blazing through the first 7 volumes of the manga in a few hours, I think I’ve finally started to understand what everyone is talking about. I felt that the beginning of the story wasn’t great, but it really got good once the Teresa arc started, and the rest of it just kept me reading. It also, of course, got me very interested in the anime.

In many ways, I think Claymore is the quintessential shounen-style show based on the principles of friendship, effort, and victory that series from Weekly Shounen Jump are known for (before anyone asks, yes, I do realize that Claymore originally started in Monthly Shounen Jump). Jaalin likes to think of it as a supercharged version of Bleach. Now that’s in no way a bad thing since these types of series are very entertaining to read and watch, and Claymore adds a distinctively darker and more violent feel. In fact, I was quite surprised at how freely limbs get chopped off and people lose their heads – it makes the violence in Bleach look quite tame in comparison.

For those of you who don’t care about anything I just said and want me to get to the point: Yes, this does mean I am going to be blogging Claymore. I’ll be replacing D.Gray-man in the schedule with it on Tuesdays for all of summer season until Claymore ends. Truthfully, if D.Gray-man hadn’t become a chore to watch and blog due it being stuck in anime-original mode while the manga had such an awesome story going, then I wouldn’t have even considered doing this. But the fact is that it did become like that for me, so this wasn’t too hard a decision to make once I got hooked on the Claymore story. I’ll be starting on Tuesday with episode 13, and I look forward to Ophelia’s upcoming battle with Clare.


  1. actually a thought came after the victory dance…

    I kinda lost sight of claymore in the first few episodes, just thought it wasn’t really going anywhere story wise. Then perchance I picked up again in the middle of the Teresa arc and my jaw dropped. I think I and many others had the same reaction if they refound Claymore in which where the hell did this “interesting” story come from…?

    After the slashers, I got really intrigued and dived into the manga in one night. It’s what Bleach and Naruto have been lacking as far as shounen’s go: an interesting and cohesive story.

    The manga thus far makes me feel like even if the lead character’s “goal” is solved, the world and all it’s problems are far from over. I’m loving how refreshing the road blocks and detours they face, unlike Bleach where it’s like deja vu again. Even Naruto has fallen into that spiral where the end doesn’t feel close. At least with this, it seems like there is an end in sight, it’s just it’s complicated but progressing.

  2. I’m sooooo happy that you enjoy Claymore and very glad that you will be taking your time to post it. because i will take my time to read it…

    but about D.Gray-man I guess I can’t say anything seens whatever I say is not going
    to change your mind….

    Can’t wait to read your review on Claymore

    monkey sanchez
  3. yay.. thats good.. i started reading the manga (up to vol. 11) after ep. 9 cause it was so entertaining. now it’ll be easy for me to return to the anime since youre blogging it. 😀

  4. yay… thats good… i was watching the anime and it was soo addicitive i had to read the manga. now im at vol. 11 and dont feel like reading anymore cause studying for exams made me lose interest so it’ll be easy for me to get back into the anime since youre blogging it! thanks.

  5. I went through the same thing you did. I heard good things about both the anime and manga so I breeze through few volumes to see what’s the hype about. Lo and behold, I was hooked and pounded through the manga and now on to the anime just to see if it is as good as the manga. I stopped watching D-Grayman a while back so no loss there if there’s no blog for it.

    Name goes here
  6. yeah, really…DGM sucked with the fillers, but it is returning to its original manga storyline. You should ATLEAST blog it for 2 more weeks ( til ep. 39) because thats the end of the 3rd season. Really…

    But i am glad claymore is coming on RC. I wish you blogged from Ep. 1 though

  7. Glad you’re picking up CLAYMORE, but I’m kind of sad you’re dropping D.Gray-man. Now am I going to know when D.G goes back to the manga story so I can watch it? =(


    P.S: Weekly Shounen Jump Wikipedia link is wrong. You added an extra quotation mark at the end of it.

  8. +5 for announcing to blog Claymore. +3 for dropping D.Grayman. -23 for the current rankings of Claymore and Nagasarete Airantou. +1 for the new poll of Gurren Lagann. GL is an acquired taste, definitely not mine.

  9. You made the right choice!

    This is probably the best show currently airing and last week’s poll supports it(even Gurren Lagann cannot catch up with it).

    I too was unimpressed by the first four episodes and had dropped the show, but once by chance I just decided to watch one of the battle episodes in the Theresa arc and I was literally stunned. Amazing visuals, music and storyline!

    After that I just had to read the manga to see what is going to happen afterwards and I could not resist until the end. This show is really that addictive. Even though I know what is going to happen next, I am still eager to see all the upcoming battles animated, since Madhouse is really doing an amazing job. I hope they keep it up.

    I am not at all sorry about you dropping D Gray Man, since that show got boring a long time ago. It started off good but declined steadily, which is the exact opposite to Claymore.

    I look forward to reading your reviews!

  10. Nice! Claymore is too awesome. Especially the manga. I think that’s where most people got hook and couldn’t stop reading the manga too; When the reader reaches the Ophelia’s arc everyhing just get better and better.

  11. Hi,
    Claymore has alot more substance than some of the animes. Did you catch the latest episodes where Ophelia cuts of Claire’s legs ? That’s gory, but i like the way it turns out ! DGM is not that bad. Perhaps you should drop HAYATE and some other kiddo animes instead….
    Above is just my view…no offence intended. :p

  12. Ah well its your blog and therefore your choice, though i hope you could at least do two more weeks of DGM at least until the New ED begins. I like your high quality rips of new OP/ED when they premiere…and no one else does that. But again your choice, though i haven’t really watched Claymore.

