With Hayate working hard training to attain a deadly technique, Nagi is feeling bored and starts reading a manga about fishing. This causes her to get excited about it, so she proposes that they go fishing in the Sanzenin Lake. Unfortunately, Nagi isn’t very good at it and can’t even hold onto her fishing rod, whereas Maria is a pro at this and even Hayate manages to catch some fish. When Nagi starts loses interest, Maria suggests that she take a boat out, which causes Nagi to imagine Hayate holding her romantically in a boat in the middle of the lake. She thus drags Hayate off, and Hayate ends up helping her fish by holding her arms. He then starts reminiscing about what they did this past summer and suggests they play with some fireworks together later, but suddenly, they get a tug on their fishing pole. Hayate realizes too late that this fish is huge, and it manages to break the fishing line and send them both flying off the boat. The two are completely soaked by the time they get back to shore, and, to their shock, they find that Maria caught the giant fish.

Afterwards, Maria gives Nagi a bath in a tub while Hayate heads to the mansion’s large bath. Someone joins him there, but it’s not Maria like Hayate thinks it is – it’s just Tama. Feeling that the water isn’t hot enough, Tama goes to turn up the temperature, but he smashes at a button labeled as dangerous and accidentally breaks the machine. This creates a loud noise that causes Maria to come running to see what happened, but when she reaches the bath, Tama runs out and Hayate tries to chase him. Hayate unfortunately didn’t put on any clothes, so Maria sees him naked, and he doesn’t realize until it’s too late. Seeing Hayate depressed about this later, Tama proposes that they go fix what they broke in the boiler room. They get there, but before they can do anything, Maria finds them. Seeing Maria unable to directly face him after what happened, Hayate starts crying. Tama meanwhile heads into the boiler and manages to break it further by smashing a panel, causing the pipes in the room to burst and quickly flood the room.

Hayate ends up saving Maria from drowning, and the two get out alive, but with the boiler room completely flooded, Hayate gets depressed again. He feels that he’s not fit to be a butler, but Maria says she doesn’t dislike it when he tries their hardest. Reinvigorated, Hayate gets up to go fix the bath, and when Maria tries to stop him because he doesn’t need to do it immediately, he accidentally trips right onto her. Unfortunately for Hayate, Nagi sees him in this position on top of Maria and transforms her packet of fireworks into a bazooka so that she can blow him up.


The whole fishing thing was rather uninteresting to me, and the second half of the episode was only a little better. Maria’s kinsoku jiko desu was amusing (Klaus also mentions the SOS-dan earlier in the episode), but the episode overall came off as feeling rather bland. Other references I caught included Tsurikichi Sanpei (the manga Nagi was reading), Gundam, Evangelion (the logo on the stools in the bathroom), and Death Note in the preview. Speaking of next episode, it looks like Shiori and Eight will be back again, and this time Yukiji will be involved.


  1. kinsoku jiko desu is Mikuru’s signature phrase from the Suzumiya Haruhi series. It can be translated as “classified information” and is said whenever Mikuru isn’t able to tell Kyon something. Maria says it this episode when Hayate asks her how she caught the fish. See this image for comparison.

  2. There was another Evangelion referecne, when Hayate was saying something like baths were the greaest creating of Lilim meanwhile he wistles Bethoveen’s 9th Simphony. Another one was from Rocky Balboa, when Nagi pointed out how he looked like an sixty-years-old boxer.

    Syaoran Li

    LOL, Nagi sure is fired up when she sees Hayate and Maria together… again. 😀 Well, too fired up I guess… just look at that bazooka. LOL 😀

    BTW, do you guys know where to find script translations of the “Kamisama no Interview” short dramas of “Hayate no Gotoku Character CD” vol. 1-4? I’m interested to know more about those, especially Kamisama interviewing Nagi which turned into word bleeping battle: Nagi saying “Gundam” many times while Kamisama struggles to filter it by saying “pii”. 😀 It sucks to have a little knowledge of nippongo. T_T

    Oh yeah, there’s one anime reference from “Zero no Tsukaima” when Kamisama asks “Tsukaima?” while Nagi responds by saying “Kono inuuuuu! ‘tte Chigaaaaau! Sore wa Zero!” (voices of Louise of “Zero no Tsukaima” and Nagi of “Hayate no Gotoku” are both performed by Rie Kugimiya). I lol’ed when I listened to that line. 😀


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