Keiichi rallies the mob as they head over to… the police department. And voice their complaints. And get turned back by policy G7F0 section 800B1.35. Nope, can’t do anything about that one…

Satoko finally cracks and thinks everyone is after her. Uncle’s got her by the balls and she’s being stubborn at the wrong freakin’ time. Rika realizes that she’s the only one that can save Satoko, and finally takes action… again. Except this time, she demands that it’s the last time.


  1. This is the first episode of Higurashi (Kai) where I dragged the slider bar and fast forwarded a few scenes. While I guess it’s another important part of the story, I didn’t like it as much as the previous episodes. I just can’t get some of the (implied?) humour, and found them quite tasteless and out of place. Hopefully it’ll be a different story for the other viewers.

    Oh well… there goes all the effort I put into yelling at the calendar, kicking my pc, cursing my ISP and screaming at the torrent trackers this week. Hope that I’ll enjoy next week’s episode.

  2. Talky talk episode. At least, it showed that K1 is totally not the hissing retard seen in the first season.

    I am thinking that they’ll only be able to overcome Teipei with the help of Rika AND Satoko, who seems to be stuck in her Jesus (died for your sins) trip.

  3. It’s a great episode, really nice to see such a change of mood in this series. If you watch it for the “holly mother, the loli’s got a knife!”, and not for the characters and their relationship (and moreover- the struggle to beat fate), then I don’t understand why you guys keep following it.

    Jaalin, I think it’d be better to stop blogging it if you don’t like it. It doesn’t seem to me that you feel like doing it…

  4. I can’t believe people are actually complaining that this episode wasn’t “good enough”. I thought it was pretty well done. And, damn, I can’t wait for the next episode. It was sorta like a cliffhanger…


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