    Bomber D Rufi
  13. Claymore is basically Berserk Lite. Glad you’re enjoying the series and I look forward to its blogging.

    As for the Gurren-Lagann poll? It’s ONE PIECE + MECHA – WATER. Really now, how can that be anything but absolutely amazing?

  14. The manga is awesome, the series isn’t that good for me in comparisson. They Claymores look cuter in the manga.
    Read the Manga until the latest Chapter 73 and waiting now patiently for the next chap.
    The story is awesome, chracters are awesome. It has been quite a long time that I was hooked by a story that much, not to speak that Claymore is my first manga since a year.

  15. alll i can say – yahhooo.

    now on the serious side: I got really disappointed on how dgayman anime was handled…Comparing to the quality of manga, dgrayman anime was total disapointment. im very glad that it is being replaced by better show

  16. I’m curious how they are gonna end the anime. Since the manga is far away from being over and the series will have 26? episodes. Hope they’ll wait for a second season. I remember Chrno Crusade which totaly messed up the ending cause the manga wasn’t finished by that time.

  17. @mutio
    I guess it would be perfect to do, with Show Spoiler ▼

  18. I’ll be looking forward to Tuesday’s blogging ( wednesday for me).
    After reading 72 chapters of claymore in a day or two, you realise you just read 6 years worth of material xD

  19. Let me say one thing, and it’s that while Claymore IS in a shonen magazine and sold as such, it could have easily been a seinen manga series as well.

    And there’s something about the dark, twistedness of the demons that makes it pretty intriguing, IMO. And that’s a must for fantasy manga.

  20. Finally… D. Gray-man sucked even more then the naruto fillers, you cannot take that show seriously anymore, Claymore on the other hand is, and not only in my opionion, the best show this so far and definitly deserves your blogging

    whatever, Thank you! 😀

  21. Yes!!!
    Very good choice on Claymore, it was about time if you ask me!
    Considering how good the DGM manga was, i had high hopes for the anime adaptation…

    Whats with the shonen shows these days? Naruto is a shadow of its former self, Bleach is in filler-land again and DGM is a watered down version of the manga.
    Madhouse shows how a manga adaptation should be handled with Claymore and Deathnote.

  22. Way to post tons of manga spoilers and not put any under spoiler tags. I’m glad I’m up to date with the manga before reading these comments.

    To the various people who did that: Don’t be assholes. Be mindful of what you post or at least how you post it.

  23. Also noticed that, people use spoilers!
    Show Spoiler ▼

  24. I am glad you blogging Claymore but I also should thank you. I remember reading your preview of Claymore and I got hook then. I was disappoint you weren’t blogging it. Never the less I am glad you are going to start. I agree with other about Claymore getting people hook that they went on to read the manga. Now I am can’t wait for ep12 and chapter 74.

  25. RL has conspired to limit the time I have to watch anime recently, and I’ve got the last two or three DGM subs downloaded and haven’t watched them yet. However, the last few Claymore subs have been watched as soon as they downloaded. That should tell you all you need to know about how I feel about this decision. I still enjoy DGM, and definitely plan to catch back up soon, but of course, I haven’t had my expectations raised by reading the manga.

    Since you’re picking up the series midstream, is there any possibility of getting a recap post, getting us up to episode 13? Not that anybody hasn’t already seen them, judging by the response to this post, but just to get your take on some of what has gone before (like the Teresa Arc, hint, hint).

  26. Alright now i have a reason to come back and comment on this site, not that i didn’t before it just that there weren’t that many good shows out, anyway glad u decided to pick claymore up!!

  27. Claymore is the ish! Glad you’ve decided to blog it. It’s been my favorite manga for a long time now, and just got started watching the anime. Looking forward to your blogs 🙂

  28. wow. talk alot but good in a way. ty for posting claymore cause no one want to wait that long to no what happend but if ppl read manga than it doesn’t really bother them. i wonder if u no this but y all episode came out on thursday. for example: naruto shippuuden, death note, claymore, bleach,and other that i don’t no.

  29. finally a review on claymore! things gotten better for claymore since episode 10. in fact the fun part already begun at episode 8. i have to admit that claymore failed to give a first good impression but the story gotten better as it progressed.

  30. YES! +1 for Omni!! D-gray Man anime looked incredibly bad. Blogging Claymore = Worlds better! ;D

    Claymore manga just officially stole no.1 spot from Naruto. Naruto just doesn’t seem that good anymore. At least compared to Claymore’s greatness! 😀

  31. Claymore rocks. Awesome name, sexy girls, great story… ridiculously good action. It’s deliciously drawn too. The classic sounds and vibe of Berserk, the sweet clashes of swords and the tearing of limbs. This series pulls no punches, and has the style and flair of a quality series. I hope it becomes my new weekly series for many months to come.

    RIP Death Note, I f@#$($@ love you. Hello Claymore, let’s chat…

  32. wow d. gray-man 39 was awsome dasiya die by tikki just like the magna anyways i was just wondering if you can atleast blog like 5 more episido of d. gray-man please

    ps: the new song was cool but all of it was about lenalee

  33. Many people like teresa. I hate her because she kicked little clare mercilessly. After that I never grown a liking to her her even though she changed to a better person and treat clare nicely.

    I love the western awakened girl, called “rihuru”. She always show smile on her face, unlike all the other gloomy face claymores who have difficulty smiling. I hope she don’t turn into a villian.

    I think the anime sucks in terms of arts. In the manga, Galatea is drop dead gorgeous, but the animator failed to draw a beautiful Galatea in the anime. Clare is the second most beautiful girl in the manga (in my opinion), and the anime also failed to draw a beautiful clare.


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